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Why is Everyone So Good in Fortnite Now?

Why is Everyone So Good in Fortnite Now?

There were times when Fortnite was hailed as the greatest battle royale title of all time. Thousands of FPS players were flocking into the Fortnite ecosystem just to get a piece of the cake. However, the commotion has long died down and is replaced by sweaty tryhards. So, how did it come to this?

People improve, much faster than one might think. You can either continue the climb to be the ultimate victor or you can succumb to the hardships to get the title of a quitter. Needless to say, either path leads to its own set of problems. 

A player can get better at Fortnite depending on the number of hours they invest into the game. Most of the seasonal Fortnite players have already left for newer titles. Therefore, the ones remaining are the ones that have stuck with the game since the start. 

Needless to say, the experience and practice gap will make them better than a newbie who is just starting. However, this gap is not insurmountable and can be closed by hard work and dedication. 

How to Get Better At Fortnite (Hardcore Version)

How do players get good at Fortnite? They play a lot of Fortnite. However, just that is not enough to get better at a rapid pace. It is hard to catch up to someone by doing the same as them. Therefore, you need to do much better at a faster pace. 

All of this might sound overwhelming, but in reality, it is really simple to execute. With that said, here is how you can catch up to the good players in Fortnite. 

Getting Ready

Before beginning, let’s get the basic warmup out of the way. Yes, you’ve heard that right, it is recommended to do a proper warmup to avoid wrist injury from playing too long. Consequently, it also improves your initial performance since you don’t need to charge up while playing. 

With that said, injuries while gaming is certainly rare, but is your body disposable enough for you to be taking such risks? If something happens to you then whose gonna make these 9-year-olds know their place? Ready up soldier, it’s time for your calling. 

  • Tunneling: The zones are not as accommodating as you might think. Therefore, you need to learn how to move fast while protected, especially in the late game. A little bit of practice won’t hurt, right?
  • 90s: Do some spin-arounds to make sure your building prowess is on point. If you feel lacking, make sure to practice it till you are able to do it on an instinctive level.
  • 180s: No, this is not an official name for the mechanic. With that said, you’re going to be moving a lot while building against these filthy sweats. Therefore, get your hands used to the movement as much as possible.

Training Your Building 

The art of making fast edits is known to many, but can you confidently say that you excel at it? Fortnite mostly revolves around the building and editing. Not being able to execute these basic steps to perfection can be a huge setback in your quest for perfection. 

Therefore, you should try playing the following training courses:

Course NameMap Code
9 in 1 Edit7440-4394-8340
Training Island v59243-7965-5788
Impossible Warmup9166-5951-6941
Cook’s Warmup Course6055-7683-6855

Practice Your Aiming Skills

Focusing on the side hustles while forgetting your main job won’t do you any good. You need to have a solid building foundation. While many players transfer their shooting skills from First Player Shooters like CS: GO or even PUBG, it is also possible to build your own foundation from scratch. 

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Needless to say, getting goodwill take time. It’s not a matter of a few days. You need to commit to your goals in order to truly excel at them. With that said, here are some great aim-practice maps that can help you hone your skills. 

Course NameMap Code
Geerzy’s Official Combat Training Course3443-2839-6606
Aim Trainer8022-6842-4965
Teadoh’s Aim Training Map9588-0826-4314

Engage in Duels and Box Fights

The main problem of battle royales is that there is not enough quality fighting time. You only get to have one deciding fight that usually ends in a matter of seconds. While there’s not much you can change about that, it is still possible to play the Creative Mode. 

Add some tryhards to your map and have a go at it. The respawning will make you learn faster. Plus, it will be an extremely enjoyable experience. Needless to say, fighting in custom boxes can be a great way to improve. It’s a great way of learning about the basics overall. 

Practice in Hectic Game Modes

Fortnite features multiple game modes, each with its own set of unique incentives and goals. Some of these can be extremely easy while others need you to fight like there’s no tomorrow. For example, you can try out Team Rumble. You will get many opportunities to flex your skills. 

The players in the game can respawn, so there is no shortage of enemies to fight. Therefore, got at it like your life depends on it and take the sweet Victory Royale.

Are Kids Naturally Better At Fortnite than Adults?

The Majority of Fortnite players is comprised of children. As a child, you have more time and dedication to commit to a game you find fun. Whereas you have increased responsibilities and factors to worry about after becoming an adult. 

The adrenaline-inducing appeal of Fortnite is too much for the younger generation. That’s why it is fine to get destroyed by a 5-year-old as long as you can learn something from it. However, it doesn’t entail that kids are better than adults. Rather, it is more about who gets the time to practice more.

All in all, players get good with time. So it’s no wonder you’re finding rejoining Fortnite difficult. However, the game has not lost its essence over these past years. Therefore, a little bit of training arc will get you right back up in the game.