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How To Get Infinite Ammo in Resident Evil 7

How To Get Infinite Ammo in Resident Evil 7

Resident Evil 7 will constantly keep you on your toes by drip-feeding ammo to your arsenal. You will have to keep micro-managing your gun usage to avoid running out of bullets at inopportune times. Your back will always be against the ropes, and you will always feel underpowered. But a special item in Resident Evil 7 will alleviate these concerns and make you a badass with Infinite Ammo.

To get the Infinite Ammo item in Resident Evil 7, you need to end the game on Madhouse Difficulty. Once you have ended the game on this difficulty when you start a new game, the Infinite Ammo item will be available in the Item Box. Simply transfer it to your inventory, and viola, you have unlimited ammunition.


Let’s go through this detailed guide to find out how to unlock Infinite Ammo in Resident Evil 7 and whether it has any prerequisites.

Unlocking Infinite Ammo in Resident Evil 7

Infinite Ammo Resident Evil 7

“An infinite amount of ammo. It’ll never run out no matter how much you use.”

Inventory description

The Infinite Ammo is a special bonus item (which can be considered a cheat) that unlocks after clearing the RE7 on Madhouse difficulty. FYI, the Madhouse Difficulty is opened after you have completed the game on either of the two lower difficulties i.e. Easy and Normal, or by purchasing certain DLCs.

If you haven’t already guessed, this item does exactly what the name suggests. It provides an unlimited number of ammunition for all the guns so you can shoot them without any worry of ever running out.

Item Box
Item Box


Transfer ammo to inventory.
Transfer Infinite Ammo to Inventory

Once unlocked and on subsequent playthroughs, players will find the Infinite Ammo in the Item Box, and if they discard it, it will refresh in the box. However, for the Infinite Ammo to work, players must first move it into their inventory.


The Infinite Ammo can be used with all weapons except the Remote Bomb. It removes the necessity of carrying different types of ammunition for each weapon, including enhanced ammo and various grenade rounds.

Madhouse Difficulty

Since you have to finish the game on Madhouse Difficulty, let’s go over how it is unlocked and what exactly makes this difficulty even more challenging.

Difficulty options in Resident Evil 7

Madhouse mode introduces a gameplay experience that is markedly distinct from the previous difficulty levels in the main game. This results in a considerably more demanding and intense gameplay experience.

The crucial differences are:

  • The enemies in Madhouse mode are significantly more powerful and formidable, frequently employing their stronger attacks.
  • Players will encounter more enemies compared to previous difficulty levels.
  • Certain scripted events that trigger enemy spawns after acquiring Key Items or unlocking new areas will be slightly changed.
  • Players will now encounter enemies later in the game, such as Quick Molded, much earlier in Madhouse mode.
  • Saving the game at video recorders now requires the use of Cassette Tapes.
  • The game will feature more Antique Coins, which are hidden in various objects throughout the game’s locations.
  • Certain Key Items now require Antique Coins to unlock instead of being found in their respective rooms.
  • Bird cages containing Power Up Coins to boost the player’s stats are now found in the Main Hall.
  • Resources such as weapon ammunition and items are now harder to locate in Madhouse mode.
  • The Separating Agent is more commonly found in this mode. It requires the player to carefully manage their resources and sacrifice them wisely to craft other resources. Lastly, autosaves occur less frequently in Madhouse mode.

You find this amazing item very late in the game. However, the sheer coolness of it and the ability to make you feel like Rambo is not lost. You can go guns blazing into the Baker Home and show that freaky family who’s the boss.