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How Many Satchels Does It Take for a Tool Cupboard?

How Many Satchels Does It Take for a Tool Cupboard?

There is a multitude of methodologies to ruin opponents’ day in Rust. However, nothing can get close to beating the BM that comes with using Satchel Charges. Don’t get us wrong, they’re good! But how do they fare against a Tool Cupboard?

Satchel Charge is a try or die method that feels great when it works but it sucks when it doesn’t. While the latter has a higher chance of occurring, it doesn’t make the Satchel Charge a bad item overall. It can destroy most player-made structures as long as you have patience. 

Speaking of patience, it will take a single Satchel Charge to destroy a Tool Cupboard. The number doesn’t go any higher unless you encounter a dud. There is no specific weak side to the cupboard, thereby making it a somewhat viable purchase.

Needless to say, you cannot raid the enemy base with Satchel Charges if you don’t know how to make one. Therefore, it is time to channel the destructiveness of a Satchel Charge towards your capable hands. 

Satchel Charges

There is no shortage of unreliable tools and equipment in the outskirts of Rust. However, nothing comes remotely close to the suspense a Satchel Charge provides before failing to ignite. These man-made raiding tools are used to destroy player-made buildings. 

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The more buildings you destroy, the better it is in Rust, but you still need the spare time to loot them. A Satchel Charge becomes armed whenever placed and has a random timer till detonation. 

There is a particle chance of the Satchel turning out to be a dud. In that case, you can simply pick it up and re-arm it. 

How to Obtain Satchel Charges

Satchel charges can be obtained from any crate in the game. While it is possible to find some randomly attached to your doorstep, it is generally considered a “moments before disaster” instead. 

With that said, here is how you can obtain a Satchel Charge without crafting one:

Supply Drop229 %
Sunken Chest11 %
Crate11 %
Underwater Lab Blue Crate11 %
Oil Rig Scientist10.2 %
Patrol Scientist10.2 %
Arctic Scientist10.2 %
Military Base Scientist10.2 %
Cargo Ship Scientist10.2 %
Excavator Scientist10.2 %
Underwater Dweller10.2 %
Tunnel Dweller10.2 %

Source: Rust Labs

How to Craft Satchel Charges

Supply drops can be hard to get while other sources have extremely low chances of dropping a Satchel Charge. You can either choose to bet everything on regular Crates or you can do the effort to make your own Satchel Charges. 

With that said, here are the materials needed to get started:

Icon NameQtyHow to Obtain
Rope1 ftCan be often found in barrels near the sewing kits. You can recycle them to obtain more rope!
Sulfur480Can be found in its ore form in sulfur nodes. However, it needs to be smelt in a furnace before use.
Charcoal720Is the byproduct of wood after the smelting process. Keep as much as you can. It’s really useful in late-game. 
Cloth10Can be farmed with hemp and hemp seeds. The easiest way to farm it is by implementing planters. 
Metal Fragments80Smelted from Metal Ores and can be extracted by a Giant Excavator in bulk.

Once you’ve gathered all the required materials, it is finally time to being the crafting process. Here is how you can craft a Satchel Charge:

  • Create 240 Gunpowder by mixing 480 Sulfur with 720 Charcoal on a Level 1 workbench. 
  • Use 10 Cloth to create a Small Stash and gather the Beancan Grenade and Satchel Charge Blueprints. 
  • Now, add 240 Gunpowder with 80 Metal Fragments on a Workbench to make 4 Beancan Grenades. 
  • Finally, add the 4 Beancan Grenades with a Small Stash and 1 ft Rope on a workbench to create a Satchel Charge. 

Tool Cupboards in Rust

These cupboards are generally used for limiting building upgrades for unauthorized players. In simpler terms, a Tool Cupboard prevents people from upgrading building blocks and moving deployables within the Cupboard’s range. You can press the E button to authorize yourself.

However, there is an easier way of bypassing this security measure. No Tool Cupboard can get in your way if you blow it up before it can do anything. Luckily, the Tool Cupboard has extremely low HP and is vulnerable to many kinds of damage.

How to Craft a Tool Cupboard

Unlike a Satchel Charge, the Tool Cupboard is rather easy to craft. This can come in handy if your previous one get’s destroyed during an enemy raid. With that said, here is how you can craft a Tool Cupboard:

Tool Cupboard Blueprintx 10007–30 sec

It is also extremely useful when you lack the necessary inventory space to store lots of wood. Simply add lots of Tool Cupboards in the crafting queue and cancel the very first one as soon as it’s about to craft. Doing so will reset the entire timer.

Should You Use a Satchel Charge to Destroy a Tool Cupboard?

It all boils down to your current game state. For example, if you have unlocked cheaper but better equipment, then crafting Satchel Charges might feel time-consuming and unnecessary. 

For the early and mid-game folks, a Satchel Charge is a great raiding tool since it can be made by Work Bench Level one and costs less compared to a Timed Explosive Charge.

While there are chances of encountering duds, the overall cost is still comparatively lower than most raiding tools. You will be hearing a high-pitched sizzle before they dud or explode.

All in all, one Satchel can be enough to destroy a Tool Cupboard. However, it is always recommended to pack some extra charges in case the first one turns out to be a dud. 

Needless to say, you can use bullets and other raiding tools to break the Cupboard in case of failure.