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5 Best Technique Weapons in Lies of P Ranked

5 Best Technique Weapons in Lies of P Ranked

Technique weapons stand out in Lies of P because of their swift attacks, allowing for agile playstyles. There are quite a few of them in the game and choosing which one to use can be a bit of a process. But fear not, because we got you covered.

Two Dragons Sword tops the list for the best Technique weapon with its S scaling, versatile moveset, and an enhanced heavy attack parry. These are also boss weapons coincidentally, which means they cannot be disassembled.


Here, I will show you the top 5 Technique weapons, each selected for its unique moveset and strengths in Lies of P!

WeaponsScalingHow to Obtain
Two Dragons Sword SDefeat the Puppet-Devouring Green Hunter and exchange his ergo with Alidoro.
Trident Of The Covenant ADefeat the Twisted Angel and exchange his ergo with Alidoro.
Puppet Ripper ADefeat the Burnt-White King and exchange his ergo with Alidoro.
Uroboro’s Eye BDefeat the Sad Zealot and exchange his ergo with Alidoro
Etiquette ADefeat the Broken Hero and exchange his ergo with Alidoro.
5 Best Technique Weapons in Lies of P!

1. Two Dragons Sword

Two Dragons Sword

The Two Dragons Sword earns the top spot with its exceptional A scaling in Technique, which ensures maximum damage output for a Technique build.

The weapon’s flexible moveset has a quick closing move, a broad area attack, and a powerful strike that acts as both a defense and a strong hit.

Players can benefit from its A Technique scaling and use the Wind of Swords as an effective tool to deal AOE damage to enemies. However, a few downsides to this weapon include a hefty Stamina Consumption and no staggering potential.

The weapon might not suit a few players, but that does not stop you from tinkering with the Two Dragons Sword!

Fable Arts:

  • Link Emergency Dodge allows you to dodge enemy attacks and move forward quickly.
  • Wind of Swords causes AOE damage to nearby enemies.

How to get this weapon:

  • You need to speak with Alidoro at the St. Frangelico Cathedral Library. He will ask for two locations, and you must send him to the Hotel Krat.
  • Your second step is to defeat the Puppet-Devouring Green Hunter Boss (Chapter 8).
  • Head over to Hotel Krat and speak with Alidoro to get the Two Dragons Sword.

2. Trident Of The Covenant

Trident Of The Covenant

The Trident of the Covenant takes the second spot thanks to its strong A scaling Technique. While being a boss weapon, it can’t be disassembled. Its spear-like moveset offers great reach, letting players hit enemies from a distance.

Additionally, you can use Guard Parry to parry enemy attacks and deal damage in return. Although, you’ll need to practice the timing to execute this skill!

Fable Arts:

  • Link Rush Stab lunges your weapon forward to deal a striking blow to the enemy.
  • Guard Parry allows your character to dodge incoming attacks and counterattack with a heavy blow.

How to get this weapon:

  • Purchase the weapon from Alidoro in Hotel Krat by exchanging the Twisted Angel’s Ergo.
  • You can acquire the Twisted Angel’s Ergo by defeating the Fallen Archbishop Andreus at the St. Frangelico Cathedral Library.
  • Defeat the Twisted Angel Boss.
  • Exchange his ergo with Alidoro to receive the weapon.

3. Puppet Ripper

Puppet Ripper - Lies of P Best Technique Weapons

Locked behind a challenging boss, the Puppet Ripper claims the third spot with its great Technique A scaling with Technique Crank. This special weapon boasts a massive range, covering both forward and surrounding areas with its heavy attacks.

You’ll realize that the weapon is slow, but the range fills the gap by hitting enemies from a long-range!

Fable Arts:

  • Quick Upward Slash allows to upward slash your enemies in the air.
  • Storm Spinning Slash Spins multiple times to hit enemies at a wide range

How to get this weapon:

  • Exchange the Burnt-White King’s Ergo with the Puppet Ripper from Alidoro.
  • You’ll find him in Hotel Krat.
  • To acquire the Item, defeat the King of Puppets located in the Stella Opera House Entrance.
  • Exchange his ergo with Alidoro to obtain the Puppet Ripper.

4. Uroboro’s Eye

Uroboro’s Eye - Lies of P Best Technique Weapons

Uroboro’s Eye is unique because you can toss the blade as a projectile. This boosts damage by buffing up the weapon thanks to the moveset Wandering Moon, due to which the weapon, when thrown, stays in one spot for a while to deal damage and then returns back to the user.

The weapon can scale A with Technique after a Technique Crank.

Fable Arts:

  • Wandering Moon allows you to throw the weapon forward, dealing damage and returning to you
  • Storm Notice charges up spinning blades, triggering extra hits and additional damage.

How to get this weapon:

  • You can purchase the Uroboro’s Eye from Alidoro.
  • You must exchange the Sad Zealot’s Ergo item with the Uroboro’s Eye.
  • The Ergo Item can be acquired after you defeat Laxasia.

5. Etiquette

Etiquette - Lies of P Best Technique Weapons

What makes it a good weapon: Etiquette claims the fifth spot, showcasing impressive A scaling in Technique. Beyond its stylish appearance, this weapon offers a quick moveset, and you can do a perfect block.

The Absolute Counterattack serves as a great defense tool for Pinnochio. The Fable Art allows you to block the enemy attack for a short period.

Fable Arts:

  • Single Stab which allows user to Perform a forward-cutting attack.
  • Absolute Counterattack blocks an enemy’s attack; after a successful guard

How to get this weapon:

  • Obtain the weapon from Alidoro in Hotel Krat.
  • You’ll need to exchange the Broken Hero’s Ergo item, which can be acquired after you defeat the Scrapped Watchman Boss in Krat City Hall.
  • Exchange his ergo with Alidoro to acquire the Etiquette.

Lies of P awards its players with a diverse range of playstyles and builds tailored to their needs. The Technique Weapons mentioned in this list have carefully been tested to provide you guys with first-hand experience on how to be overpowered in Lies of P.