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4 Easy Ways To Get Pale Tongues in Dark Souls 3

4 Easy Ways To Get Pale Tongues in Dark Souls 3

Doing repetitive actions to gain XP, points, or certain items can feel needlessly daunting. This feeling hits exceptionally hard whenever the drop rate of the said item is unreasonably low. However, knowing about certain areas and methodologies can help ease the workload on a marginal level. 

The main premise of farming in Dark Souls 3 is quite textbook. The player collects the desired drop by continuously killing an enemy repeatedly until it drops what you want. Depending on your preferences, this grinding experience can be fun or painful. 

Dark Souls 3 houses tons of farmable items, and it takes a decent chunk of your playtime to get them. The 4 ways to get Pale Tongues in Dark Souls 3 are from Darkwraiths, Undead Settlement, Cathedral of the Deep, and the Host of a World.


While this convent item is difficult to find, it is not impossible. We will be taking an in-depth look at the locations discussed above. Therefore, pay close attention to learning the easy ways to get pale tongues in Dark Souls 3.

1. Defeating Darkwraiths

These knights can be found at the bottom side of the lift under the Towe on the Wall bonfire. The bonfire is located in the High Wall of Lothric, which can be found during Leonhard’s quest line. 


You may also find some near the Abyss Watchers’ stronghold near the Farron Keep Perimeter bonfire. Simply head left, and follow the great walls till you find them guarding a coal item. 

Killing these knights early can be particularly hard if you don’t know what you’re dealing with. Therefore, here are the general stats for a Darkwraith:

Stat NameValues
Souls500 – 2500
LocationsHigh Wall of LothricFarron Keep
WeaknessFarron Greatsword

Darkwraiths have a 5% chance of dropping a pale tongue. This makes it an ideal enemy for offline farming. 

2. Exploring the Undead Settlement

Once you finish your fight with the Fire Demon. Do not immediately leave Siegward, and go towards the next destination. Rather, try to explore the hanging corpses for a pale tongue. This might not be a redundant way of continuously farming. However, it is still better than gaining nothing at all. 


Siegward will give you a Siegbrau along with some gestures. You will find two hanging corpses near a low roof on the left side of the open structures. One will have the Pale Tongue, while the other will give you the Northern Set. 

3. Exploring the Cathedral of the Deep

After clearing the Road of Sacrifices, you will step foot in a huge cathedral near Crystal Sage’s ruins. Head close to the second chained giant in the front of the stairs and scout the area to find a Pale Tongue.

The second one can be found at the outside of the upper level of the roof. Simply head to the end of the walkway by the rafters entrance. This method will also grant you a limited amount of pale tongues. Therefore, you should try this out when you need them immediately.  

4. Defeating the Host of a World

This method is much more viable if you are a high-level player. However, there are some prerequisites you need to fulfill. 

  • Be convenantless
  • Be a member of Rosaria’s Fingers

You only need to fill in one of the mentioned criteria to get the Pale Tongue. You will also gain additional benefits and rewards depending on your performance. 


Generally, using the Red Sign Soapstone is considered much more beneficial. That said, you can always use other methods to complete your goal.