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How Many Satchels Do You Need for a Garage Door in Rust?

How Many Satchels Do You Need for a Garage Door in Rust?

Being a strong deployable structure in Rust, there are not many objects that can take a garage door down. However, this does not apply to satchels as they are great at blowing up tough structures. Satchels can be used to destroy a lot of buildings that would otherwise need a ton of ammo to be taken down.

While this is good news for many players, it also means that you should have a general idea about the number of satchels needed to blow up those lovely doors. Therefore we will be showing you the general number of satchels you need for this endeavor.

It takes a total number of 9 working satchels to destroy a garage door in Rust. While this number may seem less compared to a stone wall, it does make quite a bit of sense since the door is meant to be one of the weaker entry points into a building.

While using the satchels might not be the fastest way to destroy the garage door, it certainly does its job just right. You can also use a single rocket and C4 if you are in a hurry. Here’s everything you need to know about satchels and garage doors.

Rust Satchel Charge Infographic

What Are Satchels in Rust?

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A Satchel Charge can be considered as an unreliable raiding tool used in Rust to destroy player-made buildings. The main purpose of doing this is to loot the bases of your opponents. However, what goes around comes around. So, you’ll have to protect your own base from advances like these too.

Satchel Charges have a certain dud threshold. Meaning, they might or might not work leading to a dire need for them to be re-ignited. The time taken for a satchel charge to blow up is random so there is no realistic way to find out the exact time of detonation. 

This also means that they can blow up instantly. In this case, you will have to run away as far as possible in order to escape the area of effect. While this time can be quite concise, you can run away if you react promptly.

In Rust, satchels are mainly used as a last resort or to teabag your opponents in certain cases. They can take about 40 seconds to craft and are relatively expensive considering the amount of damage they are able to do. 

Here are the raw materials needed to make a Satchel in Rust:

  • 480 Sulfur to make Gunpowder.
  • 720 Charcoal to make Gunpowder.
  • 80 Metal Fragments to make Beancan Grenades.
  • 10 Cloth to make Small Stash.
  • 1 Rope.
  • The necessary Wood needed to smelt ores in the Furnace.

What are Garage Doors in Rust?

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In simple terms, a Garage Door is a deployable structure in Rust that can be placed within a wall frame. The main job of a Garage Door is to function as a vertically opening door. This structure lacks any wings making opening and closing costless. No extra space is required for the actions either. The garage door is resistant against a bullet, melee, and fire damage.

But there are ways to take it down. You could shove a rocket to take down most of its HP only to have C4 deal the finishing blow. You could also riddle it with Satchel Charges in hopes of making a grand entrance. Whatever you choose to do, make sure to not stand too close to it or you will be affected by the AOE splash damage.

The garage doors in Rust are easy to craft but can be expensive depending on the resources you have at hand. With that said, here are the materials needed to craft a Garage Door in Rust:

  • 300 Metal Fragments
  • 2 Gear

These doors have a durability of 600 and need 150 explosive 5.56 rifle ammo at average to take down. There are no weak sides to a garage door which can make them pretty annoying to destroy. Therefore make sure to do it if your opportunity window is big enough. 

What Is The Number of Satchels Needed to Destroy a Garage Door in Rust

It takes a total of 9 satchels to destroy a garage door. Since there is no weak side on a garage door, you cannot use specific planting locations to reduce that number. Do note that the dud percentage can make you use more than 9 Satchel Charges. Therefore, keep an extra stack with you just in case. 

The easiest way to get satchels is by going into tier 2 and using the BP tree. This can be somewhat expensive but it is well worth it considering the unneeded hassle that comes free of cost with other methods. This method also works for consoles. You just have to tech tree them and you are good to go. 

Cheapest Way to Break Structures in Rust

Here is how you can destroy buildings in Rust without paying much:

  • Wooden Door: 18 explosive rounds = 450 sulfur
  • Sheet Metal Door: 63 explosive rounds = 1575 sulfur
  • Garage Door: 1 C4 + 40 explosive rounds = 3200 sulfur
  • Stone Wall: 2 C4 = 4400 sulfur, but 1 C4, 82 explosive rounds has a similar cost of 4250 sulfur.
  • Wooden Wall: 48 explosive rounds = 1200 sulfur
  • Metal Wall: 3 C4 + 70 explosive rounds = 8350 sulfur
  • Armored Wall: 7 C4 + 30 explosive rounds = 16,150 sulfur
  • Vending Machine: 2 C4 + 60 explosive rounds = 6900 sulfur
  • Metal Shop Front or Reinforced Window Bars (same strength): 3 C4 = 6600 sulfur, but 2 C4 + 80 explosive rounds has a similar cost of 6400 sulfur
  • Reinforced Glass Window or Armored Door (same strength): 2 C4 = 4400 sulfur
  • Tool Cupboard: 9 explosive rounds = 225 sulfur

All in all, that is how you can destroy garage doors in Rust. Using only Satchel Charges can come at a cost that is much higher than necessary. However, go for whatever you find joy in. Rust lets you use a wide range of options to build and destroy with. Use them to your advantage and you will be set on a path to success.