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How to Beat the Black Rabbit Brotherhood in Lies of P?

How to Beat the Black Rabbit Brotherhood in Lies of P?

We have already defeated the Black Rabbit Brotherhood once before during our battle with Eldest in Lies of P. This time we are going to dig a permanent grave for every last one of them.

You are going to face the Black Rabbit Brotherhood once again in Relic of Trismegistus Combat Field below Hotel Krat. You might be outnumbered, but we are going to outsmart them with our tactically sound strategies.


You might not like the odds, but you are going to like the tips and tricks we give you to defeat this annoying boss. So let’s get into it.

Prerequisites For the Second Encounter

Prerequisites For the Second Encounter

Entering the battle off the cuff is going to backfire big time for you. I suggest you stock up on some items and make yourself battle-ready. You can get most of the items from the Black Market Trader in the Red Lobster Inn located in the Malum District.

The first order of business is going to be your weapon. This might not be the biggest factor in the battle, but it surely is going to decide how swiftly you are able to dig a grave for the Brotherhood.

We suggest either the Two Dragon Katana (Level 4+) or the Bone-Cutting Saw. The choice depends largely on your playstyle, so you can pick whatever suits your fancy.

For the Amulets, the choice remains open-ended. However, we suggest that you take the Murderer’s Puppet Amulet with you because of the additional damage against human enemies.

Make sure you have every last one of your remaining slots filled with throwables. Thermite, Saw Bade, Carcass Bodyfluid Bottle, Throwing Cell, Shotput, and Sharp Pie should serve the purpose.

Summoning a Specter is crucial for our strategy to work thus, you are going to need that Star Fragment as well. Everything else is flexible and is left up to you to decide.

The Black Rabbit Brotherhood Attacks

The Black Rabbit Brotherhood in Lies of P

This is going to be P’s second time throwing hands with the Black Rabbit Brotherhood, so for the most part, you will be familiar with their moveset. The dynamic for this fight, though is different than the last one, so let’s go over it again and how to counter it as well.

Battle Manic

Battle Manic’s moveset is fairly generic with a bit of a twist. All of the attacks are going to fire-imbued and can cause the overheat status ailment to trigger. I suggest you steer clear of any direct hits. Here are all of the attacks, along with counters to each one.

Multi-Slash Combo:  A series of slashing movements that are rather aggressive. You need to be on your feet at all times to dodge, or if you are feeling confident, you can parry them as well.

Strike: An overhead sword strike followed by a couple of melee attacks. Stay out of the range of the sword, and you are good to go.

Grapple Hook: Along with a sword, Battle Manic also wields a Grapple Hook and can pull you towards himself. This is usually followed with a slash combo. The best way to avoid taking any damage is to immediately roll to either left or right as soon as you are reeled in closer.


If you don’t want to deal with Decaying Damage then we suggest you deal with her quickly. Youngest’s arsenal holds knives and swords that are laced with poison to deal decaying status effect.

She is one of the agile ones but has a rather small health pool; hence she is easy to deal with. Expect the following attacks from here:

High-Kick: As the name suggests, she will kick you in the air and deal a decent amount of damage. As soon as land back on the ground, she will be waiting to welcome you with a melee attack. If you pay close attention, you can notice her taking the high-kick stance and take a few steps back to avoid it.

Double Blade Dash: She will use both of her blades as a shield and charge towards you at full speed. Head-butting will do you no good so it is best to step out of the way as she only goes in a straight line. 


He is going to be the one you will need to be at a distance from. Wielding an Electric Spear, Eccentric is ready to poke you and slow you down with a Shock status effect. I suggest he is the first one you take down out of all three you are going to face during the initial phase of the fight.

Eccentric is going to jump into the battle with the following moveset:

Spear Thrusts: He will continuously try to poke you with his spear. Sometimes only once and other times in a combo. You can dodge either left or right based on the real estate you have at the moment. You can also parry the attack if you react perfectly.

Jump Attack: A high jump followed by his spear smashing onto the ground creating an AoE attack. Dodging might now work perfectly so you can block while taking minimal amounts of damage.


Facing him alone is a challenge all on its own. Lies of P things up a notch by making you face him right after an intense 3v1. Eldest has the most extensive and deadly moveset out of all of the Black Rabbit Brotherhood; hence you are going to need all of the information you can get.

On top of the humongous stature, you will be faced with the following attacks:

Jump Attack: A standard jump and smash attack but far more deadly than you anticipate. Eldest will put you in his crosshair and then launch himself in the air. If you don’t correctly judge the range, you are going to take massive amounts of damage when he lands on the ground.

The best way to deal with it is by parrying the attack because dodging is nearly impossible.

Uppercut: Upwards swinging Cleaver to launch you in the air while dealing damage. The cleaver is big and heavy hence takes a split second to move. This is going to be your opportunity to either block it or get out of the way.

Cleaver Smash: Eldest will smash his cleaver onto the ground and throw you off-balance. A direct hit will cause your HP to plummet. Once again, you can anticipate the buildup to the attack and dodge at the right moment.

360 Swing Attack: A complete 360-degree spin with his cleaver. Be wary of another one in case he decides to perform a combo. Maintain a distance or you can roll away at the right moment.

Fable Art Attack: Eldest will use his cleaver to launch a blue shockwave towards you. Getting hit will throw you on the ground and deal damage at the same time. You can use the rubble in the middle of the arena to avoid getting hit.

How to Cheese The Black Rabbit Brotherhood in Lies of P

You cannot take on all of the enemies without a plan. You are going to get walked all over. So I suggest you follow the strategy we have put together to put an end to The Black Rabbit Brotherhood in Lies of P.

Phase 1

Phase 1 Cheese

During the first phase of the battle, you will be faced with the three younger siblings coming at you all at once. While you can do this solo, it is recommended that you summon your Specter to help you along the way.

The Specter is going to draw all of the attention towards himself while you can get behind the enemies and stab them in the back. During our ventures, we found that backstabs are the most effective way to deal with the three siblings of the Brotherhood.

Use the Friendship Wishstone to make your Specter last longer in the battle. You can choose to take down the three siblings in any order you see fit but make sure you don’t leave the last one standing alone.

As soon as battle initiates, focus all of your energies on one and take them out. Now you are left with two more siblings. Let your Specter keep one busy while wearing the other one down to its last 10-15% health.

Now shift your attention to the other one and follow the same pattern. As soon as there is only one sibling left, the Eldest will come out of its coffin. The trick is to take the last two standing siblings down in quick succession before the Eldest revives.

If you follow this strategy, you will be left with only one enemy during phase two of the battle, which makes things a whole lot easier.

Phase 2

Phase 2

During the second half of the battle, you will be facing the Eldest. He might be the deadliest, but we also have a trick up our sleeve. If you take a look around, you will notice that there is a pile of rubble near the entrance on the right side.

We are going to take advantage of that and maintain a distance. The rubble is going to protect us from most of the attacks coming our way. You are going to keep circling the rubble and use all of the throwables you have in your inventory.

If you have gathered the maximum number of throwables, as we suggested at the start, you won’t have to use any other form of attack. Occasionally, Eldest will dash towards you and might land a successful hit but you can pop right back up, rinse and repeat.


Rewards for Defeating the Black Rabbit Brotherhood

The Black Rabbit Brotherhood is one of the more challenging battles in Lies of P. It might have proved difficult, but you stood tall in the face of adversity, and now you shall reap the reward as well. Here is what you will get in return for putting an end to the Brotherhood:

  • Quartz

All in all, the Black Rabbit Brotherhood poses a tough challenge in Lies of P. However, you can emerge victorious by prioritizing your targets and teaming up with your specter.