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Infinite Loading Screen in Hogwarts Legacy (Easy Fix)

Infinite Loading Screen in Hogwarts Legacy (Easy Fix)

Every other AAA title that comes out these days is bound to have some bugs from the get-go, and while Hogwarts Legacy is a great game, a few game-breaking bugs have plagued players. So, what can you do to fix the loading screen bug for Hogwarts Legacy?

An easy fix for Hogwart’s Legacy’s infinite loading screen bug is to verify the game files on Steam. This will fix any loading screen bugs when loading a save or heading into the room of requirement. If this fix doesn’t work, report the bug on the WB Page.


Hogwarts Legacy Loading Screen Bug

Hogwarts Legacy Loading Screen

If you’ve been playing Hogwarts Legacy and have made it to the Room of Requirement, chances are you were met with a loading screen that kept loading and loading, and nope, nothing.

There’s another bug where you’re met with an infinite loading screen bug in Hogwarts Legacy whenever you try reloading a save file. It’s a loading screen bug; that doesn’t seem to resolve whether you roll back your drivers or refer to a previous save. 

Easy Fixes for Hogwarts Legacy Loading Screen Bug

We’ll save you some time by getting down to what works and what doesn’t and which fixes are known to work for most people. 

Verify Game File Integrity

Hogwarts Legacy Loading Screen

This has worked for most players who were met with the Room of Requirement Loading Screen Bug. So how do you verify your Game File Integrity? To do this:

  • Launch Steam and go into your Library.
  • Locate Hogwarts Legacy and Right-Click it.
  • Go into Properties and Check under Local Files.
  • Click Verify Game File Integrity and wait till it’s done.

Report The Bug

  • If this fix still doesn’t work out for you, your next bet is to cross your fingers and report the bug. To report the bug, you must head to this Warner Bros Page.
  • Make a new WB account.
  • Locate the Report a Bug Option.
  • Choose the platform you’re playing on.