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Does Loot Respawn In Dayz?

Does Loot Respawn In Dayz?

One of the biggest frustrations that you as a new Dayz player might face is not being able to figure out precisely how loot respawns.

Many assume it’s when the server restarts. Or might have assumed that it doesn’t respawn at all. However, neither is the case and we’ll be explaining what happens precisely.

Yes, loot respawns within Dayz. Loot generally respawns based on two criteria: whether all the items within a house are picked up, and whether the player is 150 meters away from the house. Not all loot respawns on a Server Restart.

There are many intricacies a mechanics that go into the loot system that is present within Dayz, and not all of it is made obvious to the player.

Instead, you have to experiment and see what is perhaps the right method for yourself. Through this article, we’ll be exploring all the mechanics related to Loot Respawn in Dayz.

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How Does Loot Respawn in Dayz?

Dayz is not a particularly easy game to get into, and it can be frustrating when even basic mechanics such as how loot respawns becomes a chore to figure out.

I know how long I’ve spent running into and out of towns trying to figure out how the loot respawns worked and it truly is a harrowing process.

Luckily, however, we’re not the only ones who had been working to find a solution to this problem, and the general community has come together to identify the basic aspects that make up the overall Loot Respawn system within Dayz.

Within this section, we’ll be breaking down all the various aspects of the Loot Respawn mechanics within Dayz by giving you a detailed account of every condition.

It’s not always clear how you can trigger these conditions, so additionally we’ll be giving you steps you can take to initiate them.

Each Building Has Its Own Loot-Spawn Timer

When trying to figure out how Loot respawns within Dayz most players were looking at the Loot respawns as either being Server Wide or individual bits.

This meant that either all the loot respawned whenever the server restarted, or individual pieces of loot respawned after a certain time had elapsed.

However, we now know that both of these assumptions are entirely wrong. Instead, each Building in Dayz acts as a sort of pseudo-container, which has its unique Loot-Spawn timer and independently triggers from other buildings or the map as a whole.

This means that the Server Restart does not have as massive of an impact on the spawn of loot as we initially assumed.

And it highlighted that Loot didn’t spawn individually, but rather as a collective within a building to locate and extract from.

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Distance From the Building

Another facet that confused players was precisely how far away they had to be from a building for the loot to begin respawning in that area.

After quite a bit of trial and error, the precise values for how far you have to be to initiate loot-respawns were found.

If you wish for the Loot to spawn then the player is between 30m to 120m away from the building in question.

If all the loot has been taken from the building, it is only upon reaching this distance that the loot respawn timer also starts.

How Long is the Loot-Respawn Timer?

Even after following the criteria we mentioned above, it is often quite likely that you will not know exactly when the Loot will respawn back.

This might frustrate players because when they try to go back to check if the building has more loot now, and find none, it can be quite disappointing.

However, this process is made easier when you know precisely how long it takes until the loot spawns. On average a building will have loot respawn every 10 minutes.

This is contingent on the player being between 30m to 120m away from the building.

This timer will cause the loot to spawn even if there is another player within the same 30m to 120m of the building.

However, if there is no player within this distance from a building then it is likely that no new loot will spawn at all.

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What are Persistent Loot Items?

You might be wondering why some items remain even after a Server Reset, and why certain loot can be carried over in this manner.

Well, the answer is pretty simple, Loot that is retained even after Server Resets is known as Persistent Loot items.

Persistent items will survive regardless of a Server Restart and will remain with you as long as you interact with the item.

If you didn’t interact with the item for a set period (different for each item) then there is a chance that it will be cleaned away. Instead, a new item will respawn.

Persistent items include things such as barrels, tents, high-end guns, and other equipment gear.

Much of this gear is usually already owned, and your best shot as a newly spawned player is to somehow kill someone else and take their stuff, or to steal it from them.

Types Of Loot Available In Dayz

There are several types of items that are available on any server of Dayz, and players can go out and search for and obtain these items.

We’ve identified how these items respawn, but it might be important if we also highlighted the different types of Loot that are available to you and how they are denoted.

Essentially, in Dayz your items are divided based on Category tags. These are used both for individual buildings as well as items.

And are used as a method to classify the item to a particular type that is more generally understandable for most of you.

When applied to buildings these tags can help you recognize the best spawn locations for items.

And which buildings should you prioritize first, and which should be within your priority later on? When broken down there are seven different Category tags within Dayz.

Category TagDefinitionExample Item
ClothesProtective Gear or Items worn.Hiking Jacket, Tactical Helmet
ContainersImproves storage capacityHiking Backpack, Oil Barrel
ExplosivesLethal and Non-Lethal devicesLand Mine, 1-M8 Smoke Grenade
FoodConsumables that provide Energy and HydrationCanned Bacon, Pipsi Cola
ToolsBroad category of items IV Start Kit, Shovel
Vehicle PartsItems used to build and maintain vehicles
Ada 4×4 Left Door, Motor Oil
WeaponsWeapons, Ammo, Magazines & Attachments.BK-18, KA Polymer Buttstock

Tips and Recommendations

We hope that in this last section we can provide some notable tips and recommendations when it comes to approaching a new spawn of Dayz.

These will be general tips that might help you in all circumstances, but they will come from the perspective of finding looting and gearing up.

  • First, we recommend that you realize that there does exist some strategy when it comes to spawning loot for yourself. If your first entrance into a new town is subject to empty buildings and no loot at all. Then we suggest grabbing anything you can, moving 30m to 120m away from buildings, and then going back.

    By doing so repeatedly, there is a chance that players will find more loot than they otherwise would have found at the start of the game. And it would mean that you will be able to keep rolling the dice on loot till you find precisely what you are looking for in your journey.
  • Secondly, even within individual buildings, various spawn locations must be approached appropriately to obtain the items that you want. Each building has a 50% chance to populate, with items, whenever a spawn is triggered. So make sure to empty all spots.
  • Additionally, backpacks and ammo cases do not count when the game code checks to see if there is still loot remaining within a particular spot. So if you’re already stocked up on it then it usually can be ignored.
  • Finally, remember that you can’t just rush out and back into areas with buildings and not find resistance. Most builds have a Zombie Spawn that appears immediately after the player enters a 200m circle around it. We recommend caution.

And there you go, a detailed answer regarding if and how loot respawns within Dayz. The loot mechanics can be confusing, but if you remember that each building is an individual container with its own loot-timer then you’ll fairly quickly understand how to navigate this mechanic.

For any further questions and queries regarding this topic, send us your questions. Till next time! Ciao.