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How to change Blood Color in PUBG (Easy Guide)

How to change Blood Color in PUBG (Easy Guide)

PUBG is aesthetically and somewhat mechanically a realistic battle royale compared to the likes of Fortnite etc. For this reason, the whole map has a realistic color scheme like brown ground, white-ish buildings, and general splashes of grays and tans sprinkled all over.

With a map so grand and with such colors, it can get hard for some players to register whether they have hit their target from long distances due to the camouflage-y nature of the red blood spray. So how can you change the blood color in PUBG?

To change the blood color in PUBG, you can go to Settings then the Gameplay tab, and look for the Color Blind Mode option. There, you can change the blood color to either Deuteranopia for Pink color, Protanopia for Blue color, or Tritanopia for Orange color.

Blood in PUBG

Blood in PUBG

As with most shooters, PUBG also has blood that sprays out of enemies or yourself when shot. This simple mechanic not only adds realism to a gunfight but also helps players acknowledge whether they have hit their desired target.

The default blood color in this game is red, cause we are humans in the end I guess. It is a color that sometimes can get lost in the general aesthetics of the game whereby losing out on the information of a successful hit. This is an annoyance for many. Other players are simply looking to add “color” to this rather drab game.

Whether it’s the ease of spotting a hit, the need for more color or you suffer from certain color blindness there are a few other options in the game that allow you to change the color of blood in PUBG.

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Changing Blood Color on PC and Console

On PC and Console versions of the game, you can change the blood color by tweaking the Color Blind Mode settings. This option is primarily there for people who have different forms of colorblindness. However, other players can utilize these settings to make the blood color more visible and to their liking.

PC and console colorblind mode

Follow the steps below to change the blood color:

  • Go to the Settings.
  • Select the Gameplay tab.
  • Navigate to the UI section and look for the Colorblind Mode option. From here you can select either of the 4 options. These options and the color they turn the blood into are:
    • Normal” is the default red blood.
    • Deuteranopia” makes blood pink.
    • Protanopia” makes blood blue.
    • Tritanopia” makes blood orange.

The Colorblind Mode will also change the color of the UI and other things like smoke color, minimap markers, trajectory indicators, poison, incoming fire indicators, and the Red Zone. So if you are not bothered by these changes then by all means go for it.

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Changing Blood Color on Mobile

On Mobile, there are two ways you can go about changing the blood color.

Mobile color blind mode

The first way is similar to the PC version, you have to find the Colorblind Mode. You can do this by:

  • Go to Settings.
  • Select the Graphics tab.
  • Scroll down to find the Colorblind Mode. The same 4 options as PC are available here too with similar changes to the blood color.
  • Select the one that best suits your needs and exit.

If you are not satisfied with the slew of other color changes that comes with the colorblind mode then there is another way to change the blood color.

hit effect

This is called the Hit effect and is found under the Effect Settings tab in Settings. It will only change the color of the blood spray upon hit.

However, there are only a few color choices in this setting and none of them are as vibrant as the previous ones. So you might want to stick to the colorblind mode for a more pronounced blood color/effect.

All these blood color-changing settings can be done while playing the game. Experiment with the ones you like the most or that are easily identifiable. It can prove to be quite helpful during long-range gunfights.