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How to Get to Blighttown in Dark Souls (Easy Guide)

How to Get to Blighttown in Dark Souls (Easy Guide)

Adventuring and dying go hand in hand in all of FromSoftware’s titles, but what makes them unique is their style of exploration and pathfinding. There are plenty of surprises still left undiscovered in the original Dark Souls. 

Blighttown is an arduous area filled with lots of thorny paths and evil monsters. However, the journey to reach there is a bigger pain in the butt. However, this will not affect your mental due to the constant deaths and sufferings you’ve gone through to make it here.

Blighttown can only be accessed through the Depths or the Valley of Drakes, both being extremely dangerous and intimidating. However, it is the necessary key to unlocking a major chunk of the game. 

Dark Souls features multiple routes that can lead you to Blighttown. However, it is better to prepare for the journey ahead, before walking on the path.

How To Prepare For Blighttown

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The Blight Town is a dangerous area that prompts you to stay wide awake at all costs. You will be encountering lots of new enemies along with a constant stream of challenges. As ridiculous as it sounds, you have a genuine chance of dying by falling from heights. 

The area also features lots of jumpscares with poisonous fellows that can take you out in less than two hits. The Blowdart Sniper is a great example of this as it can attack you before you notice. Therefore, it is recommended to purchase the Spider Shield in the Depths before making your way to Blighttown. 

Make sure to pick every item you can find in Blighttown due to their high progression value. Be the judge for yourself and discard any useless junk. 

How To Access Blighttown

There are a total of three routes that lead to Blighttown. We will be mentioning all of them in the comprehensive guide below:

The Depths Route

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The entrance of Blighttown is located near the Domhnall of Zena. He is an adventurer from historical Zena that can be found selling unique items, armor, and crystal weapons. However, reaching him and the entrance will require you to find a Key,

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This Key will be the reward for defeating the boss of the Depths known as the Gaping Dragon. Make sure to take out the channeler before fighting him to ensure an easier victory. But then again, who are we kidding? It’s Dark Souls, so try not to die too much alright?

Depth’s door to Blighttown

You will need to take the first right from the hallway of the sewer bonfire. From there, go down and look for a hidden ladder. Proceed onto it and continue on a long stairway till you find a broken metal fence across the room. Use your key to unlock it, after which, you will be in Blighttown. This is only a one-way trip and you won’t be able to return from the same door.

The Darkroot Basin Route


This path follows after the death of the Minotaur-Esque fellow known as the Taurus Demon. He is usually found on the top of the wall in the Undead Burg towards your way to Undead Parish. Use the Gold Pine Resin to lower the difficulty level of this fight.

Once the Taurus Demon has been defeated, head to the Andre of Astora and continue your journey from there. He can be found in the basement of the old church that connects the Undead Parish with the Darkroot Garden.

Undead Parish to Blighttown

Take the old church route to the Darkroot Garden and turn right. Continue moving till you reach the very bottom of the Darkroot Basin. Try to locate a Black Knight near a Cliff. You don’t need to engage him in a battle. Instead, take the cave’s elevator to the Valley of Drakes. 

Follow the pathway while battling the drakes. Take extra care of keeping track of your footwork since falling won’t do you any good. With that said, walk through the valley till you manage to successfully reach Blightttown. This route is generally shorter but much more difficult. 

You can take your time fighting the drakes, but it is recommended to run since dying is pretty common out here. 

The New Londo Ruins Route


Once you reach the Valley of Drakes, you will have two paths to follow. You can either follow the Darkroot Basin or choose the New Londo Ruins. With that said, here is how this route works.

Once you reach the entrance, enter the cave and process till you reach the end of the wooden platform. You will be able to spot a key on your left. It will be fixated on a chest and can be acquired by clicking on it. Head to the wooden bridge close by and reach the New Londo Ruins. 

New Londo Ruins to Blighttown

Use your key to open the gate to New Londo Ruins. Simply head to the elevator as mentioned in the Undead Parish to Blightown route. Alternatively, you can also use the Master Key to open the door. 

Quests in Blighttown

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Once you have reached Blighttown, get ready for a series of adventures and hardships. Therefore, it is a good idea to know what you’ll be facing early on. With that said, here are the available events and quests in Blighttown.

  • The Entrance
    • Down We Go
    • That’s Not A Bee Sting
  • The Upper Walkways
    • Wonky Places
    • Safe Space
    • Hot Dogs
    • Leap of Cool Weapon
  • The Lower Walkways
    • Ninja Please
    • Eagle Shield
    • Glorified Flea Slayer
  • Blighttown Swamp
    • This is My Swamp
    • Invaded
    • Bloodsuckers
    • Hollow Walls
  • Quelaag’s Domain
    • Across The Marsh
    • Enter The Spider’s Lair
  • The Blighttown Bell Tower
    • Ding Dong
    • Your Majesty
    • Possible Detour
  • Leaving Blighttown
    • Finally
    • Stings
    • Final Detour
    • Okay, Actually Finally
  • Back To Firelink Shrine
    • First Steps Out
    • New Londo Stopover
    • No Fire No Cry
    • Rise of Frampt
    • Closest Bonfire

All in all, the journey to Blighttown isn’t that hard. However, it is the path ahead that matters. You should be able to last quite a while with your current gear, but it will only take you so far. Make sure to upgrade your equipment at any chance you get.