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Gobstones Bugged in Hogwarts Legacy (Here’s Why)

Gobstones Bugged in Hogwarts Legacy (Here’s Why)

The Gobs of Gobstones Side Quest in Hogwarts Legacy is one of the very first side activities you will come across and it is also plagued with a few common bugs that might confuse you. Let’s walk you through this mission and take a look at all the bugs players are facing.

The Gobstones might be bugged in Hogwarts Legacy because you have to collect all individual Gobstones from different locations. They might end up respawning in previously collected locations. If you’ve done so and you’re not being prompted to head towards Zenobia, go to the Trophy Room and collect the Gobstone on the shelf again.

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Gobstone Quest in Hogwarts Legacy

Zenobia - Gobstone Bug Hogwarts Legacy
Zenobia Noke

You have to approach Zenobia Noke during the daytime to start this quest. If it’s not the right time, skip time using the wait function from the main menu. 

Zenobia tells you that her classmates have hidden her Gobstones around the castle and it’s up to you to find all 6 of them. It’s a fetching quest, plain and simple, but the locations of all the Gobstones can be a hit or miss, especially when the bugs get in the way.

The Gobstones are indicated via purple circles on the minimap. Considering they’re placed high above your vision, you’ll need to cast Revelio to reveal them. Once you’ve identified the Gobstones, you can fetch them by casting Accio.

Gobstone Locations in Hogwarts Legacy

Searching for Gobstones - Gobstone Bug Hogwarts Legacy
Searching for Gobstones

Now, let’s get down to the Gobstone locations!

Transfiguration Courtyard

The first Gobstone is found in the Transfiguration Courtyard. Identify the three archways and you’ll find the first Gobstone right above the middle one.

Viaduct Entrance 1

You’ll stumble upon the second Gobstone in the Viaduct Entrance in the Library Annex. Make your way through the double door in the Transfiguration Courtyard and the stairs to the right. Head towards the wooden rafters found above the Central Hall. And you’ll find the second Gobstone there.

Viaduct Entrance 2

Climb the spiral staircase from the Divinations Classroom Floo Flame. Look up at the Chandelier and you’ll spot the Gobstone inside it.

Ravenclaw Tower

Either use the Ravenclaw Tower Floo Flame or travel down and past the Libray Aneex and toward the Grand Staircase. Make it to the Ravenclaw Tower and you’ll find the Gobstone near the ceiling.

Trophy Room 1

Make it to the Trophy Room and you’ll find a Gobstone behind the Floo Flame. Peek at the northern wall where the trophies are displayed and you’ll spot the Gobstone on the Top Shelf.

Trophy Room 2

After taking the Trophy Room Floo Flame. Look up and toward the southwest of the Floo Flame. You’ll spot the Gobstone on the archway near the window.

Go back to Zenobia and choose to either return or keep the Gobstones. Either choice doesn’t have any impact on the story or progression.

Gobstones Bug in Hogwarts Legacy

That’s all fine and dandy. Let’s take a look at the Gobstone Bugs that can happen throughout the quest.

Bug #1

If you’ve collected all the Gobstones and headed back to Zenobia, then Zenobia might not acknowledge you. You have all 6 Gobstones in your inventory. So, what’s the catch?

To fix this, go back to the Trophy Room and try to look for the last Gobstone again. Collecting it will prompt you to go back to Zenobia to complete the mission. You’ll end up with an extra Gobstone in your inventory.

Bug #2

If you’ve collected all Gobstones but after they respawned in the same place. Chances are you’ll have to go back to the designated Gobstone spawn locations to collect every one of them. After you’ve collected all of them, you’ll have some extra Gobstones left in your inventory and you’ll be prompted to go back to Zenobia.

Bug #3

If you try to collect Gobstones by aiming your wand at it, chances are you might not retrieve it. Just try to cast Accio without aiming and you’ll retrieve the Gobstone.

Bug #4

You collected all six different Gobstones but the game isn’t pointing you toward Zenobia. Try turning off Raytracing and using normal Fidelity. That might do the trick.


And there you have it. Now you can complete the Gobstone Side Quest and get that 100 percent playthrough of Hogwarts Legacy. And afterward, you could go outside and touch some grass too!