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Is Hogwarts Legacy Boring? 6 Things To Know

Is Hogwarts Legacy Boring? 6 Things To Know

The newest Hogwarts Simulator for muggle-born fellows has finally hit the shelves, but before you buy, you might have your concerns if the game truly lives up to the hype. Is Hogwarts Legacy boring? Not quite. Here’s why.

Hogwarts Legacy is not a boring game mainly because there is soo much you can do in it like building your own characters, exploring the castle, making new friends, and finding better gear for your character.

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1. Your Own Adventure

Architecture - Hogwarts Legacy

Hogwarts Legacy isn’t based on the books as one would normally expect. It’s a standalone narrative developed by Avalanche. But it features memorable characters that had long since passed away.

You get to make your own custom character as a Wizard that makes a pretty late entry to Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. But they’re incredibly talented from the get-go and able to master spells on the fly. But they have another trick up their sleeve and it’s ancient magic!

2. World Building

Hogwarts Legacy Boring

Hogwarts Legacy finally does something right with the incredibly massive open world. Previous Harry Potter titles featured linear stories and map sections but things take a drastic turn here. You can finally fly around on your broomstick outside of Hogwarts and visit the village of Hogsmeade and the Forbidden Forest.

Avalanche really nailed the landscape and architectural design of Hogwarts and its surrounding vicinities. This makes for an incredibly immersive Hogwarts experience. Something that we’d been waiting for years.

3. Hippogriffs!

Onyx Hippogriff

Hogwarts Legacy finally features rideable mounts and mythical creatures that can reach the skies. So far, the game allows you to collect up to 4 rideable mounts, some obtained through the base game, while others are available through pre-order or the deluxe edition.

4. Incredible Gear

Gear- Hogwarts Legacy Boring?

We didn’t expect Hogwarts Legacy to pump out some incredible gear. Each piece of gear offers a particular defensive or offensive stat. You can head over to the Room of Requirement and upgrade your gear using Loom. 

But that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Numerous chests allow you to obtain random loot throughout the game. Just a quick note here. Your best bet to obtain Legendary Loot is to be on the lookout for Big Chests.

5. Immersion!

No Hud

Hogwarts Legacy, like any well-rounded RPG, does one thing just right, and it’s immersion. If you aren’t a fan of the HUD for any reason, that’s not a problem. You can disable the HUD from the Menu Screen and make your Wizarding experience all the more immersive.

But if you still need some pointers in the game world, HUD customization is ample, allowing users to tinker with their damage numbers, remove the mini-map, enable or disable the magic meter, and get rid of those annoying level-up notifications.

6. Challenges Tab

Challenges Tab

If you feel that Hogwarts Legacy is rather stingy when it comes to in-game items and rewards for completing challenges. Then, we’re sorry you still haven’t figured it out yet. The game’s reward system is pretty good but you have to manually claim your reward in the Challenges Tab.

You should always check out the Challenges Tab. It’s a tiny step towards obtaining game-changing gear. But all in all, it’s pretty much worth the hassle after painstakingly finishing a grueling challenge.


Do you still think Hogwarts Legacy is boring? Far from it right? Not many games nail the feel of a book visualized in the form of a game world quite like Hogwarts Legacy. Granted, it has its fair share of problems but few in between. All in all, Hogwarts Legacy has been a refreshing AAA title to grace our screens in recent years.