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How to Stop Fat Rolling in Elden Ring (5 Tips)

How to Stop Fat Rolling in Elden Ring (5 Tips)

Fat rolling has always been the main issue in these types of games. Fat rolling is your character taking a very long time to roll out of the way of incoming attacks. If you don’t know what you are doing, you will have a ton of trouble dodging enemy attacks. Many people new to these games ask how to stop fat rolling with your character.

There are 5 main ways to stop fat rolling: take off pieces of your armor, put attribute points into Endurance, use equip load Talismans, wear a lighter armor set, and unequip new gear from your equipment. These are all extremely important and need to be used if you want to roll faster.


If you don’t want to use any of these specific ways, you will have to deal with not rolling and get hit a lot more than you should. You must also get better armor to tank more damage than needed. If you want to know more about each way, keep reading the article.

1. Take off pieces of your armor

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The easiest way to stop fat rolling is to take off pieces of your armor. The most common case is with the Vagabond. You will need to take off your helmet to maximize your rolls, and the armor is good enough that you won’t notice that much of a difference after taking the helmet off. Certain armor sets are heavy, so pay attention to the weight.

If you find heavy armor, make sure to make it easier, and don’t use it until you have the other ways to combat fat rolling on this list. Each one is used to help, but if you use all the ways on this list, you will roll extremely fast and be able to dodge pretty much anything.

2. Put Attribute points into Endurance

Endurance is probably one of the most important attributes in the game. Most people want to put everything into health, not realizing the importance of Endurance. It increases your Stamina and equipment load, making it easier to carry more in your inventory.


We always recommend keeping Health and Endurance at the same level so that you aren’t having any trouble with Stamina usage. Stamina is also really important, so try putting the same or even more into Endurance so that you aren’t struggling to roll with the decent armor set you are trying to use.

3. Use Arsenal Charm/Great-Jar’s Arsenal

There are 2 Talismans that are extremely important if you want to carry a high equipment load on you. The Arsenal Charm and the Great-Jar’s Arsenal are the 2 most important Talismans, increasing your current equipment load. One increases it by 8%, and the other gives about 19%. Each one is vital, but you can’t stack them.

Here are both Arsenal Charms and how to get them:

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Arsenal Charm: Given by Nepheli Loux, who’s at the Roundtable Hold. Her initial location is inside a room near the Secluded Cell site of grace in Stormveil Castle. It’s near the golden fog door that leads to Godrick the Grafted.

When you find her, you must exhaust her dialogues so that she tells you you can call her via a summoning sign to help you battle Godrick. Nepheli moves to the Roundtable Hold after defeating Godrick, and you can find her on the northeast side, inside the library. Simply speak to her, and she’ll give you the talisman.


Great-Jar’s Arsenal: Reward for completing the 3 duelist NPC invasions in Dragonbarrow for The Great-Jar. You can only access this area from the Siofra Deep River Well underground. This area can also be accessed by climbing the roots above the large crystal at the bottom of the valley.

4. Wear a lighter armor set

Wearing a lighter armor set is key if you don’t want to deal with equipment load. Keep your equipment under medium load, and you should be perfectly fine. Keep it there if you go over medium, and don’t let it grow to a heavy load. Heavy loads are where you fat roll and don’t want to be.


If you can’t get a lighter armor set, consider following number 1 and remove some armor pieces. Mixing and matching armor pieces to fit your equipment load best doesn’t hurt. Just make sure you can roll correctly, and you’re golden.

5. Unequip unused gear pieces

One major mistake that starters make is equipping too many pieces of gear in their equipment slots. You can have up to 8 pieces of gear equipped at once, but that doesn’t mean you should equip that many. Every piece you have equipped takes up space, so make sure you only have what you want to use equipped at a time.