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10 Best Base Locations on Scorched Earth in Ark: Survival Evolved

10 Best Base Locations on Scorched Earth in Ark: Survival Evolved

The Scorched Earth expansion brings with it, is a land of opportunity in Ark Survival Evolved. It has plenty of amazing base locations that you can set up whether you are into PVP or PVE. Let’s learn about the best base locations in Ark Scorched Earth and what makes them special.

Base locations like Arena, Red Ob, Waterfall, or Rock Jetty are great options when looking for the best locations in the Scorched Earth expansion. They offer plenty of resources and flat grounds to build; some even have high altitudes keeping you away from all the trouble.


We’ve put together the 10 best base locations on the Ark Scorched Earth map, and we’ll also explain why each location made it to this list.

1. Arena (81.6 – 14.7)


Our First pick for the best base locations in Scorched Earth is The Arena near the Village. The reason for it being here is massive open space for you to build any type of base while doing lots of fun activities, including taking over the arena.

This location is filled with resources that allow you to power your base and have a protective environment for PVE purposes.

2. Mountain Land Bridge (45.8 – 22.8)

Mountain Land Bridge

Next Up is one of our favorite spots in this location, Mountain Land Bridge; the place is somewhat deserted, yet it’s full of minerals and resources that help you set up a pretty well-guarded base if you plan on doing PVE or playing the game solo.


You won’t find many tameable creatures here like dinos, but as mentioned, it provides a secure environment to set up and farm if you are more into PVE.

3. Red Ob Cliff (73.2 – 40.2)

Red Ob Cliff

Red Ob is full of exciting options. Unlike the previous two locations, this one is full of Tameable creatures like dinos, and rare resources like crystals and rocks provide surplus access to metal that you can utilize to build a fantastic base.

Not only that, you get access to the river, which you can use to breed your water dinos, and there are beaver dams, a resource you don’t want to miss out on.

4. Mountain Outcove (67.9 – 42.5)

Mountain Outcove

If you think you can get really creative when it comes to building bases, then this base location should be on your list.

Outcove is close to Red Ob Cliff, yet it allows you plenty of altitude and a flat area surrounded by mountains that can end up as a pretty solid base. With your creativity, you can use the resources in the area and even build a fortress if you want.

Dinos here are mostly friendly, so if you are looking for new tameable creatures, this spot helps you with that too.

5. Ruined Trench Entrance (63.1- 47.8)

Ruined Trench Entrance

This specific base location is quite famous as it holds the artifact of the Gatekeeper, and the caves here can be used to build excellent defensive bases. Players do use this area for PVP, but we would recommend building here with the intention of PVE as it’s more suitable for it.


You can build outside the ruins as well; it offers cliffs with flat surfaces, so you don’t have to be worried too much about a few of the dinos roaming around as they won’t be able to reach that high, and you will have plenty of resources to keep the base up and running.

6. Stone Plateau (59.6 – 38.0)

Stone Plateau

This base location has multiple options for you to build a sturdy base here. You can either utilize the flat surface above the plateau, or you can even build underneath it.

It also hosts a small pond for your tameable creatures, and the land offers plenty of useful resources to build a well-guarded base here.

There are a few dinos in the area, but they shouldn’t be much trouble for your base. You can farm or tame them depending on how you want to grind in the game.

7. Cliffside Ruined Stairs (28.3 – 49.8)

Cliffside Ruined Stairs

This specific base location is where things get interesting, These ruins allow you to gain quite a high altitude keeping you away from deadly predators, and you can build a massive base on the top.

The location also has a waterfall, which is extremely resourceful when it comes to breeding and nourishing your dinos, and you can build around it to have it at your disposal all the time.

8. Waterfall (35.8 – 49.2)


The waterfall is more of a refreshing location where you get access to the waterfall, and you have multiple great spots to set up your base location.


This location is great for advanced bases later in the game and allows you to keep your dinos in the water. There are plenty of fish to farm, and we consider this spot one of the best for PVE.

9. Blue Ob Location (17.3 – 33.8)

Blue Ob Location

Blue Ob, along with its resources, is overall a dynamic base location for creative builders. It has rare, valuable resources like Metals, Crystals, and Obsediant.

The pond allows you to breed your water dinos here, and not just one, but you can build multiple bases around this area due to the availability of vast land and supportive structures.

10. Rock Jetty (47.6 – 53.7)

Rock Jetty

Yes, enough with the PVE already; we understand. Rock Jetty is a great base location for PVP players. The place offers high altitude and fortification capabilities to build well-guarded bases here and prepare yourself for the fight against the players worldwide.

It has various valuable resources that you can choose from to make sure your base remains strong against any incoming attack, and even if you are not into PVP, you can still use this base for PVE and have a great time.

Are These Areas Dangerous?

The best thing about Ark Scorched Earth is that it has some of the safest base locations on the whole map. You can build safely on the locations provided above and make sure your PVE experience is fun and rewarding.

Should You Always Build Toward the Center of the Map?

Yes, Building towards the central part of the map means access to valuable and rare resources without much hassle. It will also help you save time and cut the distances short for you when getting back to your base after all the grind.

So always make sure to find base locations that are towards the center, as they are the ones that provide the most value if used properly.


There you have it, folks; these are our top 10 base locations for the Scorched Earth expansion in Ark Survival Evolved. Each location is picked carefully so you can have the most value out of it after grinding and building a base there.

The major focus of these locations is to get you abundant resources so you can prepare for the end game and take on battles with the in-game bosses.

Yes, you can also use some of these locations for PVP purposes, but they are generally more meant for PVE.