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Hearts of Iron IV “Why Die For Danzig” Achievement Guide

Hearts of Iron IV “Why Die For Danzig” Achievement Guide

Hearts of Iron IV is a game that encompasses the beauty of grand scale War. You dive deep into the midst of World War 2 to give it a twist of your own. Hearts of Iron IV features loads of achievements for players to unlock, one being the Why Die for Danzig Achievement. But it’s a buggy achievement. So, here’s how you can unlock it.

The Why Die for Danzig Achievement in Hearts of Iron IV is bugged. Players have reported unlocking the achievement in multiple scenarios. The go-to route is capitulating Poland and France. And puppeteering France during the Peace Deal.

The Why Die for Danzig Achievement requires players to conquest Danzig. This requires you to turn France Fascist without using any brute force. This means you’re not supposed to go to war with France.

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Methods for Unlocking the Why Die for Danzig Achievement in Hearts of Iron IV

Hearts of Iron IV Why Die for Danzig Achievement Guide

1st Method

  • For this run, make sure to turn Historical and Ironman Mode ON.
  • Commit to a Four year Plan. Hone in on focuses that allow you an extra research slot, free civs, and head over to the German War Economy. When you make it this far, do not pursue Rhineland. Why? You’ll be wasting 70 days and an extra 5 Percent of War Tension.
  • Exercise your Navy until it reaches level 3.
  • When you obtain a total of 50 Political Power. Manually proceed towards Poland.
  • Reorganize all of your divisions into just 2 armies. Organize one army with 24 Pure Infantry around the Polish Mainland. Reorganize all of your motorized vehicles and tanks, consisting of at least 22 units in total in Konigsberg.
  • Now proceed with some new battle plans. Focus the Mainland army and battle plan towards the east of Poland and use the Konigsberg army and cut south towards Karkow. Now, you’ll declare war. The next step is to bypass the National Focus on Rhineland.
  • Once you take over Poland and solve the Polish problem, establish your hold over Anschluss, proceed to reassert Eastern Claims, and now finally, focus on the Maginot. This far, France will probably align itself with the allies and the UK will guarantee the Netherlands.

Invade the Netherlands

  • Now, you’ll have to invade and attack the Netherlands as well as Luxembourg, but make sure to not invade Belgium just yet.
  • Take all of your tanks and hand them over to Rommel. Organize them on the Western Border near Holland. The Belgium border is located there. Hand them an aggressive battle plan moving toward the Southwestern Belgian Province. As for your other units, position them as you normally would.
  • Now, with the fall of Belgium. The tanks over at Rommel will now be on France’s borders. This far into the game, France’s borders will be defenseless. Now, drive your tanks around the French. Their government will be pretty much disjointed so they’ll play along and capitulate rapidly. 
  • Now, you’ll be given the option for Germany to Conquer All. Go with this route. France will pretty much fall. 
  • Align all of your Navy units in the channel and put all of your planes on air superiority. Naval strike the channel. You’re pretty much set if you’ve made it this far.
  • The next logical step is to send Rommel’s tanks over to England. Establish hold over a port and ship all of your naval divisions to England. The British AI in Hearts of Iron IV doesn’t know how to deal with the threat of a Naval Invasion. England will pretty much follow suit and capitulate quickly.
  • Now, during the peace conference, puppet France and you’ll pretty much be done with the process of obtaining the Achievement. It doesn’t matter in which order these events take place. All that matters is the fact that France acts as your puppet under a Fascist Regime and Poland has capitulated.

2nd Method

  • Start a War with Poland as soon as you can, preferably before 1936.
  • Poland will capitulate pretty quickly. Annex all of Poland’s land.
  • Set a war goal against Czechoslovakia. Once you declare war, the allies will join in on the fun, so you’ll have to conquer them. 
  • Ignore the Vichy France option and puppeteer France during the Peace deal. 
  • Voila! You’ve unlocked the Why Die for Danzig Achievement.

3rd Method

Play as Germany and demand Sudentland. France will refuse. This method requires you to go to War with France.

  • This time around, the Black Shirts will start organizing in Britain but they won’t be fascist yet.
  • Go to War and defeat Czechoslovakia. This time around, the UK will have a civil war. The Fascist British Empire will align itself with the Axis. 
  • Give them an army to help them win the war effort. The Allies will be conquered by 1939. For this, start from the British Isles with naval units and Invade Northern France.
  • Puppeteer France to let them keep their navy and establish troops of their own.
  • Go to War with Poland around 1939. France will be Fascist this time around, allowing you to obtain the Why Die for Danzig Achievement.


Hearts of Iron IV is pretty versatile when it comes to planning your strategies. You can pretty much take any route you can for the “Why Die For Danzig” achievement so long as you turn France Fascist and puppeteer it during the peace deal. We’ve got plenty of game-changing guides for you guys so tune in to Game Voyagers for more!