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How to Avoid Madness in Elden Ring (

How to Avoid Madness in Elden Ring (

Eldin Ring is full of new poisons and blights, and it can be extremely confusing to know exactly what to do if you start to get near each one. One second, you are good, but then a beast jumps out of nowhere, and you just die from some weird substance in the air. It doesn’t matter what it is; there are ways to avoid getting killed by these blights.

You can avoid Madness in Elden Ring by wearing the Clarifying Horn Charm, Mottled Necklace, the Immunizing Horn Charm, and putting attribute points into Mind. All of these will help you have better immunity to Madness, but it doesn’t completely make you immune.


Remember that Poison and Blights will kill you no matter what; it is up to you to try and find ways to avoid that at all costs. Everything on this list will help boost your immunity to Madness and all other Poisons and Blights you might encounter in the game.

Equip the Clarifying Horn Charm

Location: Found a corpse lying on the stairs leading to the lift going up to the Deep Siofra Well. The upgraded version (+1) is found on a corpse in the middle and on the lowest ruined floor in Nokron, Eternal City.

The player can use it to raise their focus to help resist Sleep and Madness. This is a good Talisman, but it only gives you immunity to 2 things. If it is the only thing you can find, use it. The Mottled Necklace is better at an all-around immunity, but this is better for Sleep and Madness. It is up to you to figure out what you want to use.

Equip the Mottled Necklace

Location: Found at the edge of the ruined bridge leading to Nokron, Eternal City. This area is accessible via Waygate at The Four Belfries. The +1 Version can be found on a corpse on ruined arches overlooking Hallowhorn Grounds in Nokron, Eternal City.


The player can use it to raise their Robustness, Immunity, and Focus. This is probably the best possible immunity Talisman you can get because of everything it does for you. It covers almost every Poison and Blight and is better than any other Charm on this list. If you want something that is all-around good, then try and find this thing. It is amazing.

Equip the Immunizing Horn Charm

Location: Found on one of the corpses in an ant nest in Ainsel River. The +1 variant is found in the Lake of Rot by killing the Ancestral follower South East of the Lake of Rot Shore Grace.

The player can use it to raise their Immunity to show resistance to various poisons and blights, like Madness and Scarlet Rot. We recommend finding the +1 version because it gives you, even more immunity to everything. It is relatively easy to find, so why not get the better version? Yes, the Lake of Rot is annoying, but it helps to have more immunity.

Increase your Mind Attributes

Mind is the main attribute that primarily influences FP, identical to MP or Mana in other titles. The more points in Mind a character has, the larger their focus pool and the more spells they can cast before requiring a recharge. It also influences the Focus Body Stat, improving a player’s resistance to Sleep and Madness effects.

If your Mind attribute is very low, you will have low immunity to everything. If you have the Talismans we mentioned before, it will help you, but having Mind and the Talismans will make your life much better. You should upgrade Mind if you are using a lot of FP also.


If you are a Magic user, you will already have this leveled up a bit and have better immunity to most things. If you have a very low Mind level, you will have difficulty getting through Poison areas or the Frenzied Village that constantly makes Madness buildup in you.