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Can you play Elder Scrolls Online solo?

Can you play Elder Scrolls Online solo?

The Elder Scrolls Online is perhaps one of the most popular MMORPGs that you can get into right now. And playing with other people is a major feature of the game. However, you might still wonder, “How much of the game can be completed solo?” In this article, I’ll answer this exact query.

Yes, everything in the Elder Scrolls Online or ESO can be played and completed Solo. The only exception to this is the highest level Veteran Dungeons and 12-man player Trials.

Even as a Solo player, there is a lot of content that is available to you. Although you might still be worried about specific instances of content, and whether dungeons and other such group content can be done solo. If you’re wondering these things then keep reading on to learn the answers!

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Content in the Elder Scrolls Online That Can Be Completed Solo?

Promotion Image - The Elder Scrolls Online
Promotion Image – The Elder Scrolls Online

Considering how much of the content can be completed solo, I believe the far more pertinent response to this question is to describe first what cannot be completed solo. The Elder Scrolls Online gives players a huge array of spells, equipment, skills, and statistics to fiddle around with and create their ultimate character.

Nonetheless, certain content in the game is simply gated around the fact that the game is an MMORPG. A Massive Multiplayer game thus requires players to engage with other players to achieve certain End Game objectives. The most difficult of which is the 12-Player Trial zones found throughout the game.

These Trial zones are notoriously difficult and are tuned for high-level groups of 12 players to progress through and complete. You can surely attempt to complete these trials by yourself, but you will not have the numerical strength needed to defeat some of the greater monsters and bosses.

So now let’s delve into content that you will be able to complete by yourself within the game. It’s important to note that the only significant chunk you cannot do solo is End Game content. Whereas several additional activities, quests, and events within the game can be done without another player.

Story Content and Questing

Firesong DLC - The Elder Scrolls Online
Firesong DLC – The Elder Scrolls Online

The Elder Scrolls series has always had rich and celebrated Main Story content. This is no different for Elder Scrolls Online. Simply put, the game has a deep and rich questing experience that is completely voice-acted and brimming with immersion. The best part? It can be completed entirely by yourself.

The Elder Scrolls Online storyline occurs before the events of both Elder Scrolls: Oblivion and Elder Scrolls: Skyrim, and thus has a massive chunk of content and plenty of areas for you to explore. Regardless, of how you choose to interact with the story, it will be gripping and you can enjoy it.

The Main Story Quests, Faction Quests, DLC Quests, Chapter Quests, and Side Quests can all be done solo. These missions do not bombard you with overpowered enemies and do not impose an incredibly taxing challenge on the player.

You will be quite reasonably able to conquer everything with a good build and the right tactical maneuvers during play.

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Open World Zones

Galen Zone - The Elder Scrolls Online
Galen Zone – The Elder Scrolls Online

The Elder Scrolls Online has vast open-world zones that make up the majority of the explorable content within the game. These large, spreading, areas include invigorating and exciting sections of the map from Skyrim, Morrowind, Grahtwood, Summerset, and many other notable zones from the Elder Scrolls franchise.

Each of these zones is brimming with discoverable towns, cities, dungeons, bosses, and monsters to defeat and overcome. There are a rich set of puzzles and various landmarks that can be approached from any angle that you choose and a pervasive sense of adventure wherever you go.

The best part? All of this content is completely soloable. You do not need the aid of another player, although you certainly have the option to team up if you so choose. This is perhaps the easiest content in the game and regardless of your skill level, you will find it enjoyable and engaging to complete.

Dungeons and Delves

Delves – The Elder Scrolls Online

Two types of dungeons exist within the Elder Scrolls Online. The first type is the Delves, which are perhaps the easiest form of Dungeon content within the game. They are small simple caves or mines that you can defeat in a matter of minutes. Easily solo-able content for you to enjoy.

The second type of dungeon is the Public Dungeon which is a step above the Delves in the sense of their difficulty. These are usually larger in scale and have a wider variety of grouped enemies, and multiple bosses in different locations. This type of content is still completely solo-able because of the ease of the enemies, their low HP, and the high amount of damage you can deal.

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Orsinium Maelstrom Arena
Orsinium Maelstrom Arena – The Elder Scrolls Online

Currently, there are two challenging Solo Arenas called Maelstrom Arena and Vateshran Hollows Arena. These arenas each have two different modes, Normal and Vertern. That can scale the difficulty of the content. Although the Normal mode is completely doable by yourself.

The Veteran mode is far harder to complete. This challenge requires a solid build for you to complete, and you will need to increase your experience as a player before you’re able to complete this arena mode and obtain the rewards within. Various pieces of equipment, weapons, and skill bonuses can be used to make this easier for you.

As you can tell there is a wide variety of in-game content. The content can be completed solo in the Elder Scrolls Online. You do not need another player to complete any of the content we mentioned above and can play through the entire story without ever needing to interact with another player.