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How To Beat The Lost Sinner in Dark Souls 2

How To Beat The Lost Sinner in Dark Souls 2

The Lost Sinner is in a self-imposed imprisonment for attempting to reignite the First Flame in Dark Souls 2. Your nosiness led you into her lockup and now she is angry for disrupting her masochistic exile. Now you are in a world of hurt dear Bearer of the Curse.


Luckily, I have been through this ordeal and lived to tell the tale. I’ll be unveiling all her moves, tips that will help you, and strategies to employ.

Fighting Lost Sinner in Dark Souls 2

Lost Sinner in Dark Souls 2

When this fight begins in Dark Souls 2, you see the Lost Sinner whipping her sword and putting out all the torches in the arena.

The arena is engulfed in darkness, making it much harder to track the boss and even lose the lock on when she moves away. There is a way to light up the room discussed below.

The Lost Sinner is a very aggressive boss. Although she only has a single sword and no special attacks, she has a large pool of attacks that could end up surprising you.

Not to mention, she can parry your attacks like your character can and even perform a backstab/critical strike to end your career in an instant.

She is insanely nimble, constantly jumping and moving all over the arena making it a challenge to keep up with her. Coupled with follow-up attacks after each of her acrobatic movements will overwhelm you.

Here are some tips and tricks to consider when facing Lost Sinner in Darks Souls 2:

  • There are two summons available for this boss fight; Lucatiel of Mirrah and Sellsword Luet. Summoning them both at the same time will make this fight a breeze.
  • She is weaker to Magic damage and less weak to Lightning and Dark damage. Buffing your weapon with Aromatic Ooze will deal extra damage.
  • A good sturdy shield, like the Drangleic Shield, will help tank her attacks easily.
  • Her attacks can be parried.
  • When facing the boss in NG+, two Pyromancers will join the fight after the boss’s HP reaches 50%.
  • You should have defeated the Belfry Gargoyles before this boss to get your hands on the Bastille Key. You can now unlock the doors before the fog gate and then light the oil inside with a torch. This will illuminate the boss arena, making it much easier to spot her and her attacks.

Boss Strategy

Boss Strategy Lost Sinner

Make sure to light up the torches using the Bastille Key. This will help you stay locked on to the boss for longer distances.

A very good strategy is to equip a shield with 100% physical damage reduction with a thrusting weapon like an Estoc or spear.

You can now turtle up behind the shield and when she gets closer and exhausts her attacks, you can use the shielded thrust attacks of these weapons to put some damage in. This way you are always protected while slowly chipping away her health.

If you’re a range character, she has a lot of gap closers that make it harder to fire your attacks. You will have to wait for the right openings to put some damage in.

For melee builds, you need to be extra evasive. For this reason, having low-weight armor on you will help you roll more smoothly. Light and fast weapons will come in handy too.

Look for attacks with long recoveries, and then you attack. The overhead sword slam leaves her open for quite some time so exploit it as much as possible. Dodge circles around his attacks and poke her here and there.

Staying close to the boss while being light on your feet is the right way to approach this fight. Shielding will benefit you immensely. But you need to keep an eye on your stamina at all times. You need some of it to block her attacks with enough left over for any emergency dodges or putting in some hits. Try to never deplete your stamina completely.

However, if you are a parry god then this fight will become a cakewalk. All of her attacks can be parried, giving you an ample opening to deal some damage.


These are all of Lost Sinner’s attacks in Dark Souls 2 and how you must react to them:

Slashing ComboThere are two versions of this combo:
1) A horizontal slash followed by an overhead slam
2) Two consecutive swings followed by a sword thrust
Can be blocked if you have enough stamina and a good shield.
Or you can dodge into the swing’s direction and dodge to the sides for the slam/thrust
Deadly PokeThrusts his sword forward with deadly force. Can be dodged into the thrust before the attack lands.
If you time it right, you can circle around the boss and attack her while she is busy with the attack/recovery.
UppercutSlices her sword upwards. Can chain it with a downward slam too. Dodge to the sides for both of the attacks.
Leaping ComboJumps up and tries to land on top of you with a sword slam. If she miss you, she can follow it up with either a horizontal slash (if you are in front) or a backstab (if your back is facing her) Start dodging forward and out of range once she jumps up.
If you are confident, try to stay near her after her landing and attack her. Just be careful of the follow-up.
ParryHolds her weapon’s hilt to her face and presumes a stance. If you attack her during this point, she will parry you and perform a critical riposte likely one-shotting you. Avoid attacking her when she takes this stance.
Quick SlashA swift sword swing followed by a backstep sometimes. Block the swing, dodge forward, and attack.
There are two versions of this attack:
1) If you are farther away from her, she will run up to you and goes for a sword thrust
2) When you are close, she charges at you and performs a diagonal slash
Dodge to the sides for either of the attack variants.
BackstabWhenever your back is facing her, she will try to backstab you taking away a huge chunk of your health, maybe even one-shotting you. Never turn your back towards her. Always keep her in front.

Rewards for Defeating Lost Sinner

Rewards for Defeating Lost Sinner

Putting an end to the Lost Sinner will unlock these items in Dark Souls 2:

  • 45,000 Souls
  • Soul of the Lost Sinner
  • Old Witch Soul (only in New Game+)

The Lost Sinner is a standard humanoid boss but her ferocity puts her a cut above the rest of the bosses in Dark Souls 2. Your defensive game should be on point during this fight. A bit of practice will reveal all her tricks thus your subsequent encounters will get easier each time.