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Guide to Hardmode Souls in Terraria

Guide to Hardmode Souls in Terraria

Terraria is a great game that has a lot of content built into it. Many people think that once you beat the Wall of Flesh, there is nothing else after it, but that is not the case. Once you finally get into Hardmode, the game has just begun.


One huge thing that is opened up for you once you get into Hardmode is the collection of Souls. They each drop a different type of Soul depending on what creature it is and where it is. Also, there are some Souls you can only get from defeating a Boss. Here are all 6 Souls you can get and what you can make with them:

Soul of Flight

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The only way to get these Souls is to go onto a floating island and wait for a creature called a Wyvern to spawn. Once you defeat it, it will drop 10-15 Souls of Flight upon death and are easily collected.

The creatures are hard to beat, but it is worth it because it allows you to make wings so you can fly.

Soul of Light

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There are many ways to get these Souls because they can be retrieved from any enemy in the underground Hallow.

If you go down into the Hallow caverns, you will have a 33% chance to get a Soul of Light, so every 3 creatures you kill is a guaranteed Soul of Light.

Soul of Night

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There are also many ways to get Souls of Night because they are as easy as Souls of Light. All you have to do is kill enemies in the underground Crimson or Corruption, and you will have a 33% chance to get a Soul of Night.


If you aren’t finding enough enemies, get 50 Meteorites and place in down in the underground Crimson or Corruption, and you can get Souls from the Meteor Guardians.

Soul of Might

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There is only one way to get these Souls: to destroy the Destroyer. He is one of the three Mechanical bosses in Hardmode, and it is not easy.

The Destroyer is the easier of the three, so ensure you have the right gear to fight him. You can make good armor if you get all the Hallow bars from him once he is defeated.

Soul of Sight

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There is only one way to get these Souls: if you defeat the Twins. They are the second Mechanical boss you have to fight, and they are much harder than the Destroyer because of their deadly weapons and fast movements.

Once defeated, you can drown in the splendor you have received from them because you get a lot of stuff for defeating the boss.

Soul of Fright

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There is only one way to get these Souls: to defeat the third and final Mechanical boss, Skeletron Prime. He is the hardest of the three, and it is a four-armed version of Skeletron with weaponry.


He is fast, hits hard, and shows no mercy, so be ready to fight him. You probably already have Hallowed armor from the other Mechanical bosses, so it should not be as hard as you think, but it is satisfying to defeat him.


In conclusion, Terraria honestly has soo much content in it. I give you props for those who like a simpler game, but nothing comes close to Terraria in my book.

There is a 7th Soul called the Soul of Blight, but that is only in the 3DS version of the game and not worth putting into this article, so I am sorry for those 3DS players out there.

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