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Game Gator Review

Game Gator Review

Most gamers can agree that getting a new game is usually an exciting experience. One thing everyone can agree on though is that they love getting games for cheap prices.

I buy a ton of games from various sites, but there’s one criterion that those sites need to meet: that they sell legit keys for the main launchers. Steam keys are usually my first choice, but I’ll take Origin or Blizzard if a game is exclusive to those.

Recently I was introduced to, a site that’ll tell you the best price available for game keys. Game Gator constantly crawls the web looking to find the absolute cheapest price for your favorite games, and sometimes it’ll give you an added discount simply for using the site.

As soon as I saw the site, I was immediately impressed with both the aesthetics and the amazing prices I could get games for. The site is simple, functional, and offers some great features that are worth coming back for.

Although not every planned feature is fully implemented, the site works as intended and I have a lot of great things to say about it. Here I’ll give you a detailed breakdown of the current features, as well as my thoughts about the site.

Site Interface

The first thing you’ll notice is how clean and simple the site is. There aren’t any annoying popups cluttering up your screen, nor are there any obtrusive ads anywhere on the site.

In fact, part of Game Gator’s mission is to provide an ad-free experience for gamers. This reason alone is good enough to keep coming back to the site. You can tell solely by the interface that Game Gator cares about having a good user experience, which I was very impressed by.

The login page isn’t quite complete yet, which is evident by the picture of Obama that greets you on that page. The owner of the site told me that it’s there as a meme, and that page is still being worked on right now. The sign-in page is simple and to the point, which was another plus about the interface.

In summary, the site is insanely simple (in a good way) and blazing fast. I ran a quick speed test and it got a 98/100 on Google’s own page speed metrics, making it one of the fastest loading game sites I’ve ever seen.

Game Selection

While there’s a great selection of games available, it didn’t take long to find several games that weren’t listed on the site. Indie games and games from smaller studios are often not on there, as well as many older games.

Fortunately, the folks at Game Gator are very accommodating to their users. If you join their Discord community, you can ask the owners personally to add nearly any game you like. Besides that, they plan to list tons more games in the near future.

The games currently listed are limited to PC titles, but console games are in the pipeline of features to be added.

Price Comparison

After buying several games from the site and comparing their prices, I can confidently say that Game Gator will get you the best price available. The site can be anything from G2A to Steam itself, and many times they’ll have a special Game Gator discount code that will take a certain percentage off of the game.

When it comes to brand new games, you typically won’t be able to find drastically lower prices on them. These newer games typically take a while to get lower prices, which is where the Price Alerts come in.

I was surprised, however, to find that you can pre-order games at much lower prices. All of the game keys I have encountered so far have been 100% legitimate, and all of my attempts to find a better price than Game Gator’s listings have been unsuccessful.

No one is going to beat these prices, and money conscious gamers should make Game Gator the main tool they use to shop for games.

Key Reseller Sites

I felt the need to add this section because of all of the controversy surrounding key reseller sites.

Many people have negative opinions of key reseller sites such as G2A, and they’re understandable since those sites are basically Ebay for game keys. I can confirm though that after 5 years of using G2A, I have yet to get scammed.

I always buy from reputable sellers, and I personally have only received legitimate keys. A friend of mine recently bought a key that said it was redeemed, but he contacted the seller and he was able to get his money back.

A warning I will add is that there is always a small risk of getting a bad key unless you buy them from their main launcher. Always understand this risk before buying, and pay attention to the seller’s rating on the site. In the off chance you do get a bad key, contact the seller of the key and get it sorted out.

If you still don’t feel comfortable buying from reseller sites, then you should still use Game Gator to find deals on sites like Steam or Epic Games.

The one downside I’ve found of using Game Gator’s price comparison is that you’ll sometimes have to make accounts for certain websites in order to buy the key. Then, when you go to buy, they’ll try to quietly slip in their own subscription such as G2A Shield or Gamivo Smart.

However, if you know what you’re doing, you can bypass that altogether and get your game for a great price. So far I’ve purchased 5 games using Game Gator through various key sites, and I’m happy to report that every single key I bought was legitimate.

Price Alerts

As someone who has a lot of games on their wishlist, it would be a massive undertaking to constantly keep track of deals for all of them. Game Gator price alerts are a game changer though.

How price alerts work is you sign up to receive notifications from Discord, SMS, or email, at any price of your choosing. As soon as Game Gator detects a game at your desired price, it sends you a quick alert so you can jump on that deal as soon as possible.

This can help you budget for games and save money at the same time. The only feature I’m hoping they add is the ability filter deal alerts by vendor. Some people don’t feel comfortable buying from certain sites, so they should have the option to get price alerts when their chosen vendors have games on sale.


With all the games we buy for Game Voyagers, we’re going to be using Game Gator an awful lot. My experiences thus far with the site have only been positive, and I look forward to seeing the features they come out with in the future.