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5 Ways To Get Metal Scraps in Enshrouded

5 Ways To Get Metal Scraps in Enshrouded

Metal Scraps have been a bane of my existence while playing Enshrouded. This ordinary yet highly useful resource is a necessity for almost all your early upgrades. From crafting weapons, putting together an armor set, and building structures, everything needs Metal Scraps.

The game doesn’t have a metal detector to make your life easy. Hence, we have taken it upon ourselves to become one for you and guide you every which way you can get metal scraps in Enshrouded. There are some neat farming locations in here too for that endless metal supply.

1. Barrels and Pots

1. Barrels and Pots metal scrap farming enshrouded

There are barrels and pots found everywhere you turn especially in settlements. Make it your duty to smash every one of these. It is almost a guarantee these pots will drop metal in some quantity albeit in lower numbers.

However, the sheer number of pots you find in an area will surely net you a hefty sum of metal scraps by the end.

2. Randomly Placed Metal Scraps

2. Randomly Placed Metal Scraps

Whenever you are scouring a settlement or battle through an enemy encampment make sure to check every nook and corner. Most of the time, resources of all kinds will be randomly placed on top of tables and corners, including metal scraps.

These are free resources waiting for you to pluck so don’t let them go to waste. Keep your eyes peeled and your finger on the gathering button to horde everything not glued to the ground.

3. Anything with Metal

Yes, you heard that right! To make this game a tad bit real, anything in the game that visually has metal on it will drop metal scraps when you destroy it and you know you can destroy almost everything in this game with the right tool. The pickaxe is the right tool for mining metal.

This means the wooden fences around a settlement with metal interlockings, barrels with metal rings, metal boilers, and cages all over a camp have a chance to produce metal when you destroy them.

Granted, it is a laborious task, going around destroying everything with metal on it but it sure beats thirsting over metal scraps.

The best items to destroy are the large metal boiler things. These things are found either intact or broken in various locations. The ideal places to check are the Ancient Vaults while you can find destroyed ones in settlements surrounding these vaults and other special locations.

4. Enemies

4. Enemies metal scrap farming

Killing enemies is by far the best method of accumulating metal scraps in Enshrouded. Before we elaborate, the enemies we refer to here are non-shrouded human enemies only like scrappers/scavengers found all over the map.

You will come across a ton of enemies with metal head gears wielding weapons like a crossbow or dual weapons. These dudes are an incredible source of metal scraps. Looting their body is likely to reward you with 1-3 metal scraps per enemy.

If you kill everyone in an enemy settlement, the metal scrap payout will be quite handsome. These enemies are also found in the open world too so take every chance you get and take them out and loot them. You’ll be swimming in scraps

The quickest way to kill these enemies is by parrying them perfectly right before their attack land and using the Merciless Attack skill to put them down in an instant. You need to unlock this skill first so bear that in mind.

5. Metal Scraps Farming Locations

Here are some locations and loops that can help you generate loads of metal scraps in a very short amount of time:

Cinder Vault

Cinder Vault metal scrap farming location enshrouded

The earliest and greatest metal scrap farming location is the place where your journey begins, the Cinder Vault. The game essentially hands you the solution to your metal scrap needs right from the get-go.

The metal cryo chamber thingy you crawl out of from drops 3 metal scraps when destroyed. All you need is a good pickaxe and some time to whack the thing. These things are quite durable so get ready to spam.

There are 12 cryo chambers in the place. With 3 metal scraps dropping from each, you are looking at a total haul of 36 metal scraps.

The best part is that this location can be fast-traveled too easily. You can clear the location, dump your loot in your base, and return to farm some metal scraps again. Keep in mind that these boilers will take some time to respawn.

Check out this neat trick you can use to instantly respawn any item in the game. You can potentially end any downtime in between your farming using this technique.


Rookmore metal scrap ffarming location

Just north of the Cinder Vault, left of the Braelyn Bridge, there is an enemy settlement called Rookmore. This place is a gold mine for farming metal scraps early in the game.

The camp is chock-full of low-level enemies that drop a varying number of metal scraps per body. Additionally, there are tons of random metal scraps just lying around on different surfaces ready to be picked. Not to mention the abundance of pots and barrels ready to be broken down into metal scraps.

A single thorough loop of the place netted us a whopping 54 metal scraps total. Since this location is easy to revisit, you can use it as your personal metal scrap farm. To top it off, there are chests and other hidden goodies that will reward you with some fine items too.

When you are done leveling down the encampment, just fast-travel out of there and use the same item respawn technique linked above to restart your hoarding.