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Here Are the 3 Most Fun Lost Ark Classes

Here Are the 3 Most Fun Lost Ark Classes

Lost Ark is no slouch for giving its players various tangible and intangible options. Some of these are amazing to configure, while others have set restraints that force them to move in a straight line of progression. Needless to say, classes belong to the latter. 

However, this doesn’t make Lost Ark boring. Instead, it lets you bring your creativity and innovation to other aspects of the game. Brainstorming and coming up with creative yet unique decisions for your character can feel rewarding and intriguing. 

To partake in this train of excitement and joy, you need to choose a class that symbolizes your playstyle and is fun to play. Finding a fun class without having in-depth knowledge is equivalent to searching for a needle in a haystack.

With that said, here are the 3 most fun Lost Ark Classes that you can play to date:

  • Mage
  • Gunner
  • Assassin

Needless to say, Lost Ark features sub-characters in the given class, each with its distinct upgrade paths and abilities. Therefore, let’s start by looking at the workings of the class system to help you formulate a proper decision.

Classes in Lost Ark

The world of Lost Ark features a total of five basic classes with different characters to choose from. Therefore, here is a general structure for these classes:

WarriorBerserker, Paladin, Gunlancer
Martial ArtistStriker, Wardancer, Soulfist, Scrapper
GunnerGunslinger, Artillerist, Deadeye, Sharpshooter
MageBard, Sorceress
AssassinShadowhunter. Deathblade

Each class has its own abilities and skills, whereas further classification leads to unique identity skills and traits. Regardless of the class you choose, a distinct playstyle will permanently be attached to every character. You will enjoy some of them while others might not be of your taste. However, such a wide choice range will make sure to give you something to enjoy. 

Lost Ark: Mage Class

The image is a spell-heavy class that lets you cast beautiful and valuable abilities in the form of magic. However, the factor that makes the mage class unique is its flexibility. You have the option to go down a path of destruction, or you can choose to become a beacon of hope for your party by providing timely heals and buffs. 

The spell range of this class is extensive, which makes it versatile. For example, you can cast large-scale buffs that can help stop your teammates from dying, or you can drop an explosion to remove half of the mob army as if they never existed in the first place. 

Once you have completed the tutorial levels (till level 10), you will be required to choose a character path for your class. You can choose to go with a Bard, prioritizing a support role, or a Sorceress, which is essentially a damage-heavy ‘glass cannon’ archetype. 

The Bard

The bard is one of the only two supports in Lost Ark. The demand for her isn’t that high in the early portion of the game. However, the more you progress in-game, you will witness an exponential increase of parties looking for a capable healer. 

The spellcasting ability of a bard is one of the best in Lost Ark, but she sacrifices any potential damage for it. Therefore, it will be hard to progress with her as a solo player. The mage class is influenced by the intelligence stat, and it’s a good idea to start investing in it early on. 

The Sorceress

Unlike bard, the sorceress focuses on damage by invoking potent spells to decimate her foes. Her character suffers from low HP, which can easily be fatal on the battlefield. However, her high range can compensate for it by using staves to deal with intense elemental damage. 

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Investing in her intelligence is equivalent to adding a death ray to a machine gun. This character’s path is highly fragile yet deadly. Her consistent bursts of damage can bring any raid boss to its knees. However, she needs an excellent front-liner to unleash her full potential. 

Lost Ark: Gunner Class

A gunner features high adaptability and agility with a degree of deviation. There is much more to do regarding APM (attack per minute). They possess varied abilities according to their guns. Therefore, it is much easier to adapt to a situation as a gunner than in any other class in Lost Ark. 

The gunners are nimble and possess many weapons to choose from. Their agility makes them highly slippery in combat. However, the class is hard to execute and requires good mechanical skills. A gunner class lets you enjoy fast-paced combat with multiple firearms. 

A gunner has four upgrade paths – Gunslinger, Artillerist, Deadeye, and a Sharpshooter. Every route features similar principles to the main class while being more fine-tuned for a singular aspect of combat. 

The Gunslinger

Gunslingers are versatile and enable you to switch between multiple guns as quickly as possible. They have assassin-like agility and are great for unloading their arsenal on enemies. However, they need to have someone bearing the grunt of the battle while they unleash their DPS. A Gunslinger can also inflict certain debuffs to slow down a rampaging boss. 

The Artillerist

The Artillerist is a gun-focused class that specializes in firepower. Their arsenal is rather heavy. However, they more than makeup for this flaw through their mechanical prowess. His weapons include:

  • Gatling Guns
  • Shotguns
  • Flamethrowers

Artillerists are great for disrupting the flow of a battle by dealing destructive damage through their skills and abilities. 

The Deadeye

Deadeye is a high-risk, high-reward character that likes to fight in the middle of the chaos. Their brash attitude substitutes for good entertainment while you triple wield your way to the enemies’ guts. According to the enemy, a deadeye can automatically choose the best weapon from his arsenal. His guns include weapons like shotguns, double handguns, and a rifle. 

The Sharpshooter

A sharpshooter is a ranger that wields mechanical bows and arrows that can do more than pierce the enemy. They have great agility and range, which can be used to deal with constant damage with high chances of survivability. 

A Sharpshooter can also utilize skills like stealth and can discern possible weak spots of various bosses. While this traditional fighter does not promise constant DPS, it can still cause many ruckuses within the enemy ranks. This variant has no exploitable weakness besides its slightly lower DPS. 

Lost Ark: Assassin Class

The Assassin is a stealth-oriented class that enables you to decapacitate your opponent by inflicting deadly burst skills and attacks. They possess high agility and movement speed. On top of that, they are extremely fun to play but are hard to maneuver. Their skillset makes them great for roguelike attacks and speedy retreats. 

Assassins also specialize in ranged attacks by using their throwing skills. This class has an upgrade path leaning towards demonism, granting assassins the option to go multi-bladed. These mysterious melee butchers are the perfect class to perform quick and colorful attacks. 

You get to choose between the Shadowhunter and Deathblade for your class advancement. One focuses more on the demonic power, while the other is a dual-blade wielder.  While both are extremely fun to play, it ultimately boils down to your playstyle. 

The Shadowhunter

Shadowhunters possess the innate ability to shapeshift into powerful demonic forms and unleash chaotic power. They deal high amounts of damage while trying to get on top of the enemy’s heads. Their speed and damage scale exceptionally well with levels that allow them to use powerful abilities at enemies to inflict lethal damage. 

Shadowhunters can slash through enemies by launching their weapons forward. The demonic form is relentless in its mayhem and boasts high destructive power and combat ability. They basically work on the notion of chaos and are valuable assets for their parties. 

The Deathblade

Deathblades are dual-wielding blade dancers that specialize in sword combat. Their arsenal consists of three swords with repeated weapon switches. The light dual swords and longswords overpower enemies. These assassins have a fast-paced playstyle and are relentless in their attacks and abilities. Compared to a Shadowhunter, the Deathblade class specializes in its fast-paced combos.

Deathblades have low HP bars. Therefore, it is recommended to retreat temporarily after weaving in your combos. They possess abilities like Soul Absorber and Blitz Rush to quickly deal high damage while still having the opportunity to retreat at a safer distance. In PvP combat, Deathblades are considered a menace due to their slippery yet lethal playstyle that can render most combat classes useless in a pure duel. 

All in all, Lost Ark gives you multiple options for choosing a class. Almost every class has particular areas they excel at. Therefore, everything boils down to your playstyle. Depending on how you approach the game, the mentioned classes can keep you entertained for years.