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How Attachments Affect Gameplay in Modern Warfare

How Attachments Affect Gameplay in Modern Warfare

Modern Warfare has gone a very different route with the way everything works in the game. The mechanics, how slow the gameplay is versus other Call of Duties, the time to kill, and many other things. There is one thing that Sledgehammer Games has focused more on and that is the gun/attachment system. Instead of there being a prestige system, they implemented a massive attachment system with hundreds of attachments that change how your gun plays within the game.

There are soo many levels for you to follow with your weapons and tons of camos for you to unlock. Not only do your Custom Loadouts have unlimited possibilities, but you can also put as many attachments on your weapons without your Custom Class running out of space. Next, I am going to answer a few questions, and then explain what each attachment does and how it can affect your gameplay.

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How many attachments are in the game?

There are a total of 51 attachments for each weapon that you have and depending on the weapon, the attachment type can vary. The Shotguns might have other attachments that an Assault Rifle does not have. It all depends on the weapon type and how you want to make your Custom Class. Even though 51 might not seem like a lot, but in reality, 51 for each weapon gives you endless possibilities to find the perfect loadout for you to use. Since there is not a max amount of slots for each Custom Loadout, you can literally max out both guns in your Custom Class and still be able to carry 2 Lethals and all your Perks.

How does each attachment affect the gameplay?

Each attachment comes with a specific thing that it does, like a Perk, depending on what you choose for your weapon, allows for you to start with the max amount of ammo or be able to get more points per kill. It all depends on your preference when creating a perfect weapon for you to use. You are only allowed to equip a total of 5 attachments onto a single weapon at on time, but that allows for you to get find some really good setups for your weapon. There is also a setting where you can save a custom gun loadout so you can have a bunch of variants for one specific weapon. Make sure you read what each attachment does before equipping it though.


The Muzzle gives every weapon 20% more range, except for Marksman Rifles and Shotguns, which gets 15% more range. It works great on shotguns due to their very low range, despite the lower range amount compared to other weapon types. Using this attachment with Slug Rounds on a shotgun will allow the player to kill enemies at a range more comparable to an SMG’s effective range. Not only are their Muzzles that allow for you to have a more stable fire rate, but there are also Muzzles that let you have a one-hit kill with melee or it increases hip-fire accuracy. It all depends on what feels good for you on that specific weapon.


Optics are very important because it helps you get more accurate shots on enemy players. Modern Warfare went a different direction because the ability to put a sniper scope on a shotgun is actually a really cool thing. They really went above and beyond with the attachment system in this game because it feels like once you start leveling up a weapon, you are constantly unlocking new and better items. There are sniper scopes, red dots, reflex sights, holographic sights, hybrid sights and many more. You might not like a specific sight, then try another one because there are just soo many to choose from.


Underbarrels are very important because of the variety of different things you can put in that slot. From shotguns to grenade launchers, to grips and specials, there are endless possibilities for it. It feels like every level that you go up, you unlock new and better attachments and Underbarrels. When you have a weapon as your Underbarrel, you can use it to easily kill someone if you run out of ammo with your normal weapon. If you have a grip as your Underbarrel, then you will have less recoil and better hip-fire accuracy. It all depends on the weapon and what you have equipped on it that determines how the weapon is.


Barrels let you extend the Barrel of your weapon so that you can get more accurate shots from farther away. The best thing to do is to equip a Long Barrel and then add a long-ranged scope for the best long-range weapon. Even though a sniper can beat it any day, it is still fun to experiment with all the options that you have. You can put a Long Barrel on all Assault Rifles and it makes them even more accurate. I would also recommend, even if you are only using iron sights, to put one on your weapon because you can get better shots and will probably have an easier time with getting kills.


Lasers are really important if you want to have super accurate hip-fire or if you want to aim in NVG maps. There are a bunch of lasers, a red laser that helps with hip-fire, and a green laser that helps with weapon stabilization at the cost of the enemy seeing your laser. It all depends on how much you want the enemy to see of you that really matters.


Stocks help with lowering the recoil of the weapon that you are using whether the recoil is low or high already. If the weapon that you are using has very low recoil, then I would recommend not using a stock since you don’t really need to improve your stats in that way. If it is a gun like the Ak-47 or the Milo, then you should put some sort of stock on it to get the best use out of the weapon. Also, if you have more than five attachments, try to use as many as you can unless you are trying to complete the camo challenges for that weapon.

Rear Grip

A Rear Grip increases aiming stats for slower aiming movement speed. Usually used to boost range performance for heavier weapons. It is mostly for keeping you on target as you are shooting the weapon. It makes your accuracy a lot better and it makes it a lot easier to actually use the gun. If you are not going to put an Underbarrel attachment on your weapon, then it is best to put a rear grip on instead to make up for the accuracy loss.


A Magazine is pretty self-explanatory because it increases the amount of ammo that you can put into your Magazine so you can reload less. There is one thing that Modern Warfare did differently and that is when you have a Magazine equipped, the bigger the Magazine, the less accuracy you will have because the weapon is heavier. Keep that in mind when equipping the new Magazine.


Each gun that you get will allow for you to equip different Perks on it as an attachment slot. These Perks include increasing melee damage, starting ammo, points from each kill, and many others. There are honestly soo many of them that I can’t even explain them all. When you unlock a Perk, make sure you equip them because they can help you out a lot depending on which ones you have.


In conclusion, Modern Warfare went a very different way when it came to the way the guns worked. I honestly like this way a lot better because you can now have both guns maxed out and you are still able to use everything like your lethal and perks. It just makes everything a lot easier to use each class and it opens up a lot of other opportunities to try different weapons very easily without you having to create the class again.