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Ultimate Guide To The Cargo Ship in Rust

Ultimate Guide To The Cargo Ship in Rust

The Cargo Ship Monument in Rust is quite different from other monuments as it’s not a stationary monument; it will always keep moving in the ocean and offers a variety of loot that you can get from exploring it.

Cargo Ship Monument is a timely event monument that is not always available; unlike other monuments, you can access this location only when it appears on the map. It is a radiation-free zone, but once the time is up, you’ll have to evacuate the ship otherwise, the radiation will eventually cause your death.


Cargo Ship has pretty solid loot to offer, which includes a variety of crates, you might not find keycards here, but the loot is worth the while. Let’s learn more about how you can get there and what to expect.

How Difficult Is The Cargo Ship?

The Cargo Ship Monument

What makes the Cargo Ship monument in Rust difficult is that you have to do everything within a limited time such as exploring the ship and unlocking the loot crates. Apart from this, the ship is guarded by the scientist, Which can be challenging as you have to board the ship without getting noticed.

This Monument has tons of loot which automatically attracts other players. So, basically, you can expect a good amount of PVP here.

Moreover, when the ship gets ready to depart, the radioactive radiations start to release so you have to manage your time accordingly and jump off the ship before you may get killed by the radiation.

Also, the players that you will encounter will be from the high tier as low tier ones are hardly seen on the cargo ship. So, be all prepared as they can give you a tough time.

What You Need To Enter The Cargo Ship?

Make sure that you got all the essential items, including enough medical supplies, to enter the Cargo Ship. You need to have powerful weapons and strong armor to make your survival possible here. With a good amount of supplies,

The Monument also has a good number of supplies that you can find, so be aware of your surroundings, and you can easily deal with tough enemies like scientists without worrying about running out of them.

How To Enter The Cargo Ship?

There are two ways to enter the Cargo Ship, one is through the boat, and the other is through the helicopter. In the former method, you need to get yourself a boat from the shore with a sufficient amount of fuel.

Reaching Cargo Ship Monument Via Boat

So you can travel from shore to the ship conveniently. As soon as you reach near, try to be closer to where the ladder is attached.

Then when it seems close enough, leave the boat and get on the ladder by climbing up which you can enter the Cargo Ship.

The one thing you must keep in mind is that the scientist can be guarding near the ladder area, so climb carefully. The latter includes a helicopter, and in this one, your friends can drop you at a good spot on the ship. But it will make more noise which can alert other players at the site, so choose wisely.

What Enemies You Find At The Cargo Ship?

The enemies that you get to encounter on Cargo Ship are the scientist in blue clothing, and they are 12 in total. These scientists are armed with heavy guns like assault rifles, shotguns, and more. Taking them requires more amount of ammo.

Cargo Ship Scientists

So, get on a ship with sufficient aid and ammo so you can get rid of them efficiently.

What Loot You Can Find At The Cargo Ship?

The Cargo Ship has a variety of crates that offer you an ample amount of loot. The crates include regular crates, elite crates, and military crates. Each crate carries a different number of tier weapons, scrap, and other items.

Elite Crates

The military and elite crates are more likely to spawn at the tower area of the ship, the top of the deck, and the area downstairs just below the deck.

Besides this, the three locked crates also spawn on the ship, and you have to unlock them within 15 minutes to attain the loot.

This ship horns when the crate spawns so be attentive and rush towards searching the crates instantly when you hear the horn. By killing the scientist you can also obtain the essential loot.

Is It Worth Exploring The Cargo Ship?

Despite all the difficulties Cargo Ship is worth it if you can handle the PVP and take care of the scientist. If you can take care of that then no one can stop you from getting the maximum advantage out of this monument as even though it’s a timely event it rewards well.

There are not many services, but there is a rib boat at the rear side of the ship. This boat is quite helpful, and you get to use it when you have to jump off the ship to save your life from radioactivity. And by riding on it you can safely get to the shore.

There you have it, folks a complete guide on the Cargo Ship monument in Rust and what it has to offer if you plan on exploring it. We hope that you find this coverage beneficial, and stay tuned for more on Rust Monuments.