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Best Boss Order with Tips and Tricks – Terraria

Best Boss Order with Tips and Tricks – Terraria

Terraria is a very unique game because it is a 2D sandbox adventure game. If you have played the game before, you will realize that it is an amazing game, and if you played it from when it first came out, you will have a dumbfound love for the game. If you have not played Terraria before, SPOILER WARNING because there are many spoilers in this article.

Here is the order to which the bosses in Terraria should be defeated:

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1. Eye of Cthulhu

The Eye of Cthulhu is probably the easiest boss you can defeat in the game because it is the first boss that you encounter when you start a world. There are two ways that this boss can spawn and the first way is naturally. When you reach 200HP, the eye gets a 33% spawn chance during the night.

The second way is if you kill Demon Eyes and collect their lenses, you can take them to a Demon Altar and make a Suspicious Looking Eye. When you have this item, wait until night time and prepare yourself. Use the item and go right into the fight.

Moveset – The Eye of Cthulhu has some very interesting attacks. When he first spawns, he will fly all around you. Take in mind that he can fly through any object so make sure you fight him away from your house so he does not kill any NPCs. He then starts to fly toward you with very fast attacks and if he hits you, you will take damage.

Once you bring him down to about 50% health, he spins and his lense breaks off and it turns into a mouth with teeth. He starts attacking even faster and harder than he did before. You really have to be careful in this phase because this is where most people die.

Rewards – When you defeat him in normal mode, you get 30-87 Demonite ore/Crimtane Ore, depending on what world you are in, 4 gold coins, and a chance to receive a trophy. In expert mode, you will receive everything from normal mode, plus the Shield of Cthulhu that lets you dash forward and give out damage.

Tips and Tricks – The best thing to do is once you load into the world, go mining, and try to find a Gravitation Potion. Once you find it, go back to the surface and use it. It allows you to control gravity and lets you fly really high in the sky. Find a floating island and get a Starfury, and that sword can defeat the Eye of Cthulhu very easily.

2. King Slime

King Slime is also very easy when compared to other bosses in the game, but what makes him so different is the way that you can spawn him. The first way is by making a Gold or Platinum Crown and combining it with 20 Gel at a Demon Altar. The second way is when there is a Slime Rain, defeat 75 Slimes and he will be summoned.

Moveset – King Slime has a very basic moveset and only one phase. When you start to fight him, he will spawn out of thin air and start jumping everywhere. Once and a while, he will teleport to another spot, but that is basically the extent of his attacks.

Rewards – When he is defeated, you will have a chance to receive these things: Solidifier, Slimy Saddle, Ninja Hood, Shirt, and Pants, Slimy hook, Slimy Gun, and a trophy. Each item has a chance for you to get it so don’t just rely on fighting him once. In expert mode, you get a special item called the Royal Gel that makes all Slimes in your world passive.

Tips and Tricks – A very easy way to defeat him is if you get some rope and place the rope very high in the air. Once done, get a gun or bow and make your way to the top of the rope. If you have placed the rope high enough then you will be able to shoot him without him even touching you at all.

3. Eater of Worlds/Brain of Cthulhu

The Eater of Worlds/Brain of Cthulhu is a difficult but very rewarding boss. The way you summon him is if you go into the Corruption or Crimson, depending on what world you have, and break 3 orbs found in the underground area. Once broken with a hammer, the boss will spawn.

The other way is to collect Rotten Chunks or Vertebrae and create a boss spawner with it. A plus for destroying an orb is it allows a meteorite to fall somewhere in your world for extra materials.

Moveset – The Eater of Worlds has a very simple moveset. It basically just flies through the ground just like a worm enemy and tries to kill you with all its body parts. There are a total of 50 segments that you must kill and you can cut it in half, but you will have to fight multiple pieces.

Rewards – When you defeat him, you will get 50-100 Shadow Scales, 100-250 Demonite ore, Eater of Worlds Mask, Eater’s Bone, and a trophy. In expert mode, you will also receive a Worm Scarf which allows for you to have 17% reduced damage.

Tips and Tricks – A very easy way to defeat the Eater of Worlds is if you break one of the orbs and wait until a meteorite lands. Once it lands, find it and mine it all. You then can make a full set of Meteor armor and a Space Gun. With the armor, it gives unlimited ammo to the Space Gun and it can easily defeat the boss.

4. Queen Bee

The Queen Bee is only found in one place and can’t be summoned with an item. It is only found in a beehive in the jungle biome. Once you found a beehive, go inside and find the larva sitting on a platform. All you have to do to summon her is if you go over to the larva and break it with your sword.

Moveset – The Queen Bee has a very weird moveset in that when she is spawned, she flies through the walls and shoots stingers at you. She also spawns other tiny little bees that can get annoying if you are stuck in the honey of the hive. She also stops in the middle of the hive and that is the best time to strike.

Rewards – When you defeat her, some of the best items you will receive are the Bee Keeper, Bee Gun, The Bee’s Knees, Bee outfit, Honeyed Goggles, and a trophy. In expert mode, you will get a Hive Pack, which allows for all your Bee weapons and equipables to be boosted by 30%.

Tips and Tricks – The best way to defeat her is to use your Space gun again. This time, if there is a lot of honey in the beehive, make a bridge over the honey so you don’t get stuck in it. After you make the bridge, summon the Queen and use your Space Gun to do a lot of damage to her.

5. Skeletron

Skeletron is found by going to the Dungeon opening somewhere in your world. Every world is randomly generated so there is not a specific location as to where it is. Once you find it, a Clothier will be outside wanting you to get rid of his curse. If there is an option to do it, Skeletron will spawn and start attacking you.

After you beat him, the Clothier will spawn in a house as an NPC; and, if you find the Clothier Voodoo Doll and kill the clothier, Skeletron will spawn again, but it has to be at night.

Moveset – His moveset consists of his head and two hands flying through the air and hitting you with successive attacks. You can defeat each of his hands and leave only the head, which does make for an easier fight. His head spins around and follows you, so if you are not careful, you can get caught in a combo.

Rewards – You don’t get as much from him as you do other bosses, but if you defeat him, it gives you access to the dungeon that has tons of different weapons and enemies. You do get a Skeletron Hand and Mask, Book of Skulls, and a trophy. In expert mode, it gives you a bone glove which allows for you to throw bones for massive damage.

Tips and Tricks – If you get Spiky Balls from the Goblin army and you throw them all over the arena where you fight him, they will slowly damage him while you fight him. The Space Gun is also a very good weapon to use against him if you have good aim.

6. Wall of Flesh

The Wall of Flesh is the last boss before you get to Hardmode. The way you summon him is to find a Voodoo Demon and kill it. A Guide Voodoo Doll will fall from the tail, and you can pick it up. Once you have it, throw it into the lava in the underworld. It will kill the guide and summon the Wall of Flesh.

Moveset – The Wall of Flesh is very different from any other boss in the game because it does not really follow the player. It just spawns and traverses the entire underworld, slowly making its way across the entire thing. It also shoots lasers at you and sends little worms after you to do even more damage.

Rewards – There is a lot of stuff that you can get from beating the Wall of Flesh and those are the Breaker Blade, Clockwork Assault Rifle, Laser Rifle, 4 different Emblems, mask, and trophy. The Pwnhammer is always received because you need it to break Demon Altars for Hardmode. In expert mode, you are given a Demon Heart which can give you an extra equip slot for your character.

Tips and Tricks – The best way to beat the Wall of Flesh is to either build a bridge across the underworld or get an Obsidian Skin potion and a Feather Fall potion to easily maneuver through the area. Your best bet is to make a Pheonix Blaster from Hellstone and use Meteor Bullets to get maximum damage out of it.

7. The Destroyer

The Destroyer is the first Hardmode boss and is the first real challenge when it comes to bosses in the game. It is basically a mechanical version of the Eater of Worlds except with little robots shooting lasers at you along with it. It can only be summoned by a boss summoning item and is not that hard to get.

Since the Destroyer is the easiest of the three mechanical bosses, it is best to farm him until you get enough good gear to fight the next two. Don’t worry about how hard he is because once you get how to beat him down, it will be easy the next time you do it.

Moveset – It has essentially the same moveset as the Eater of Worlds except that it has a shared health bar and can’t be broken into segments. It flies through the ground and shoots lasers at you. Little probes are also floating around and can give you hearts when killed to aid you in your fight.

Rewards – When you defeat it you will get 20-40 Souls of Might, 15-30 Hallowed Bars, mask and trophy. Very rarely can you get the Horned God Robe. In expert mode, you will receive a Mechanical Wagon Piece which you can later use to make a Mechanical Cart.

Tips and Tricks – The best way to defeat the Destroyer is to summon a Hallowed Mimic and defeat it until you get the Daedalus Stormbow. Once you have it, stock up on Jester Arrows and make a boss arena with wooden platforms. All you have to do is fly around the arena with wings and shoot the Destroyer with the bow.

8. Skeletron Prime

Skeletron Prime is the second mechanical boss and is much harder than the Destroyer. It has four arms with many different weapons instead of two which Skeletron has. It does a lot of damage to the player if they get caught among all the arms, and they are constantly being flung around in every direction. It can be summoned only by a boss summoning item.

Moveset – As I said before, he has four arms that can destroy you if you’re not careful. Each arm has a different weapon which is: a cannon, a vice, a saw, and a laser. You can destroy the arms and it does make it easier if you destroy all four. All that is left is his head, but that can still do massive damage to the player when it spins.

Rewards – When you defeat him you get 20-40 Souls of Might, 15-30 Hallowed Bars, a mask, and a trophy. Rarely can you get a Horned God Mask. In expert mode, you get a Mechanical Battery Piece, which you also use to make the Mechanical Cart.

Tips and Tricks – Although it is time-consuming, focusing on his arms is your best bet because it makes life so much easier when you only have to worry about his head. Using a Golden Shower will do extra damage because of his high defense, just make sure he gets close enough for you to hit him.

9. The Twins

The Twins are the hardest of the three mechanical bosses just because they are faster and do more damage than the others. They are essentially like two Eye of Cthulhus that are connected and one shoots lasers while the other shoots poison. They do massive damage and are very hard to hit with certain weapons.

They can only be summoned by a boss summoning item and the item can be found or crafted. There have been numerous times where I killed an enemy and I found a summoning item on the ground.

Moveset – Their moveset is simple but difficult to master. When the fight starts, they both come out just like the Eye of Cthulhu, except they do a lot more damage. as they fly towards you, they start shooting lasers and poison at you. When each of them gets to 50% health, they lose their lenses and grow teeth and then start dive-bombing you.

Rewards – When you defeat them you will get 20-40 Souls of Sight, 15-30 Hallowed Bars, a mask, and a trophy. Very rarely will you get the Horned God Boots. In expert mode, you will receive a Mechanical Wheel piece, and if you beat all three mechanical bosses in expert mode, you can finally make the Mechanical Cart.

Tips and Tricks – If you have a magic weapon that deals curses, then that is an easy way to defeat them. Also if you have a Megashark with Cursed Bullets, that can do major damage to them depending on if you have enough bullets to beat them.

10. Plantera

Plantera is one of those weird bosses in the game that is very difficult unless you know what you’re doing. The only way to summon Plantera is to find a Plantera Bulb somewhere in your jungle biome. The only way for you to find one of these is to defeat all three mechanical bosses in Hardmode.

Once you find one of these bulbs you are going to want to break it with your pickaxe. After you have done that, Plantera will spawn in a matter of seconds. You will know when a Plantera bulb can be found because a prompt comes up saying that the jungle is changing.

Moveset – Plantera moves all over the place with her vines and it can be kind of Closter phobic when it comes to space in the jungle. You are going to want to open up the area where you found the bulb so that you don’t get stuck when the boss gets spawned. As it moves around your arena, it is going to shoot little seeds at you, and it will do damage if it hits.

The second phase at 50% health is a lot harder than the first because its speed and damage are doubled. You will know when the second phase happens when its mouth opens up a lot more than it is and it starts speeding up.

Rewards – When you defeat Plantera then you will receive a Temple Key, Pygmy Staff, Grenade Launcher, Venus Magnum, Leaf Blower, Flower Pow, Wasp Gun, Seedler, Thorn Hook, a mask, and a trophy. In expert mode, you will receive a Spore Sac, which spawns spores over time that damage enemies to the max.

Tips and Tricks – Your best bet is to open up the biggest area that you can around the bulb so you have room to fight it. The bigger the room the better. Make sure you put torches and platforms all over the room and throw Spiky Balls all over the place to do extra damage. Use a gun or a bow with Meteor Bullets to do extra damage to it.

11. Golem

Golem is a very fun boss to fight and is only found inside of the Jungle Temple of your world. The only way to get into the temple is if you beat Plantera and get the Temple Key. Once inside, make your way to the end of the temple and get the batteries from the chests you find. Once you reach the altar, activate it and Golem will spawn right away.

Moveset – His first phase starts out with him punching you with his fists and jumping on top of you. Watch out for his arms because they can do some massive damage to you. His second phase is the hard part though. After you defeat his arms, his head pops off and starts shooting lasers at you. His body keeps jumping on top of you at the same time.

Rewards – When you beat Golem, you get the Stynger, Possessed Hatchet, Sun Stone, Picksaw, Golem Fist, a mask, and a trophy. You also get 4-8 Beetle Husks which you can use to make a very strong armor later on in the game. In expert mode, you get a Shiny Stone which makes health regeneration faster when not moving.

Tips and Tricks – Using Poison Bullets in a good damaged weapon is a very easy way to defeat him and will do more damage over time. There is a way for you to get him stuck when he spawns so he can’t jump onto your head and do extra damage.

12. Duke Fishron

Duke Fishron can be summoned by fishing in the ocean with a Truffle Worm as bait. Once you throw the hook in the water, in a few seconds he will spawn. That is actually the only way for you to summon him. He looks very different from the other bosses because he looks like a walrus that has wings.

Moveset – His moveset is very hard to keep up with because of everything that is happening at once. His first stage starts with him lunging at the player, then shooting damaging bubbles at you. He then spawns tornados with sharks in them that can catch you up into them and damage you.

His second phase is even harder than the first because the damage from everything is boosted. His third stage changes everything because he still attacks but the only thing you can see is his glowing eyes.

Rewards – When you defeat him you get Fishron Wings, Tsunami, Bubble Gun, Flairon, Tempest Staff, a mask, and a trophy. When defeated in expert mode, it also gives you a Shrimpy Truffle, which is a mount that can glide and hover indefinitely.

Tips and Tricks – The best thing for you to do is to get a blessed apple, which is a unicorn mount, and make a bridge over the whole ocean. The mount allows for you to run back and forth on the bridge with ease while shooting at the boss.

13. Lunatic Cultist

The Lunatic Cultist is the boss right before the final boss. He is not that hard once you understand how his fight works, but very difficult if you are going in for the first time. The only way to activate the boss fight is to defeat Golem and then wait a little while.

Some cultists will eventually spawn in front of the dungeon where you defeated Skeletron. All you have to do to start the fight is to kill all the Cultists in front of the giant gold sphere.

Moveset – Once the Lunatic Cultist is spawned he will do 1 of 3 attacks. He will either throw fireballs at you or big chunks of ice. He will then shoot bolts of lightning at the character. He then summons duplicates of himself and if you kill a duplicate instead of hitting him, a Wyvern will spawn and make the fight harder. He cycles through his attacks until you finally defeat him.

Rewards – When you defeat him, you will get an Ancient Manipulator, a mask, and a trophy. You don’t get much from him after you kill him because once you kill him, the Lunar Events will start occurring which is the way you spawn the final boss.

Tips and Tricks – Avoid defeating this boss if you are not ready to start the Lunar Events because they start right after you defeat the Lunatic Cultist. The best thing you can do to prepare for this fight is to get a good gun with Chlorophyte Bullets to home onto the boss. Also, you should know the difference between his duplicates and the actual boss to make it easier for you in the long-run.

14. Moon Lord

The final boss currently in Terraria is the Moon Lord. He is the most challenging boss and hardest to get to in the entire game. The only way to fight him the first time is to beat the 4 Celestial towers after beating Lunatic Cultist. He is very challenging because he literally follows you around everywhere you try to go.

Moveset – He has a very different moveset because of where he attacks. He can attack from his hands, forehead, chest, and eyes. Each attack can have a devastating blow if you get hit; it is very easy to die. He also shoots lasers at you and sends little green eyeballs after you to deal extra damage to you. Understanding his moves is key to beating him.

Rewards – There are many things you can get from the Moon Lord and those are 70-100 Luminite, Portal Gun, Meowmere, Terrarian, S.D.M.G., Star Wrath, and Last Prism. In expert mode, you will receive 2 items for beating him. The first is a Gravity Globe, which is an unlimited Gravitation Potion. The second thing is a Suspicious Looking Tentacle which is a pet.

Tips and Tricks – The best way to defeat the Moon Lord is to have a flying mount and a good gun with Chlorophyte Bullets to home in on the parts that need to be shot. Also, you need some good armor too because of the damage output he has.


Terraria is a masterpiece of a game that is totally worth your time and money. After my first initial playthrough of the game, I just kept going back for more just because of everything the game has to offer you as a player. Plus, with a cheap price tag for the game going for $10 USD, that is a bargain you can’t even go against. You should also consider looking at this cheap guide on Amazon for Terraria here.

The bosses in Terraria are very fun to fight because of all the different strategies and items you need to beat them. Once you have mastered all of them, the game will be a breeze the next time you play through it. Don’t hesitate to play this amazing game.