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How To Beat Simon Manus, The Arm of God in Lies of P

How To Beat Simon Manus, The Arm of God in Lies of P

Situated within the Arche Abbey, the battle with Simon Manus, The Arm of God promises both familiarity and novelty across its two distinctive phases. The goal remains clear: put an end to the puppet frenzy orchestrated by Manus.

To conquer Simon Manus, The Arm of God in Lies of P, equip Acid-based weapons, prioritize Acid Grindstones, and summon a Specter. Phase 1 demands strategic dodging and attack windows, while Phase 2 necessitates Acid exploitation, precise dodging of magical onslaughts, and a blend of blocking and attacking.


In this comprehensive guide, I will walk you through each phase and suggest the best strategy for beating Simon Manus, The Arm of God in Lies of P.

Phase 1

The Arm of God

Simon Manus, armed with a colossal mace, unleashes a variety of attacks, including side-to-side sweeps, overhead slams, and long-range jabs. I crucially observed his posture becoming paramount, acting as a visual cue for impending attacks.

Moreover, I dodged strategically to avoid jabs and slams, and dash towards him during sweeps. Additionally, I did a few special moves, such as electrically charged slams and vortex creation, require additional attention.

Executing a Safe Strategy

Bait and PunishObserve basic attacks, bait them out, and retaliate with well-timed assaults.
Avoid Special AttacksStay vigilant for rare special attacks, dodging or moving away to minimize damage.
Maintain DistanceKeep a moderate distance for effective anticipation and strategic repositioning.
Perfect Guard Grindstone (Optional)Utilize the Perfect Guard Grindstone to build stagger halfway through the fight, being wary of possible counters.

In the heat of battle, I employed a bait-and-punish tactic. I baited Manus’s basic attacks, dodged with precision, and retaliated with well-timed heavy assaults. Staying vigilant, I avoided rare special attacks, maintaining a strategic distance while keeping an eye on Manus’s combo-ending cues.

Phase 2

 Manus's Magical Onslaught

Prepare for Manus’s enhanced abilities by equipping Acid-based weapons and items to exploit his newfound weakness.

Interestingly, a well-chosen arsenal includes Acid Abrasives, Acid Grindstones, and the formidable Acidic Crystal Spear. Specter users, enhance your support by equipping the Friendship Wishstone.

Navigating Manus’s Magical Onslaught

The Nameless Puppet’s attacks became faster and more intricate, demanding precise timing and strategic movement. I adjusted to the heightened speed, dodging the slash combos, anticipating aerial assaults, and countering with parries when possible.

Fireball ArrayMaintain awareness of the returning fireballs, adjusting your position accordingly. Dodge the initial array and be cautious as they return.
Skyward FireballSwift movement is key to dodging projectiles unleashed from the skyward fireball. Run away to avoid projectiles from the charged fireball.
Magic BlastsRunning perpendicular to the projectiles ensures successful evasion. Evade strafing dash and magic blasts with lateral movement.
Ground VortexStrategic movement away from the vortex’s center is crucial to avoid sustained damage. Dodge the pillar of energy and move away until it dissipates.
Magic BoltsWell-timed dashes through magic bolts prevent unnecessary damage. Dash through magic bolts, utilizing precise timing.
Air WaveDodge the initial array and be cautious as they return.
Vortex ExplosionSwift retreat from the vortex’s center is essential to avoid the impending explosion.

I utilized the Electric Coil Stick, a weapon infused with shock damage, to maximize my impact. Remaining defensive yet seizing opportunities, I navigated through the intensified dance of blades.

Moreover, as Manus unleashed magical attacks in phase two, I navigated through fireball arrays, dodged skyward fireballs, and evaded magic blasts by skillfully strafing. Moreover, my movements were calculated, ensuring minimal damage during the onslaught.


Maintain DistanceStand just outside melee range, offering flexibility for strategic maneuvers such as dodging, running, or attacking.
Incorporate BlockingDue to increased attacks and range, mix blocking with dodging, using it judiciously to minimize damage.
Exploit Attack WindowsCapitalize on cues signaling the end of Manus’s combos, seizing the opportunity to deal substantial damage.
Perfect Guard Grindstone (Optional)Similar to phase one, consider using Perfect Guard Grindstone strategically, mindful of Manus’s potential counterattacks.

Lastly, maintaining a strategic distance, I stood just outside melee range, offering flexibility for dodging and attacking. I strategically chipped away at Manus’s health by incorporating blocking and exploiting attack windows.

Additionally, I considered the optional Perfect Guard Grindstone, using it judiciously to build a stagger.


My perseverance paid off as I defeated Simon Manus. Upon defeating Simon, a pivotal conversation unfolds where you decide Sophia’s fate. Your hard-fought triumph yields rewards, including:

  • 18,153 Ergo
  • Fallen One’s Ergo
  • The Coveted Arm of God Key Item.

Ultimately, navigating Simon Manus’s attack patterns, adapting seamlessly to each phase, and leveraging strategic item usage form the pillars of success in Lies of P.

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