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Guide to Legendary Items in Apex Legends

Guide to Legendary Items in Apex Legends

Apex is one of those battle royales that stands out from the others with a different variety of gameplay and mechanics. Compared to other games, it does some things a lot better than its competition. What it does well is its ability to give you good loot from the start of each match. The loot is very balanced in the game and if you know how to use certain weapons and explosives then you will do very well with basically anything you use. You have to be very aggressive or else you will die most of the time.

There is tons of loot that you can find within each match you play, and every item you get will help in either eliminating someone else or defending your character from danger. There are tiers to all the gear that you get and if you can get the best tier, you will have a big advantage over other players. The Legendary tier is the best tier there is and the items are very rare because of all the bonuses that it gives you if you have one. Here is a guide to all the Legendary items in Apex Legends.

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What is a Legendary item?

Legendary gear is the best tier of gear that is in Apex Legends. These items are very rare and can only be found in high-tiered loot areas. If you can get one of these items, or multiple of them, you will definitely have a better advantage because of all the boosts that it gives you. You can identify these items by finding a gold-colored item. Once found, you can equip it and get all the bonuses added to your character for that specific match. If you want to get a boost in a match, risk it all and drop into the high-loot circle at the beginning of the match. The only downside to this is that other people have the same idea and go there as well. You will get into some fights if you go there.

What is so special about them?

Legendary items are the most important items in each match because a team fully decked out with gold gear will have a huge advantage over the team with blue gear. Also, each gear piece comes with a booster that helps you in some way that you can’t get anywhere else. Some make your healing items faster while others let you revive yourself. Everything that you can get that is gold tiered will help you get farther in the match so you can survive against even the best teams.

How many Legendary items are currently in-game?

There are a total of 14 gold items in Apex Legends and 8 of them are weapons. If you are very lucky and get all the gold tiered items, then you will most likely make it to the end of the match. The Purple tiered items, below the gold-tier, has the same stats ad the gold- tiered items with the exception of not having the extra bonus added onto it. Each bonus the Legendary items give you help make your gameplay better and helps you survive in your match. I know you can win with the basic gear, but with the extra defense and bonuses it comes with, why would you not want to get this gear?

Legendary Body Shield

A Body Shield is very important because it could mean life or death if you don’t have one. Without one, you are basically a sitting duck and can be knocked down with just a few shots to the body. This is probably the most important armor piece that you can equip. If you drop into a hotspot, make sure you get one of these so you don’t die right away. The Legendary Body Shield is very important because of its bonus, it allows your healing items to take half as long to use. This is helpful for situations where you must heal quickly to get out of an area alive. Other than that, the Legendary Body SShield is the same as the Purple Shield except that the Purple does not have the bonus.

Legendary Helmet

A Helmet is a very nice armor piece that you can have, but it does not do that much unless you are going up against a person that is good at getting headshots. The Helmet reduces the damage from any headshot by 25%, which is very important to get away from snipers. The Legendary Helmet allows for the recharge rate on your Tactical and Ultimate abilities to be increased drastically. this is useful depending on what Legend you chose because your abilities are very important to know how and when to use. Don’t use your abilities too quickly though because it still takes a little bit of time to recharge again.

Legendary Backpack

A backpack is probably the second most important thing that you can get because it allows you to have extra slots in your inventory. It is very important to have more slots so that you can carry more ammo and healing items with you in your match. The Legendary Backpack allows you to carry 6 more items than not having one equipped and it also gives a teammate 50 bonus shield and health when you revive them. This is important to allow them to survive longer and have a chance to heal once they are fully revived. Make sure you get this at the beginning of the match if you can so that you can get more items from the places that you loot.

Legendary Knockdown Shield

A Knockdown Shield is very important if you want to survive being knocked down. If you have one and you get knocked down, you can activate the shield and it will help defend you against other enemies finishing you off. If your team kills the other team, they can safely revive you after because you didn’t die. The Legendary Knockdown Shield gives you 750 defense against gunshots and allows you to revive yourself once you are knocked. You can surprise the enemy if you can safely revive yourself and eliminate them from behind without your team helping you up. Just make sure they don’t see you do it or you are dead.

Legendary Digital Threat Scope

Scopes in Apex Legends are very important if you want better accuracy with your weapons. The longer the range of the scope, the easier it will be to hit a target from far away. Everyone knows that if you have a good weapon that can hit someone from far away, you have an advantage over a person who does not. Also, if you are in the end of a match and there is only your team and one other team, then it is better to be able to get longer ranged shots on them to have the advantage. The Digital Threat Scope is very good because it outlines the enemy that you are looking at with the scope. It helps show you where their weak points are, but the only downside is that it can only be equipped on certain weapons.

Legendary Barrel Stabilizer

The Legendary Barrel Stabilizer is actually very rare compared to all the other Legendary items. As with any other barrel stabilizer, it helps get better shots from a longer range, but this specific one reduces your recoils by a lot and it reduces your muzzle flash as well. It is very important if you want to get good shots and also want to keep your location hidden from the enemy. Perfect for an Assault Rifle or an SMG because those weapons are generally mid-range.

Legendary Mastiff

The Mastiff is a very powerful shotgun that is only found in airdrops. It fires 8 pellets in the shape of a horizontal line, which decreases in width while aiming down the sights, reducing the spread and thus increasing accuracy. When you pick it up, it will have 20 bullets automatically and uses its own unique ammo that does not take up any inventory space at all. It does massive damage to the head and body up close and is perfect for end of the match situations.

Legendary L-Star EMG

The L-Star is a special Legendary automatic weapon that fires experimental plasma bullets. It is only found in airdrops and once you pick it up, it only contains 120 ammo that does not take up any inventory space whatsoever. It has a very high fire rate and can overheat after a little while of using it, so don’t spam it or else you will be stuck. A good thing about the weapon is that if you shoot a door with a bullet, it will automatically open for you so use that to your advantage when going up against a camping team in a building.

Legendary Kraber

The Kraber is a special sniper rifle with a lot of power behind each shot. It is also only found in airdrops and is easily the best sniper rifle in the entire game. Because of all the power that it has, it only has 8 bullets when you pick it up so keep that in mind if you are switching to it, make sure you have another reliable weapon ready at hand. Its ammo does not take up any inventory space, but only has a limited supply of ammo so keep that in mind.


The Turbocharger is a gun attachment for the Devotion and Havoc that reduces spin-up time. What this means is that for both weapons, the bullets start firing right as you start pulling the trigger at full speed. This is helpful so you don’t have to wait for the gun to start up to get it to its full fire rate. Perfect for taking out more than one enemy at a time.

Golden Weapons

Golden Weapons are weapons that you can find basically anywhere, but they have been upgraded to have all Legendary items on them as soon as you get the weapon. There are a total of five of these Golden Weapons currently in-game and these are all of them:

  • VK-47 Flatline
  • EVA-8 Auto
  • Triple Take
  • G7 Scout
  • Charge Rifle

How do you get Legendary gear?

There are 3 ways that you can get Legendary gear in the game. The first one is by getting a Vault Key and opening up one of the three Vaults on the map. It usually has more than one piece of Legendary gear. The second way is to land in a high-loot zone. These areas have very good loot but pose a huge threat because most people go to these places when they drop because they want to get the good loot too. The third way is to just rarely find a Legendary item in the world. You might find a Legendary Knockdown Shield in a random loot box or other places. The loot is totally random every match.


In conclusion, if you play Apex Legends, then you should go for the best loot you possibly can in each match. Without good loot, you might get destroyed by other players that got lucky and found the good loot first. Always try to get Legendary items and if you don’t have any, try eliminating someone else who does to steal all of their stuff. Try your best to stay alive and try to win as much as you can, and make sure you are always on the lookout for enemies.