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How to Keep Track of Bosses and Quests in Elden Ring (5 Ways)

How to Keep Track of Bosses and Quests in Elden Ring (5 Ways)

Elden Ring is a massive game; keeping track of everything in it can be extremely difficult. When it comes to quests, there isn’t a quest tracker built into the game, so it is your job to figure out what you need to do and where you need to go. You need to pay attention to the NPC dialogue because you will have difficulty figuring out what to do if you miss something.

There are 5 main ways to keep track of bosses and quests. You must follow the quest immediately, fight the bosses, use the in-game icon system, take notes, or consult the Wiki. Some of these options are easier than others, but these are the only ways to keep track of everything in the game.


This guide explains the best methods for remembering and tracking quest progression in Elden Ring, which can otherwise seem tedious.

1. Use the In-game Icon System

Elden Ring Promotional Wallpaper

There are many ways you can keep track of things in the game. The developers put out an update showing the NPCs’ locations on your map once you find them.

This is a great addition because it can be confusing without a journal to determine where each one is located. There isn’t one for bosses as of yet, but that would be nice to show located bosses on the map as well.

But we should not expect FromSoftware to add such trackers to this, considering it has never been their style. They expect you to be vigilant while exploring the world and interacting with quest-giving NPCs. Another reason for such a design is that it encourages the community to come together and help each other, especially through different Wikis, forums, and guides.

These games are made to entice your curiosity and follow the breadcrumbs instead of relying on huge markers pointing to your next objective. That’s what it is, man. For many, this is what makes these games amazing.

Custom Markers

Use the In-game Icons

The only built-in system you can use to keep track of anything in this game is through the map markers. You can access them in the map menus.

Elden Ring has one of the best custom map marker systems I have ever experienced in a game. There are tons of these markers with different icons. And the best part is you can place 100 markers from the get-go.

You can place these icons on locations you want to revisit or remember a point of interest. For example, I used to place the skull marker on bosses I couldn’t defeat yet. You can essentially create your map legend using these markers.


Elden Ring’s map is huge, and there will be many places you will have to keep returning to, either after acquiring certain items or when you have leveled up. Getting used to placing the map markers will greatly aid your exploration, and you shouldn’t ignore this feature.

2. Follow the Quest Right Away

Follow the Quests

The best option you can do is to follow the quest right after you talk to an NPC. If you move on to something else after talking to them, you might forget about the quest entirely.

Frankly speaking, this is easier said than done. Many quests will instruct you to progress to other locations where you will most likely be under-leveled. Also, most quests have many fail states, so if you have no idea, your oblivious progression might ruin a questline.

You can apply this strategy for some early quests, which are restricted to early locations; however, the elaborate ones will as more from you. We will present the solution to this problem later, so sit tight.

3. Try and Defeat the Boss Right Away

Fight The Bosses

This is the same as the quests. You might find a golden mist and be hesitant to enter it. If you do move away, note where it is so you can return later. We would highly recommend you give the boss a shot. Most bosses have a Stake of Marika outside the boss room, so you can just respawn.

Just make sure to use up all your Runes first so you don’t lose them, or you can even get the Tear that stops you from losing Runes when you die. This is extremely important because if you have many Runes, you can fight the boss without losing them.


Always try and fight a boss when you see one because they might be easier than you think.

4. Take Notes

We know this is a little weird, and most people won’t do this, but if you have a note-taking option, this is probably your best option to remember stuff. It might be a little odd, but it is worth doing so that you don’t miss anything along the way.

Having a place where you can write down your encounters will untangle all the strings this game will inevitably confuse you with.

It seems very old-school, but it helps much more than you think. Every note you write down is helpful in its way, and you can cross off anything you complete. If you don’t feel like writing stuff down on paper, use something like Notepad to have everything logged for your playthrough.

5. Use the Wiki

Use the Wiki

The Elden Ring Wiki is the best way to keep track of everything in Elden Ring. Be aware that going through the Wiki might reveal some sensitive spoiler information, so tread carefully if you worry about such things. I use this method a lot as it somewhat helps streamline the game and progression.

Now that the community has fully explored the game, the Elden Ring Wiki has a robust Game Progression guide/walkthrough. The many advantages of using the Wiki are:

  • It will help you keep track of all the bosses in a location
  • What level should you be on when you reach a certain region
  • Key Items to get hold of
  • NPCs to talk to and their quest requirements

Important Wiki Pages to Utilize

To make things easier for you, I will link the most important Wiki pages from where you keep track of everything significant:

  • Game Progression Route: This will have the whole beat-by-beat guide to the game. And the best part is there aren’t many spoilers if you use this compared to the separate walkthrough. It will list each NPC, Item, and even gear.
  • Side Quest and NPC: If you don want to be told how to play the game, you should use these two pages. It will educate you on all the required steps in a particular side quest or NPC’s storyline. There are more chances for spoilers here, but hey, you can at least explore as you want.
  • Interactive Map: This is a great addition to keeping track of everything in the game. Almost everything in the game is marked on this map. You can use it to find something particular or even discover things you might have missed in the previous areas.

    You enable and disable most map legends according to your needs, making it an exceptional exploration tool, especially for completionists like me.

Why is There No Quest Tracker?

There is only 1 reason why FromSoft didn’t put a quest tracker in the game. It is because they didn’t want to put one in the game. The Dark Souls games and other titles didn’t have any quest tracker. We realize this game needs it more than ever, but it is the Developer’s decision only. Yes, it would be nice, but it would make the game easier if they did add one.

We are totally for them not putting one in the game because it gives it that sense that you can do whatever you want.

You create your paths with things, and you are the one to figure out what you need to do next. Each NPC gives you some information on what to do next, and all you need to do is explore until you find the next part of your quest.


It is pretty refreshing with the number of quests in the game because it makes for some insane replayability. If you start another playthrough, that playthrough will not be the same as the first. You will find new things you have never seen before, and it is worth not having a quest tracker for that very reason.

Should They Add Boss Trackers?

Should they Add a Boss Tracker?

They should add boss trackers to the game, similar to how the NPCs have their trackers. Every time you find a boss, it should show on the map. No, not the questlines, the bosses. If you find a boss inside a cave or even one out in the overworld, you should be able to see where it is without placing a marker down.

That is the only tracker they should add, or if they do add quest trackers, make it so you can turn it off. You should be able to customize what you see on your map, but it’s not a big deal. The game is perfect how it is now, and we wouldn’t have it any other way, but a boss tracker would be a cool addition.

The lack of tracking has always been a FromSoft problem for many new players looking to get into these games. However, once you get past the learning curve of this design choice, you will be hooked to it and won’t demand any tracking.

Elden Ring, just like any other From Software game, is an acquired taste, and only the players with the finest palettes will enjoy it.