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Rainbow Six: Siege How to Dominate Every Match

Rainbow Six: Siege How to Dominate Every Match

Rainbow Six: Siege is a game that is easy to play, but hard to master. The most fun part of the game is probably learning everything you can about it and using the knowledge you got to totally destroy team after team you go against. If you learn how to play, then it will definitely be worth playing just because you will do your team a great favor. For those new players to the game, you have to start somewhere. Here are some tips and tricks to dominating in Rainbow Six: Siege.

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Take it slow

The best thing for you to do is to take every match very slowly. Remember that the enemy could be moving very quickly, but that does not mean they will take you down faster. The slower you move, the faster the response time you have because you don’t have to stop abruptly and then fire your weapon. If you need to, try camping, which is a good way of playing when you first start, but eventually, you should learn a better tactic.

Also, when moving around, try to keep your gun in ADS mode just so you can save 1 second because that can make all the difference in the round. If you do take it slow, you will eventually know exactly what to do in each round and you won’t have any trouble at all as long as you are playing the objective. Find a spot and defend it with your life.

Use your drone

Drones are small twin-wheeled robots that are controlled by an Attacker. Each attacker has two drones, the first of which is automatically used during the Preparation Phase. During the phase, Attackers have 45 seconds to find the objective/s, identify Defenders, and find a suitable spot to leave their drones for further use as cameras by either the player or other Attackers. Afterward, players must manually open the control screen again in order to take control of the drone if it has not already been destroyed.

Drones are very important because you can scan an area without putting yourself in danger. Also, make sure you take advantage of that second drone after the Preparation Phase. Watch out because the drone can be destroyed in one shot, but if you can scan the area with the enemies, you can get an idea of who is in the room and what defenses they have waiting for you. Using the CCTVs are also important because you can see the enemy through cameras that are already on the map.

Lean around corners and objects

Leaning in this game is probably the most important mechanic you can take advantage of. When you lean, you actually allow less of your body to be seen by the enemy when moving around corners. It will also allow you to get a better angle on the enemy when you are in different positions. If you are camping, try to find the best angle you can with the leaning mechanic and keep your guard up. The guns kill very quickly and sometimes you won’t have time to react, but that is a part of the fun. You can die fast, but the enemy can die fast too.

It all comes down to who shoots first and when the best time to react is. There are plenty of places to hide and some of them let you shoot through them. If you can find a spot where you can shoot between objects that you can only do by leaning, make sure you use it. There are also other teammates that can have your back if you found a good spot so don’t hesitate to ask.

Find the best operators that fit your playstyle

Operators are playable characters in Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege. There are currently 52 playable operators (excluding Recruit), all hailing from one of the 24 CTUs in the game, categorized into 2 positions: Attackers (ATK) and Defenders (DEF).

There is soo many Operators to choose from when playing this game. They each have different abilities and weapons to choose from and they all have their own customization items. I know that you have to pick the best Operator that you are good with because there are some that I am not good at but my friends are. Basically, just go through all the Operators and try them all out in the single-player missions and see what you like the best. There are also many different weapon attachments to choose from as well for each weapon.

Depending on if you are playing offensive or defensive, there is an operator that will fit your own playstyle. The best thing to do is if you don’t own all the operators, get Uplay+ because you get access to all the Operators in the game. Go through them all and play every single one of them. You can then determine which Operators you want to buy later on or you could just pay for them all, but that is a lot of money.

Use the environment to your own advantage

Everybody knows that every part of the buildings in the game are fully destructible, but most people don’t learn to use it for their own advantage. Some Operators come with gadgets that can either blow up walls and floors or they could send grenades through the wall, into another room. You can also knock a small hole in the wall and get good shots on the enemies.

Everything you do that can give you an advantage while keeping you relatively safe is important to learn. Basically, your team is counting on you to stay alive to help the rest out so play safe and use everything you can to win the match. Maverick has a special torch that can burn through wood and metal, which you can use to get better angles on the enemy and the objective.

Add attachments to your guns

There are plenty of attachments to choose from and some are more likely to use specific ones. I know that I like having the same attachments on all the Operator’s weapons because it unifies everyone of them and it also is easier to learn. I use the same scope on every weapon and I also don’t use a laser sight because it generally distracts me and it is more annoying than helpful.

Try out all the attachments and place what you like on all the weapons you have unlocked. If you customize all your Operators beforehand, you won’t have to worry about doing it mid-match. It can be a challenge not to use attachments and I know some people who don’t use scopes, but they can help you a lot if you know exactly what to put on each weapon.

Play with friends

Playing with friends is the best way to have fun and do well in the game. If you have a full squad of five people and you are all talking with each other and giving directions, then you will have a better time. Have a plan when playing with your buddies because if you guys are all over the place and not working together as a team, you will be destroyed.

Place yourselves in good spots around the objective or be tactical in the way you attack. Either way, you have to have a plan and know exactly how to go about each situation because you will lose if you don’t know how to respond. If you can play with friends, then why not. Also, try to pick Operators that work well with each other because if you are gonna work as a team, you don’t need someone running off and getting themselves get killed. That will handicap your team in the end.

Use all the defenses your operator has

When you are defending, every Operator has at least 2 wall defenses when you start. That is not counting the Operator defenses that you choose as well. There are Operators that have electric Barbed Wire, cameras, proximity mines, and much more. Just make sure you put down all your defenses in well-placed areas and destroy the enemy cameras so you don’t get spotted.

Always check to see if you left anything out and that you are using everything you can to help defend the objective. Same with the attackers, you are going to want to use as many things as you can to get through the traps and walls placed down by the defenders. Always use breaching charges and you could distract the enemies by placing it on one window and making them look at the breached wall. Always be very smart about every move you make.

Use good headphones

Sound is the most important aspect of this game because you can hear everything that is happening. From the sound qeues, you can know exactly where someone is and how they are entering the building. The louder something is, the closer it is to you. If you want to do well in the game, then use really good headphones because the better your sound quality, the faster you can react to different sounds. I use HyperX Cloud Alphas and they are great headphones for sound. If you want to check them out, go to this Amazon link here and look at them for yourself.

If your entire team has good sound, then you can tell each other just how close or far the enemy is from you. The main thing is talking to each other. Also, make sure you have good mics to and turn them up higher than the game so you can hear them talk locations. Always use good sound, not only to do better but to have a better experience in the game.

Know the maps inside and out

Playing regular multiplayer is probably the best way to learn the maps since the maps change every match that you play. Don’t expect to know all the layouts and locations the first couple of levels because it takes a while to master the game in general. Multiplayer is good because you can have fun playing the game with friends and you can also learn the maps at the same time. Just don’t take it too seriously because you will get mad if you do.

Playing Terrorist hunt and exploring is also another great way to do so because they are all the same maps from multiplayer ready for you to easily run around and find the secret spots to get into any area. Also, there are a lot of Operators that can blow or break holes in walls and the developers keep adding more. It is funny because there are soo many Operators, after a match, the map looks nothing like when you started it. Always search for new ways to easily take out the enemy.


In conclusion, Rainbow Six: Siege is not an easy game to be good at. It takes time and practice to be as good as some of those streamers and esports players out there. I would say that the gameplay is insanely fun if both teams are balanced, but most of the time my team and I go up against teams that are insanely good. Don’t worry if you go against a good team because if you have patience and skill, you won’t be dropping your K/D ratio any time soon. Have fun playing and don’t give up because someday you will thank yourself for sticking with to become a great Rainbow Six player.