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Hogwarts Legacy 149/150 Pages: How to Find the Last Page

Hogwarts Legacy 149/150 Pages: How to Find the Last Page

Like any AAA title, there are a few hidden collectibles in Hogwarts Legacy. Particularly Field Guide pages and it’s a hassle to collect all 236 of them but before you venture into other locations, you’ll go the route of collecting all 150 pages in Hogwarts, right? Except you’ve found 149/150 field guide pages in Hogwarts Legacy. So what’s going on?

If you have 149/150 Pages in Hogwarts Legacy, you’ve probably already collected the last page. This is a bug with an Accio page in Hogwarts’ Bell Tower Wing. Even after you collect all Field Guide Pages, the game shows them as 149/150 in the collections page.

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Hogwarts Legacy Field Guide Pages

Hogwarts Legacy Field Guide Pages

There are tons of different Field Guide Pages to collect in Hogwarts Legacy. In Hogwarts, you can uncover a total of 150 Field Guide Pages. Move over to Hogsmeade and there are 55 pages to collect here. Head into the highlands to uncover 31 Field Guide Pages.

LocationSub LocationPages
Hogwarts Castle150
Astronomy Wing23 
Bell Tower Wing34
The Grand Staircase26
The Great Hall24
The Library Annex20
The South Wing23
The Highlands31
South Hogwarts3
Hogsmeade Valley4
North Hogwarts1
North Ford Bog2
Hogwarts Valley8
Feldcroft 7
South Sea Bog1
Coastal Cavern1
Clagmar Coast2

There are different kinds of field guide pages that need different spells to uncover them so you need to keep your eyes peeled and your wands ready.

Field Guide PageSpell
Moth Frame PaintingLumos
Collection PageRevelio
Flying PageAccio
Orb StatueLevioso
Dragon BraziersIncendio

Last Field Guide Page Location in Hogwarts Legacy

Hogwarts Legacy Field Guide Pages

Obtaining Field Guide Pages isn’t all that easy. You’ll need to go through the rounds, using different magical spells like Accio to uncover them. But even after you uncover all of the hidden field pages, you’ll find you’re short of one. Specifically, you’ve only found 149/150 pages in Hogwarts Legacy. 

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This has been a recurring complaint among Hogwarts Legacy players. They can’t seem to find the last page in the Bell Tower Wing. Or maybe they already have? Turns out, it’s a bug with a field guide page that’s revealed by using Accio. After you collect it, the game still registers 149/150 pages in Hogwarts Legacy.


If you’re a completionist and still want to 100% the game, then there isn’t much to worry about. You can still 100% of the game even with the missing page in Hogwarts.