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How to Beat Adyr, the Bereft Exile in Lords of the Fallen

How to Beat Adyr, the Bereft Exile in Lords of the Fallen

Adyr, The Bereft Exile is the final boss in Lords of the Fallen. You will face her if you go down the path of Radiance ending – cleansing all beacons and defeating every boss. From the looks and size of it, the task might seem daunting, but it is simpler than you could imagine.


We are going to walk you through the entire fight and tell you everything you need to know to defeat Adyr, The Beret Exile in Lords of the Fallen.

Fighting Adyr, The Bereft Exile

- Lords of the Fallen Adyr

The ginormous creature floating in the sky whom you will find in the Bramis Castle just behind the arena where you fought The Sundered Monarch, that’s Adyr.

Don’t fret because you are not directly going to be fighting her. As soon as you enter the Rhogar Realm, you will see tons of followers of Adyr standing lifelessly around the arena. You will need to take them down instead of Adyr. Every time you obliterate one of her followers, a chunk of her health will be chipped away.

Things might seem confusing at points, but here are a couple of tips to help you along the way:

  • You will need your Umbral Lamp to deal with those Umbral Parasites attached to some of the followers. You will first need to Siphon them before dealing deadly blows.
  • When you first enter the arena, killing some of the followers would not affect Adyr, and that’s because they have not yet been activated. He will launch balls of Rhogar towards her followers, and upon impact, they will grow hair, and only then will they attack you. That’s your cue to take them down.
  • You will be dealing with Burn and Ignite status ailments, so keep an eye on the meter as well.
  • Stock up on as many throwables as you can. Enhanced Short Javelin, Bloody Hatchet, Enhanced Grenade, and Snake Oil Grenade are some of the recommended items.


It’s best to study your enemy before taking them on in a fight so here are all the moves that Adyr is going to use in the actual battle.

  • Fire Balls: Followers will chuck fireballs toward you that will inflict damage on top of Burn and Ignite status effects.
    Reaction: The path of the Fire Balls is linear and the speed is slow so they can easily be dodged by rolling left or right.
  • Magma Vomit: Occasionally the enemies will puke magma on the ground that will stay there for a while, and walking through it will hurt you (a lot).
    Reaction: Simply walk around it or avoid the path for the time being.
  • Explosive Ending: Depleting their health will not only kill them but will make them go Kaboom! Their bodies explode upon death.
    Reaction: Kill them from a distance or run away as soon you take them down.

The Fight

image 10

The fight against Adyr, The Bereft Exile is only one phase which makes things a whole lot easier. As soon as you enter the arena, the first thing you are going to do is look around for all the followers who have Umbral Parasites attached to them.

The blue health bar is an indication of that. Use your handy Umbral Lamp to siphon the Parasite and move on towards the next target. You will need to be quick because soon, the enemies are going to start coming after you.

Once Adyr starts sending her followers your way, that’s when the actual fight starts. Use the arena to your advantage to dodge the fireballs coming your way.

The arena is made up of two platforms on both sides, with enemies standing under each side as well. The area underneath the platform is the deadliest and avoid it as much as possible. You can use ranged attacks (magic, throwables) to deal with enemies in that area.

You will need to be patient and move around a lot if you want to finish the fight on your first try. The best way to deal with annoying followers is to use throwables. You will need only two hatchets or javelins to kill a follower.

The only time you will need to get relatively close is if you want to use your Umbral Lamp. Keep a steady pace and avoid the magma pits. That’s how you are going to take Adyr down.

Once the deed is done, walk up to the fire pit near Adyr to initiate the final cut scene.

Note: Make sure to kill all of the followers in under five minutes. Because once you cross that mark, Adyr will nuke the whole area, which means instant death.


Rewards - Lords of the Fallen Adyr

Ending the fight, only initiate a cut scene and unlock New Game+. No rewards will be granted at that moment. If you want something for all of the efforts you just went through, here is what you need to do.

  1. Don’t start New Game+ and travel to the Shrine of Adyr in Fitzroy’s Gorge.
  2. Make sure you are in the Umbral Realm.

Now you will be able to Soulflay the Stigma. Doing that will reward you with the following items:

  • x2 Umbral Scouring
  • x1 Remembrance of Adyr, The Bereft Exile

You can take the Remembrance to Molhu and exchange it for the following:

  • Adyr’s Vengeance
  • Flame Funnel

For the final boss, things might seem anti-climatic, but that’s how the story unravels if you go for the Radiance ending. The bigger they are, the harder they fall. A fitting statement for Adyr in Lords of the Fallen.