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How to Stop Slimes from Spawning in Minecraft

How to Stop Slimes from Spawning in Minecraft

The expansive sandbox of Minecraft houses many unique creatures and mobs. Most such creatures are found naturally in specific biomes. Slime is a mob that waits to attack any enemy it sees. It lunges at them and refuses to let go until it gets what it wants. 

These persistent little fellows can be a point of annoyance if left at their own devices. Tracking such sinister mobs can be tough, especially if they spawn in your main backyard. 

Slimes can be stopped from spawning in a specific area by lining the flooring with transparent blocks. These include:

  • Barriers
  • Ice
  • Glass
  • Beacons, etc

However, implementing this quick solution takes a lot of time and effort. Therefore, it might not be the best way to eliminate Slime rain. With that said, this article will cover detailed methodologies to stop Slimes from spawning in Minecraft. 

What Are Slimes In Minecraft?

Slimes are bouncy hostile mobs that spawn in the deep underground and night swamp biomes. They move by hopping and can swim in the water, climb ladders, and perform scaffolding. Whenever a larger Slime dies, it spawns 2-4 smaller versions of itself.

This can be calculated by dividing its size by 2. Make sure to round the resultant value for a correct estimate.

What is Slime Chunks?

Chunks are general 384-block-tall segments of a Minecraft world. The game engine processes in chunks since a Minecraft world is too big to manage. Slimes spawn in certain chunks. A batch of Slimes may spawn in one out of every 10 chunks. 

Are you worried about Drowneds spawning in your base? Here’s a quick guide to help you eliminate that pesky issue.

How Does a Slime Spawn?

Slimes only spawn in the Overworld in the mentioned chunks. They will eventually despawn if the distance between the player and Slime tops the 32-block threshold. However, a Slime will spawn instantly if the distance increases to 44 blocks. 

The game checks the following two factors before spawning a Slime:

  • Light level is equal to or less than a random integer from 0 to 7.
  • If the bright moon fraction exceeds a random integer from 0 to 1. 

Slimes have more chances to spawn during a full moon due to inflated luminosity levels. Once the mentioned conditions are met, there is a 50% chance of a successful Slime spawn. 

How to Prevent Slimes from Spawning

While having multiple Slimes around you is not that big of a problem, it can still get bothersome with time. You won’t want a Slime ruining your state of art farming mechanisms and vice versa. 

With that said, you can try a few remedies to alleviate the spawning issue. Some of these are mentioned below:

Replace Grass With Leaf Blocks 

Slimes cannot spawn on leaf blocks, no matter what. This garners a good opportunity to replace your grass patches with Leaf blocks in the affected Slime Chunks. 

Removing the grass with nothing on top will look out of place. Therefore, adding Leaf blocks can hide most of the anti-Slime treatment. 

Carpet Your Floors With Glass

Dig a block deeper than you normally would and place glass blocks in the empty compartments. Slimes will not spawn on transparent surfaces, so it is easier to eliminate Slime chunks using this method. 

Use Bottom Half Slabs

Simply place wooden slabs around the area to neutralize a spawn chunk. There are multiple colored variants of a slab. Therefore, it is easier to place them without ruining the aesthetic. You can create a bottom slab by placing your slab on top of a block with the lower half on the side surface. 

Use Commands

The easiest way to stop Slime chunks from spawning Slimes is using the commands suite to disable such activities. Simply type the following code in the chat:

/give @s repeating_command_block

Right-click the purple block in your inventory and type the following code:

/kill @e[type=Slime]

You can choose the active duration according to your tastes. For example, if you want to run it indefinitely, you can set it to always active. 

Increase the Area’s Height

Slimes only spawn at a vertical height level of under 40, so if your base is above that level, then Slimes will not spawn in it. This can be easy if you are working on a brand-new construction. 

However, changing the height of a finished masterpiece is easier said than done. Therefore, follow the mentioned steps unless you’re all about that subterranean life.

Where Do Slimes Spawn In Minecraft?

Slimes are generally easy to find in locations with lower altitudes. Therefore, it is recommended not to build your base in the following areas:

  • Underground Caves: Slimes can be found under a vertical height of 40 or lower. Therefore, it is relatively easy to encounter these mobs in underground caves.
  • Swamp Biomes: Building anything in the swamp biome is like blanketing yourself with Slimes. These mobs spawn at night and patrol the area to find any likely targets. 
  • Chunkbases: There is an online tool called Chunkbase that can help you find the likely locations for a Slime chunk in your Minecraft world. Go to the Slime Finder Tool and enter your World’s seed and the respective Minecraft version. You can use the “/seed” command in the chatbox to find your world seed. 

That said, it is possible to find pre-neutralized Slime chunks due to the height and luminosity limitations. Therefore, don’t hesitate to explore till you find a suitable spot. 

All in all, you need a decent Slime-proof blanket to stop them from spawning. Alternatively, harvest them to gain Slime balls for your Redstone adventures.

 If you have chosen to go for the Slime despawn option, make sure to re-enable it later to farm Slime balls. However, learning how to build Redstone Contraptions can take time.