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How To Beat The Ancient Wyvern in Dark Souls 3

How To Beat The Ancient Wyvern in Dark Souls 3

The Ancient Wyvern is one of the most menacing bosses in Dark Souls 3 yet defeating him is just a swing away. How to defeat the boss? What is he weak to? What strategies can you use to beat it? All will be answered in this ultimate guide to beating Ancient Wyvern in Dark Souls 3.

The Ancient Wyvern is another gimmick boss in Dark Souls 3. You need to simply make your way through the collapsed structures in the arena, taking out any enemies in the way, and reaching a platform high up from where you can deliver a single lethal plunging attack to kill it instantly. You can fight it traditionally, but it is just a waste of time.


Let’s take a detailed look at some of the best combat strategies and tips for defeating The Ancient Wyvern in Dark Souls 3.

Is Ancient Wyvern Optional?

Ancient Wyvern Optional

The Ancient Wyvern is an optional boss.

Strategies for Defeating Ancient Wyvern

If you want, you can use other strategies to kill Ancient Wyvern in Dark Souls 3, like hurling ranged spells from blind spots or using melee. However, we highly recommend sticking to the intended way of defeating this dragon since it will one-shot him.

Melee/Plunging Attack Strategy

Melee/Plunging Attack Strategy

The Ancient Wyvern boss fight is not much of a boss fight at all. Instead, you will simply be fighting your way through hordes of serpent men, until you can successfully hit the Wyvern one time, ending the fight.

When the fight begins you will want to charge forward through the Wyvern’s legs and immediately head left into the building. Try to get to the side and avoid the Wyvern’s fire breath attack, while taking out the 3 enemies there.

Next head forward and then up the stairs. Two Serpent men will drop from the ceiling. Take care of them and proceed up the stairs. There are two more serpent men here, kill them and then sprint across the narrow bridge-like path, avoiding the fireballs, serpent men, and Wyvern’s breath.

It is not necessary to kill anything else now, just reach for the ladder dead ahead on the left. Climb it as fast as you can, and wait for the Wyvern’s fire to pass. Then head out onto the platform, drop down onto a large stone column, and wait for the Wyvern to dip his head.

Run, jump, and plunge attack his face for a swift victory. It doesn’t matter which weapon you use, even bare fists will do the trick.

What is Ancient Wyvern Weak To?

Ancient Wyvern Weak

Ancient Wyvern is weak to the following damage types:

  • Thrust Damage
  • Lightning
  • Frost
  • Special Plunge Attack

What is Ancient Wyvern Resistant / Immune to?

Ancient Wyvern is resistant and immune to the following damage types:

Resistant to:

  • Poison
  • Toxic
  • Bleed
  • Fire
  • Standard Damage
  • Strike Damage
  • Slash Damage

Immune to:

  • Nothing

Can You Parry Ancient Wyvern?

Ancient Wyvern cannot be parried.

Can You Cheese Ancient Wyvern?

If you are looking for other ways of cheesing this boss than the one already baked in by the developers then you can use this strategy.

As soon as you enter the arena, move to the underbelly of the boss on top of the first set of stairs and start casting Pestilent Mist. The boss will be forced to perform only its stomp attacks which you can easily dodge or just block for minimal damage. Keep casting the spell and watch as the health withers away.

The Ancient Wyvern is more of a spectacle than a boss. You only need to worry about the man-serpent enemies strewn about and dodge the occasional fire attacks from the boss all the while making your way to the platform of swift death.