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How To Beat The Moon Presence in Bloodborne

How To Beat The Moon Presence in Bloodborne

Moon Presence is the optional final boss in Bloodborne, but it does not live quite up to its name of “final boss”. It will only appear after you have defeated Gehrman, The First Hunter, and consumed at least three of One-Third of Umbilical Cord items.


It might not be the most challenging fight yet diving in headfirst will backfire quickly. We have paid for our mistakes so you don’t have. Follow along with this handy guide and learn the ins and outs of how you can defeat The Moon Presence in Bloodborne.

Fighting The Moon Presence

Moon Presence in Bloodborne

Once you decide that you will not bow down in front of Gehrman and also consume three One Third of Umbilical Cord Parts before defeating him, that’s when the conditions for the Moon Presence fight will be fulfilled. If you have successfully taken down The First Hunter, this boss will be a cakewalk for you.

The Moon Presence in Bloodborne is not a complicated boss. Most of the attacks are straight-forward lunges or swipes though it tends to jump around a lot. You need to factor in its agility when you are fighting it and accommodate your movements accordingly.

This fight is going to be immediately after the Gehrman fight and you will not have a chance to stock up on your supplies. We do recommend dying the first time around and coming back again with all of your battle gear replenished. You can use this opportunity to learn about the boss and its movements.

While this is a relatively easier fight, a few pointers to further ease things never hurt anyone so here goes nothing:

  • The Moon Presence is weak against fire damage. You can use Fire Paper or some other form of fire attack.
  • This boss is particularly vulnerable to Visceral Attacks, making them an effective move to quickly shred through its health.
  • It has two different AoE attacks and it is recommended to not take a hit from both of them and avoid them completely.
  • Both AoE attacks have long recovery times so make sure to utilize this window of opportunity to the fullest extent and deal as much damage as you can.
  • Similar to the previous battle, instead of rolling backward to dodge an attack, roll forward. This way you will end up behind its back and land some hits.

Phase 1

Moon Presence in Bloodborne

The Moon Presence fight in Bloodborne will end in a single phase. So it will be using every type of attack from the start. After the cutscene, the boss will quickly run towards you and try to land a combo. The best way is to roll forward or to the left. That way, you will end up behind it or to the side of its body.

If you are using a quick weapon, your chances of landing multiple hits are significant. If you are wielding a heavy weapon, we suggest you land one or two hits and then take a few steps back because of its swinging tail. Moon Presence will swing its tail and knock you off your feet.

So don’t linger behind its back for too long. It can also swiftly jump backward to avoid your ongoing combo. Somewhere during the battle, it will start using its AoE attacks. The first one is where it summons a purple cloud over its head and then explodes to spread blood all over the area.

If you get splashed by the blood, you will be unable to heal for a short period of time. The second type is when it radiates a red wave from its head. If you get hit by a wave, your HP will drop down 1. You will not die but you either have to heal yourself or start landing hits on the boss to get your health back using Regain.

Fortunately, both of the attacks are telegraphed and there is ample time for you to take a couple of steps back. While these are the most troublesome attacks, they have the longest recovery time. After successfully avoiding it, run toward the boss and go ham. You will be able to deal a significant amount of damage before you have to step back again.

Keep yourself healed up and hacking away at the Moon Presence. The fight will be over in a jiffy.


During the Moon Presence fight in Bloodborne, you will be dealing with the following attacks:

  • Jump Attack: It will jump in the air and try to smash you with its landing.
    • Reaction: Roll either left or right to dodge the attack.
  • Swipe: Instead of using its hands, it will use its tentacles to do a generic swipe attack.
    • Reaction: If you time it perfectly, you can avoid this attack by rolling forward. If not, you can also roll backward to dodge it.
  • Grab Attack: This attack usually comes after the Swipe attack. The boss will jump towards you and try to grab you. If you do get grabbed, you will take damage and also get knocked down.
    • Reaction: Wait for the boss to come close and roll to either side to dodge it.
  • Blood Moon: This is an AoE attack where it will summon blood rain and if you get splashed, you will be unable to heal for 20 seconds. There are two variations of this attack. Either it will summon an Orb or it will gather clouds. The orb is faster and the clouds take time.
    • Reaction: Run backward and immediately run towards the boss to attack after it has passed.
  • Gaze of the Moon: It will release a blast of energy from its head. If you get hit, you will lose all of your HP but you will not die.
    • Reaction: You either have to run back and heal or hit the boss multiple times to get your health back. This is a difficult attack to dodge so you can tank it and regain your health by using the latter method.

How to Cheese The Moon Presence in Bloodborne

Moon Presence in Bloodborne

The cheese strategy for the Moon Presence fight in Bloodborne is quite similar to the Gehrman fight. You just have to lure it into the corner, near the entrance of the arena. Once it is backed up against the wall, it will not have enough space to dodge your attacks and you can easily deal tons of damage and only step back when an attack comes your way.

It might take some getting used to but once you get the hang of it, the fight will end even quicker. Use Fire Damage to do it even more quickly.

Rewards For Defeating The Moon Presence

Moon Presence in Bloodborne

Defeating this optional final boss, The Moon Presence in Bloodborne will reward you with 230,000 Blood Echoes. And you will achieve the True Ending in Bloodborne.