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This Might Be the Most Fun Build in Elden Ring

This Might Be the Most Fun Build in Elden Ring

With the Sword of Night and Flame getting nerfed in Update 1.03 and the Bleed meta running rampant, it seems like the art of unique builds has gone dormant. However, with the advent of spell-based buffs in the recent patch, there’s much more to Mage builds than what meets the eye.

The Most Fun Build in Elden Ring right now is an Intelligence-based Late Game build that uses the following items:

  • Weapons:
    • Wing of Astel
    • Bastard’s Stars
  • Scepter:
    • Carian Regal Scepter
  • Talismans:
    • Shard of Alexander
    • Radagon’s Soreseal
    • Erdtree’s Favor
    • Ritual Sword Talisman
  • Spells:
    • Ranni’s Dark Moon
    • Adula’s Moonblade
    • Azur’s Comet
  • Armor:
    • Queen’s Crescent Crown
    • Veteran’s Armor
    • Spellblade’s Gloves
    • Blaidd’s Greaves

With that said though, there’s more to this build than what meets the eye. In fact, this build is destined to be the most broken / OP build in the game after the recent SNAF nerf.

Recommended Stats

For this build, we recommend starting off with Astrologer or Prisoner Class. As this is primarily a Late Game build, you might need to re-spec later on to accommodate the stats we’ve mentioned down below. In terms of scaling, while the build does work well with earlier levels of Intelligence, we can’t guarantee its success.

AttributeEnd Game Stats
Level125 (PvP)

Weapon: Wing of Astel

While the Bleed meta has led to weapons like the Dancer’s Poleblade reigning supreme, Intelligence weapons can still not be ignored especially in the Early Game. While weapons like the Death’s Poker are great in terms of overall DPS, it remains a slow weapon and its attacks are unreliable to get off in the Late Game, especially against quicker bosses (which you’ll find a lot of in this stage).

Wing of Astel

You’ll need to complete Ranni’s questline to get the Wing of Astel. After doing so, here’s how you can get the weapon:

  • Head to the river east of the Uhl Palace Ruins
  • After you reach the Nokstella Site of Grace, head eastwards towards the waterfall
  • Climb the lader towards your right, and drop down the ledges where you’ll meet a Malformed Star Enemy
  • Keep moving towards the ledge till you see a small chest. Open it, and you’ll find the sword!

The Wing’s strong attacks, deal a Moonlight Greatsword-esque projectile but without the need of buffing it. They aren’t that strong. But, still, a great attack to have as they provide you some with much-needed range.

However, the reason why the Wing is so great is because of its imbued Ashe of War, Nebula. The skill has you throw out ball-like projectiles that can hit multiple enemies at once from a decent range. The animation is fast, spammable, and can have you get rid of most enemies without them even getting the time to react.

Alternate: Bastard’s Stars

The Bastard’s Star is also an Astel weapon. While it is worse than the Wing in a general sense, it is better in some situations. It is a flail weapon, has a similar Ashe of War (Nebula), but spurts out your projectiles all around you while also letting you dish some damage on the swing in.

Before we move on further though, here’s why you should pick either the Bastard’s Stars or the Wing of Astel as your primary weapon:

Wing of AstelBastard’s Stars
Deals Greater DPS / Posture BreakCan Deal Damage From Greater Range
Uni-directional NebulaOmni-directional Nebula
Limited Forward RangeAllows You To Gain Some Distance + Cover Your Back
Can’t Be Interrupted Mid-AnimationEven If Interrupted, You Can Still Land Your Nukes

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As you can see from the table, both weapons are worth it. However, unlike our previous SNAF build which doesn’t really work great for anything other than the weapon in question, the choice of either the Bastard’s Sword or the Wing allows for greater versatility.

For example, in a PvP setting, if your Nebulas are being dodged when wielding the Wing of Astel, you can hot-swap to the Bastard’s Stars and surprise your foe with a 360 Nebula. Besides that though, you can also swap amongst the two when you need greater range as compared to better DPS, and so on.

Scepter: Carian Regal

The Carian Regal Scepter is Rennala’s Boss Weapon. You can get the weapon after defeating her. She’s located in the Raya Lucaria Academy after taking the elevator. You can also re-spec after beating her. However, the Scepter requires a whopping 60 Intelligence to wield.

In our opinion though, this is quite a minute price to pay as this item is best in slot and has no caveat whatsoever. FP is quite precious in Elden Ring and having the ability to cast more spells, or Nebulas in your case is of pivotal importance.


In terms of armor, we recommend sticking to the options that we’ve laid down below. We’ll be aiming for a Medium Load build so you can dodge and weave around when needed.

Item How To Get It?Why To Get It?
Queen’s Crescent CrownYou can purchase the Crown after beating Rennalla at the Roundtable Hold+3 Intelligence
Veteran’s ArmorPurchasable at Castle Sol after beating Commander NiallIncreases Defense and Resistance
Spellblade’s GlovesFound from the Rogier questlineIncreases Weapon Skill Damage
Blaidd’s GreavesFound from Ranni’s questlineIncreases Defense and Resistance


With this equipment, you’ll be getting 52 Poise. In Elden Ring, Poise works in both PvP and PvE. With 50+ Poise in PvP, you can ignore one hit every 30 seconds from lighter attacks. So, in essence, you can Hyperarmor once every other attack.

As mentioned earlier, this applies to PvE too. So, while you will still be getting hit by their damage, you will still be able to cast your own spell in the meanwhile while remaining uninterrupted allowing you to dish out damage instead of getting stunned.


Our Talismans will primarily try to increase our spell damage and increase our HP. While you can settle for other Talisms too, here’s our recommended set:

Item How To Get It?Why To Get It?
Erdtree’s Favor +2Head to the Forbidden Lands waypoint, move towards the Western Exit, take the second lift, and head to the branch near the Ulcerated Tree SpiritIncreases HP, Stamina and Equip Load
Shard of AlexanderComplete the complete Alexander questlineIncreases your overall Spell power.
Radagon’s SoresealHead to Forth Faroth, climb up the ladder, jump down the second hole, head Northeast, go beyond the rats and head to the last ladderIncreases stats, but also boosts incoming damage taken
Ritual Sword TalismanFound after defeating Queen Gilika in a nearby small chest in Lux RuinsIncreases Spell power and AP when your HP is full


For Spells, we recommend going for Ranni’s Dark Moon, Adula’s Moonblade, and either Astel’s Meteor or Azur’s Comet.

Ranni’s Dark Moon

Your primary way to engage in fights is to use Dark Moon at the start of a fight. Once you lock onto the enemy, the spell will track them. This, in turn, will reduce the enemy’s magic defense by a whopping 10%. If Frostbitten, this scales up to 30%.

You can get the spell by following Ranni’s questline and heading to Chelona’s Rise after solving the puzzle of killing the three Ghost Beasts in the area.

Adula’s Moonblade

Adula’s Moonblade deals the highest amount of damage out of any spell in the game while also inflicting Frostbite and having a huge AoE. Needless to say, it is a pivotal part of our build due to the aforementioned reasons.

Physick Flask

For your Physick Mix, you should go for Magic-Shrouding Cracked Tear and the Cerulean Hidden Tear. Cerulean can be used for infinite Azur Comet or Meteor. But, it is also great for spamming Adula’s Moonblade if needed.

Magic-Shrouding increases your overall magic damage. This also affects your Nebula as it is a Magical attack. For a cheese option, the Leaden Hardtear is great for PvP as it gives you infinite Hyperarmor for a few seconds. This allows you to chomp through most attacks as you get your cast off.

This concludes our take on the most fun build you can currently play in Elden Ring. Credits go to PWARGaming for his unique idea. You can check out his gameplay for the build here.

What kind of build are you rocking in the latest Elden Ring update? Let us know in the comments down below!