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What Is ‘Elo’ in Valorant? Everything You Need To Know

What Is ‘Elo’ in Valorant? Everything You Need To Know

Do you want to climb the ranks of Valorant and join the elite Radiant players? Are you tired of being stuck in the lower ranks of the game? Well, then you’ll need to understand what the significance of the Elo system is and how Valorant’s ranking system works.

Elo is a rating system in Valorant. It is a measure of the relative skill demonstrated by players. Your Elo evaluates your opponent’s skill, rounds won, overall Elo score, and performance. Placement matches are used at the start of seasons to decide your initial Elo.


Read on to learn more about Valorant’s Elo Rating system, the different ranks, and skill disparity to help ensure that matchmaking is fair.

Understanding Valorant’s ELO System

Gameplay - Valorant

If you’ve played any competitive game in recent times, Valorant, Dota, League of Legends, or CS: Go then you know they use the ELO rating system. ELO, which is short for Elo Rating System, is used as a measure that demonstrates a player’s relative skill in comparison to their opponent.

This means that your ELO is a rating system that assesses various factors, such as the number of rounds that you won, your performance with matches, and even the skill level of your opponent. It then compiles a singular number that defines your relative strength compared to other Valorant players.

If you want to reach the top ranks of Valorant, you will need to focus consistently on improving your performance and, most importantly, winning matches. You can utilize your ELO as a real-time measure of your own progress and development as a player.


In Valorant, there is no method to see the ELO number. Instead, you will be able to track your progress through Ranks. These are titles provided by Valorant to players that achieve a certain ELO. With Iron rank being the lowest and Radiant being the highest-ranked player.

Different Ranks in Valorant

Elo based Ranks - Valorant

There are 25 different ranks available in Valorant. Each of these 25 ranks is divided into 9 tiers. These tiers are what dictate the distribution of Elo. Players with relatively the same ELO will find themselves in the same Rank. And will thus face off against other players that are of the same rank as well.

Ranks in Valorant are as follows:

  • Iron 1
  • Iron 2
  • Iron 3
  • Bronze 1
  • Bronze 2
  • Bronze 3
  • Silver 1
  • Silver 2
  • Silver 3
  • Gold 1
  • Gold 2
  • Gold 3
  • Platinum 1
  • Platinum 2
  • Platinum 3
  • Diamond 1
  • Diamond 2
  • Diamond 3
  • Ascendant 1
  • Ascendant 2
  • Ascendant 3
  • Immortal 1
  • Immortal 2
  • Immortal 3
  • Radiant

Placement Matches

Placement Matches - Valorant

In Valorant, Placement Matches occur at the beginning of each season and all players partake in them to determine their starting rank for the new period. Winning these matches and performing well is crucial because your initial Elo is calculated from them.


Starting the season on a high note can be vastly beneficial. It is important to always perform well in these matches. So pay attention to teamwork, and communication dynamics and select appropriate agents and skills to achieve victory.

Stay Up-To-Date With Valorant Meta

If you’re going to climb the ranks of Valorant and become a formidable player. Then you will need to stay up-to-date with the latest information about Valorant.

The game constantly releases new patches and updates. Game developers are changing Valorant every so often, and this means information is never the same as it was previously.

If you want to make sure that you select the best heroes, do the most damage, and have the best strategies.

Then you will need to be aware of all the changes and the meta teams available in the game. This can be the difference between winning or losing.

Getting a high rank in Valorant is not easy, but with consistent performance, teamwork, and communication, you can improve your chances. So, keep playing, learning, and climbing those ranks! Remember, reaching Radiant is not just about being good; it’s about being the best!