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Can NPCs Use Platforms in Terraria?

Can NPCs Use Platforms in Terraria?

Trying to make your house in Terraria? But can’t seem to get your NPCs to move up Platforms? This is a very commonly occurring situation. This issue occurs so regularly that people worry if NPCs can use platforms at all. Let’s resolve this commonly held misconception in this helpful little article.

Yes, NPCs can use platforms in Terraria. Regardless of whether the platform in question is a staircase made of wood or other materials. Most NPCs, within the game, will be able to use Platforms.

Honestly, there is a lot of specific information that you will need to know. Especially if you wish to get your NPCs to go up or down on Platforms. In this article, I’ll discuss a few things you should look out for, so your platforms work perfectly as well. Keep reading on to find out more!

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Can Your NPCs Use Platforms in Terraria?

Constructed Houses in Terraria
Constructed Houses in Terraria

The simple answer to the question is yes. Your NPCs in Terraria can use Platforms. Even the developers of Terraria have confirmed that NPCs should be able to climb Platforms.

The issue of whether your NPCs can move through Platforms is a well-known one. The bug originates from Terraria’s Patch 1.1.2 update. Before the patch, the PC version of Terraria had a very well-known bug.

Due to the bug, all known NPCs, both friendly and enemy units, were unable to use wooden platforms. This was because they didn’t register the platforms when it came to their pathfinding. As you can tell, this caused an enormous amount of frustration.

What to do If NPCs Won’t Go Up the Wooden Platforms?

NPCs Stuck On Wooden Staircase Platforms
NPCs Stuck On Wooden Staircase Platforms

If you’re still having issues getting your NPCs to the rooms you’ve assigned them then there is a simple fix. NPCs are prone to warping to the room that you’ve assigned to them. This way you can put the NPCs that you want in their assigned rooms without having to face the hassles of pathing.

You can abuse the NPCs in this way by first assigning rooms to your NPCs. Ensure that wooden planks are the only way to go from one floor of your constructed structure to the other. In this way, you’ll keep your NPCs safe from any creatures that might end up wandering close to your territory.

Once you’ve constructed that structure, you need to spend a full, in-game, night away from your house. Make sure that you are a sufficient distance away. We do this, so the game considers reloading the area of your house, with your NPCs, once again.

After you spend the night away from your house, simply return to your house and check the rooms you assigned to your NPCs. They should have teleported into their rooms once again. If the bug which causes NPCs to not use Platforms troubles you, rest assured this method will keep all your valued NPCs safe.

Now no slime will harm your precious NPCs again!

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Helpful Guide by Udisen Games on Teleporting NPCs

Exploits Caused by Issues in Previous Patches

If you wanted to escape certain enemies or wanted certain NPCs to stay in specific rooms you made for them. Nothing truly worked, and it wasn’t until the 1.1.2 patch of Terraria that the game was fixed. This patch allowed your NPCs to move through and use the wooden platforms that you set up in your house.

Later, other bugs and exploits were found due to this bug. It was found that NPCs will never be able to even jump over the wooden platforms. This caused many issues with several different exploits being constructed around this pathing error.

Why Might Your Platform Stairs Not Be Working?

Incorrect Tile Setup for Wooden Platforms
Incorrect Tile Setup for Wooden Platforms

We know sometimes it’s frustrating when Zombies can get all over your house. But your NPCs seem to not be able to manage to get into their rooms. The solution, however, once again is a simple one. An issue that might cause your NPCs to not use the stairs is that they’re not long enough.

Due to this issue, many NPCs experience trouble with their pathing. This causes them to either not go down, or not go up, a flight of assorted stairs that you’ve set up. In some instances, the issue might cause them to not go both ways and remain stuck in position.

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How To Solve The Issue?

This issue is commonly a result of your platforms not being long enough. We recommend that you construct your platforms no less than 2 Blocks wide. If you do so then NPCs will have no issue going up or down the platforms.

Many NPCs don’t go through tiles that are less than 2 Blocks wide. This might seem like an odd issue, but Terraria is filled with such little nuggets of code that we simply cannot understand. Especially, because we know that Zombie enemies do not experience the same issue.

So, yes, even zombies are smarter than Terraria NPCs. Go figure!

There you have it, folks! The answer to whether your NPCs can use Platforms is yes. However, we cannot deny that there are several issues with the pathing of NPCs in Terraria. Patch 1.1.2 fixed the code. But certain issues with the pathing of the NPCs remained.

To many of you, these might simply act as gameplay quirks though. That makes Terraria such a unique and appealing game. After all, there’s a reason why so many of you continue to play Terraria so religiously even today. And we agree, it’s truly a special game. And we hope our guide regarding it helped you out in some way!