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Can You Join All The Factions in Starfield At Once?

Can You Join All The Factions in Starfield At Once?

Welcome to the vast and immersive world of Starfield, where factions play a vital role in shaping your cosmic journey. Each Faction you plan on joining grants you access to different quests and rewards.

Yes, you can join all factions simultaneously, offering a dynamic and immersive gaming experience. But it will be quite hard progressing through quests and challenges, players navigate the universe, choosing sides in crises and unlocking the potential for a unique cosmic journey.


In this article, we’ll delve into the intriguing possibility of joining multiple factions simultaneously and explore the criteria and steps to achieve this in Starfield.

Join All Factions at Once

Factions in Starfield

The answer is a resounding yes! Starfield breaks free from the convention of faction locking, allowing players to join multiple factions concurrently. Whether you’re drawn to the adventurous Crimson Fleet or the influential Ryujin Industries, the Milky Way is your playground!

List of Joinable Factions:

Below is a list of all the factions you can join in Starfield:

  1. Crimson Fleet
  2. Freestar Collective
  3. Ryujin Industries
  4. United Colonies
  5. Vanguard
  6. Constellation

Main Factions

Starfield introduces six major factions, each with its own set of challenges and criteria for entry. The Constellation Faction serves as your starting point, but the universe beckons you to explore more.

To align with the Crimson Fleet, a bit of mischief in United Colonies-controlled areas might be required. It is a sneaky endeavor, indeed.

Minor Factions

Beyond the major players, there are nine minor factions offering additional side quests. From mining companies to religious organizations, Starfield caters to diverse interests. But the game doesn’t really consider working for the missions in these factions as ‘joining them’.

Completing quests for these factions not only enriches your gaming experience but also accelerates your journey with faster leveling and increased interstellar wealth.

How To Join All Factions

Here is what you need to know regarding how to join the joinable factions in Starfield:

1. Technical Feasibility:

  • Starfield’s design allows players to seamlessly join all major factions without conflict.
  • Faction activities operate independently, ensuring a smooth gaming experience.

2. Progression Challenges:

  • As you advance, the United Colonies and Crimson Fleet factions engage in a crisis.
  • The game introduces a dilemma, forcing you to choose sides or employ multiple saves to navigate the turmoil.

3. Initiating Faction Joining:

  • Access the Faction tab in your mission log to reveal faction missions.
  • For the Constellation faction, you automatically join as part of the main quest.
  • Other factions, like the Freestar Collective, require completing tests or quests to gain entry.

4. Immersive Exploration:

  • Factions offer immersive exploration opportunities tied to the game’s lore.
  • Delve into quests and missions for a deeper understanding of the Starfield universe.

Ultimately, the freedom to join multiple factions adds a layer of complexity and excitement to your gaming experience. As you navigate through quests, tests, and crises, the universe unfolds its mysteries, allowing you to carve your unique path among the stars.