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How to Destroy an Armored Wall in Rust (4 Easy Ways)

How to Destroy an Armored Wall in Rust (4 Easy Ways)

If you’re a new Rust player or someone returning after a while, you want the easiest methods to get good at the game. One aspect of that is learning how to destroy an Armored wall. In this article, we’ll be discussing just that. 

Numerous tools can be used effectively to destroy an Armored Wall in Rust. The amount of each required varies depending on their power. Generally, you can destroy Armored walls through: 

  1. Use C4s or Timed Explosive Charges.
  2. Launch Rockets at Stone walls to destroy them.
  3. The Satchel Charge can destroy Stone walls.
  4. Smash through the Stone walls using a Jackhammer.

Building your base can be very frustrating, especially if you place down a wall and find that you misplaced it. If you miss the timer to destroy it for free, here is how to efficiently demolish your walls in Rust.

Why Are Armored Walls So Hard To Destroy? 

Several factors make Armored Walls extremely durable, but within this section, we’ll be exploring a few that directly contribute to why people have such difficulty destroying them. And why you should consider using them in your games as well. 

The first reason Armored Walls are so incredibly robust is their massive HP pool, which is a whopping 2000. Each object in the game of Rust has an assigned HP value. You whittle this down if you hit the object with a weapon, but with such stats, it’s hard to get through.  

Armored Walls can take up to 12 hours to properly begin to decay. This means that these walls, if not attacked, will retain their maximum HP value for 12 hours. Most walls crumble twice within this time frame, but Armored Walls stay strong. 

The third reason is their high defense statistic. Although not entirely fire resistant as the Stone Wall, the high values of defense give quite a significant bump to the overall defense capabilities of the Armored Walls. 

So no wonder they are used to protect some of the most valuable loot that other players can have. And you should consider using these walls for yourself to safeguard your most important items and equipment.  

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How To Destroy an Armored Wall in Rust? 

One disadvantage of Armored Walls is that they are very expensive to set up and upkeep. If you can destroy someone’s armored wall, you’ve dealt a massive blow to their resources. And have far greater access to their stash than they would like. 

We shall be discussing four key ways that are simple and effective in destroying Armored Walls and giving you a breakdown of just how many items you would need to achieve it. 

1. How To Use a C4 to Destroy an Armored Wall? 

One of the easiest ways to destroy Armored walls in Rust is using C4s or Timed Explosive Charges. It is a common explosive item that is found in many different games. But in Rust, you must craft it after collecting materials and a blueprint. 

Timed Explosive Charges are extremely effective and, at the highest level, an essential raiding item. Any good Rust player will have a decent item supply within their inventory. They can be thrown towards structures such as walls, doors, floors, etc., and once deployed, will explode soon after. 

Timed Explosive Charges primarily damage whatever structure the explosive is attached to and is dependable.  It deals the most explosive damage out of all other similar items within the game. And is excellent at removing unwanted neighbors.

How Many C4s Do You Need For an Armored Wall? 

We know that C4s have the highest explosive power within Rust. They are also extremely dependable and do not stop their countdown or malfunction. So far as that is true, how many would you need to blow up an Armored wall? 

As of right now, you will need 8 C4s, or Timed Explosive Charges, to destroy an Armored wall. This also comes with a massive Sulfur cost of 17,600 and an additional cost of 480 fuel items.

Although this method is easiest to execute, going around and getting the items and resources necessary to perform such a task is a harrowing journey. This is why this method is best left up to late-game ventures. 

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2. How to Use a Rocket Launcher to Destroy Armored Walls? 

Rocket launchers are very deadly because they shoot rockets at people and structures. These rockets do massive HP and structural damage, and if you end up picking one up can be a game changer for you in a Rust game.

Rockets can be launched at a large speed but can fall slightly because of in-game gravity physics. We suggest you be careful when aiming the Rocket launcher at buildings because it can backfire, or you might lose valuable resources.

How Many Rockets Do You Need For an Armored Wall?

If you’re planning to attack an Armored Wall with a Rocket Launcher, then you will need to make sure that you have enough stock of rockets to completely take it down. We warn that using rockets in this manner has a massive sulfur cost. 

To destroy n Armored Wall, you will need 15 Rockets. If you’re using MRLS Rockets, then you will only need to use 12 rockets as they have greater explosive power. You will need 21,000 Sulfur and 45o Fuel to carry out this method. 

3. How To Use A Satchel Charge To Destroy an Armored Wall?

Although not as reliable as C4s, you can also use a Satchel Charge to destroy Armored Walls. The Satchel Charge is a midgame raiding tool and extremely efficient in obliterating structures or buildings made by other players. 

All you have to do is place the Satchel charge in a location, and it becomes armed. After an unspecified amount of time, it will detonate. However, there is a slight caveat because sometimes the device will malfunction and will need to be reset. 

This is why in the minds of many Rust players, Satchel Charge isn’t as reliable as a regular C4 but can still be quite useful when used appropriately. 

How Many Satchels Do You Need For an Armored Wall? 

If you’re wondering how many Satchel Charges you will need to destroy an Armored, will then be prepared to be surprised. Not only is this item effective, but it also can be constructed for very few resources. 

You need 46 total Satchel Charges to absolutely demolish any Armored wall that you might face off against. In addition, if the charges function correctly, you can expect the wall to be destroyed within 1 min 16 seconds. It costs 22,080 Sulfur. 

The tool is capable of being incredibly useful, and learning how to use it can be quite the advantage for you.

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4. How To Use a Jackhammer To Destroy an Armored Wall? 

The Jackhammer is perhaps the best melee weapon that you can use to destroy Armored walls in Rust. The reason is that it is available early in the game and has some incredible durability stats. Along with being easy to access once it becomes available.  

How Many Jackhammers Do You Need For an Armored Wall? 

You can destroy a Stone wall with only 49 Jackhammers, and it is a significant time investment to be carried out properly. It might take over an hour of constant attacks to finally break the armored wall with even the best melee weapon. Hence it isn’t very advisable to do so. 

But the best part of this method is that it will not cost you any valuable sulfur or fuel to accomplish. The Jackhammer is completely a melee weapon. You can find the Jackhammer in tool crates and/or sunken crates. It can also be easily repaired at a repair bench or completely replenished at a workbench. It is the cheapest method on this list.

What Is The Cheapest Way To Get Through A Wooden Wall? 

A commonly asked question in addition to how to destroy Armored walls is what to do about Wooden Walls. They aren’t the most durable structures in the game, but dealing with them can get expensive if you do not know what you’re doing. 

Within this section, we’ll be directly answering how precisely you can break through a Wooden wall and spend the least resources. We will be basing our answer on the amount of sulfur that this method will cost you, and thus you should be careful regarding the supply of sulfur you have.

The cheapest method to get through a Wooden wall is by using our Explosive Rounds and shooting at the structure we want to destroy. To be more precise, you will also need 48 explosive rounds. This will total your overall cost to a measly 1200 Sulfur.

Attack the Wooden Wall with some Explosive Rounds of both items, and you will shred through the Wooden wall. 

The 4 Easy peasy methods that we know how to destroy Armored walls. We hope this article will enlighten you in being more mindful of your resources in Rust. And become better, more efficient players.