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How To Beat The Adjudicator in Demon’s Souls

How To Beat The Adjudicator in Demon’s Souls

The Adjudicator in Demon’s Souls is another boss-level threat that you will be wiping from existence while fighting the deadly demonic plague. This is going to be one of the easier ones to take down if you know how to master the shadows in the art of war.

This fight is very odd, but if you can take advantage of the boss’s weaknesses, then it becomes a very easy fight.


Let’s cut right to the chase and learn everything there is to know about the Adjudicator so we can bring him down for good.

Fighting the Adjudicator

Fighting the Adjudicator

Underestimate the Adjudicator, and he will lick the soul out of your body, literally. This gargantuan beast wields a cleaver, but the star of the show is his deadly tongue.

His tongue has immense reach and destructive capabilities which is something you will not be anticipating. Though the arena is multi-leveled and the boss is at the bottom, still his tongue will reach you, wherever you are.

Before you take on this beast, here are a couple of things you should take into account:

  • Hitting him anywhere on his body, except the bird on his head, will not deal any sort of damage.
  • He is weak against magic so bring some spells to end the fight even quicker.
  • There is a blade wedged to the underside of his belly. Hitting it multiple times with a melee weapon will cause him to stagger and fall to his knees.


The Adjudicator has a basic moveset with the exception of one attack. Here is everything you need to look out for:

  • Cleaver Swipe: If you are in close proximity to the boss, he will use the cleaver in his right hand to perform a sideways swipe.
  • Reaction: You can dodge roll to easily avoid it.
  • Tongue Attack: He will use his tongue as a whip to both destroy you and the platform you are standing you.
  • Reaction: Roll left or right based on which side has more room to move around.


The strategy to take the Adjudicator down is going to vary depending on the kind of attacks you bring to the battle. If you are rolling like a spartan and prefer some hand-to-hand combat, then here is what you should be doing.


You can not physically hurt the boss anywhere else except for the bird on his head. But due to his giant stature, you will not be able to reach the top with a physical weapon. You have to either get up there with a ladder or bring him down to your level.

Melee Strat 1

The latter is a possibility. As soon as the fight starts, it is best to use the stairs on your right to get down to the lowest level and get close to the boss. Give it a quick second to use his cleaver swipe, and after that, focus all of your energy on the blade wedged into his body.

Melee Strat 2

A couple of powerful strikes will make him stagger, and he will fall down. This is your moment when you have direct access to his weak spot, which is the bird on his head. Time is of the essence, and you need to make every hit count.

Attack him with all of your might, and if you have a powerful enough weapon, you will end the battle then and there without giving him a chance to get up again.


The story unfolds a little differently if you have ranged magic spells. Staying on any higher level will eventually catch up to you because the boss is going to lick them clean.

You can take your time to run around after attacking his head and immediately changing location. Attacking his head chips down his health pretty quick and you will have the last laugh within no time.

How to Cheese the Adjudicator

How to Cheese the Adjudicator

There is a quick and simple way to kill the Adjudicator without losing a single point of your HP. The only requirement here is to have magic spells. Here is how you can do it.

As soon you run down the stairs on your right, drop down the ledge and hide behind the pillar. Correct positioning will keep you safe from the tongue. Once he is done with his attack, get out of the cover and launch as many magic attacks as you can on him.

After two or three hits, run back behind the pillar and repeat the process. You will be down before even he has a chance to destroy the level you are currently on.

Rewards for Defeating Adjudicator

Slaying the Adjudicator in Demon’s Souls will get you the following rewards:

  • x1 Swollen Demon’s Soul.
  • x11700 Souls.
  • +45% White World Tendency.

This wraps up your battle with the Adjudicator in Demon’s Souls. The trick to any battle is to exploit the weakness and hit it hard until it hurts like hell. Happy Slaying!