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How to Get the Item in Elden Ring’s Starting Area

How to Get the Item in Elden Ring’s Starting Area

Elden Ring features wide avenues for exploration and experimentation. This trend is set in stone as soon as you begin the optional tutorial. It is your starting place, and clearing it allows you to let loose on the world of Elden Ring. However, did you know that the tutorial houses a dark secret?

If you are an explorer by heart, chances are you’ve already seen an item lying inside the training area. However, you could not get your hands on it because of the height difference. 

The item in the tutorial cave can only be accessed once you leave the training area and find a steed. This hidden cave can then later be accessed again to retrieve the item.


While you can strike out independently and concoct your solution if you want a more structural solution, here is everything you need to do. 

How to Get Tutorial Items in Elden Ring

It is worth understanding that you won’t be getting the item in your beginner’s tutorial. Therefore, give up on it for the time being. There are some prerequisites you need to fulfill to claim it at a later date. 

Get a Steed for Yourself

You will need a steed to get the job started. Therefore, make sure to follow the steps mentioned below:

  • Follow Melina to a Site of Grace. It will take three overland Sites of Grace before you can expect your steed.
  • Talk to Melina and accept her offer to receive the Spectral Steel Whistle. This quest can be done whenever you want. 

You will get a steed called Torrent, the main mount in Elden Ring, and will follow you for most of your journey.

Head Back to The Tutorial Cave

Once ready with your steed, head southeast from the stranded graveyard. Continue following the route till you can find a point to descend safely to the beach. There will be a hidden entrance here that can be used to enter the Tutorial Cave again. 

You can use Torrent to descend as safely as possible. While it is common to die a lot in Elden Ring, unlike popular belief, you don’t need to die in every step. Therefore, try to make this as peaceful as possible (for your good).

How To Find The Tutorial Item


Once you’ve reached the cave entrance, head inside and follow the pathway, the route will take you to the tutorial cave, and you will have the mysterious item within your reach. It is a Haligdrake Talisman that improves damage negation from Holy Attacks. 


All in all, picking this item up is completely worth it. The main reason is that you will not be spending any special effort aside from heading to the cave. You will inevitably gain the steed in the early stages of the main storyline. Holy damage negation can go a long way in protecting you through the early enemies in Elden Ring.