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Who To Choose in Redfall (Characters Ranked)

Who To Choose in Redfall (Characters Ranked)

Redfall is different from past Arcane titles in that it features four unique characters each having their own individual skills and abilities. While each character in Redfall can use any weapon type, their unique skills and powers really tailor them to different playstyles. You would want to be aware of this before hopping into Redfall.

There are 4 characters in Redfall, and each one is created with co-op in mind. This game can be played solo as well, so an offensive character like Devinder does really shine. Remi is the perfect co-op partner to have on your team with her ability to quickly heal/revive.


Let’s take a detailed look at all the playable characters in Redfall and help you decide which one is going to be the best choice for you.

Character Consideration

Redfall Characters

All characters in Redfall are a hybrid of offensive and mobility potential, making each of them viable for different playstyles. This is an intentional design decision to make playing solo a more rewarding experience.

However, combining one character’s powers with another is where you’ll really get some powerful combinations that are incredibly effective against the vampire threat.

Do keep this in mind as how you can combine some of these abilities will ultimately impact your personal character choice and the fact that you are playing solo or co-op.

4. Layla Ellison

Layla Ellison - Redfall Characters

Layla Ellison is a fun offensive support hybrid. She is a biomedical student on the island of Redfall and signed up for medical trials hosted by the now-evil corporation to alleviate some of her college debt. These experiments went terribly wrong and left her with telekinetic abilities.

Her first ability, Lift, is a telekinetic lift/elevator that can boost herself or her fellow co-op players into the air. This can be used to either get out of Dodge or allow characters like Jacob to reach a better sniping position.

Her second ability Umbrella creates a shield in front of her that will block attacks for both herself and her teammates before it gets launched back at enemies to deal damage. This can be upgraded to increase the amount of damage it does based on the amount of damage it absorbs while active.

Lastly, her ultimate ability is her Vampire Ex-boyfriend! Layla’s ex-boyfriend was killed by vampires on Redfall but thankfully he’s not one of the bad ones. Her boyfriend Jason can be summoned to deal massive damage to enemies, jumping quickly from one to the next performing melee attacks.


Unlike Bribón who’s constantly present, the Vampire Ex-boyfriend is not a companion and will disappear after his timer expires but upgrades can be used to keep him around longer or provide additional damaging effects.

3. Jacob Boyer

Jacob Boyer - Redfall Characters

Jacob Boyer is a supernatural sniper. He was a former soldier-for-hire. Jacob and his unit were sent to Redfall where he got separated from his fellow operators.

Some supernatural weirdness ensued which we won’t spoil here and as a result, he acquired a psychic raven and a strange eye. Those who have an inclination towards stealth sniping and unraveling his mystery should play as Jacob.

His first major ability is to command his Raven to mark the enemy’s positions for other players. Co-op parties might think of ways to pair this ability to locate enemies with Remy’s power to distract them or move them into the open to set up deadly combos.

The Raven can even be upgraded to fly directly into enemies dealing damage as well providing an additional offensive utility to this tactical power.

His second ability Cloak is quite self-explanatory. This lets you get in and out real sneaky-like or just lets you scout ahead to see the layout of enemies particularly useful in interiors. While cloaked you also get a boost to movement speed.

This cloak is active for a certain period of time although it is possible to upgrade it to last longer and even let you fire more shots before it expires.

He lacks any sort of vertical mobility options which is why a partner like Layla can be very beneficial to provide high ground for long-distance shots.

His ultimate, Heartstopper, lets him summon a supernatural sniper that fires with unbridled accuracy targeting enemies’ heads automatically.

This isn’t a foolproof method, you can still miss some of your headshots but the uncanny level of aimbot accuracy and increased damage it provides can help to clear a lot of enemies very quickly. Even vampires do not require to be staked with this gun.

2. Remi De La Rosa

Remi De La Rosa

Remi De la Rosa is a combat engineer and robotics specialist with a motivation to protect those around her due to her time spent rescuing in the Coast Guard.

Her knowledge and expertise have allowed her to build a loyal companion in the form of Bribón, a decoy and attack robot, and a faithful friend.

Remi’s first ability is a C4 Charge which offers both offensive and mobility options. Aside from its pretty obvious blast damage, the C4 can also be used to launch Remi into the air without any friendly/self-damage.

This can be used to reach higher elevations and get better angles on enemies or to bail when things start getting a bit dicey.

Her second ability Siren allows Bribón to catch the attention of nearby enemies allowing a perfect opportunity to distract all at once. You can get a bit creative with this.

Use it to lure some enemies out from around a corner, if you have a Jacob in your team perched up on a roof in the distance, he could use his ultimate then to take all of them out at once. The teamplay potentials are many here, with other characters as well.

Bribón also has the capability to shoot using a turret at enemies. It can also be upgraded to deal some offensive damage to nearby enemies by blowing itself up.

Finally Remi’s ultimate is called Mobilize which allows her to heal herself and nearby allies rapidly while providing a much-needed level of tanky-ness to the party.

More importantly, Mobilize can instantly revive any downed allies nearby which will undoubtedly make you one of the more popular characters if you are playing in a co-op situation.

1. Devinder Crousley

Devinder Crousley - Redfall Characters

Devinder is a cryptozoologist making him just as interested in studying the vampire as he is in surviving Redfall mostly to get his book published with first-hand experiences as a Paranormal Investigator.

His interests lead him to become an inventor, where he uses his handmade gadgets against the vampire threat. Devender has many offensive and crowd-control abilities making him vital when things get out of hand.

His first ability the Arc Javelin throws an electrical spear that’s going to emit an AOE chain lightning attack that shocks enemies that are caught in its radius and stunning them briefly. You can impale enemies with the spear and the javelin can be used to take them out quickly or stun them giving you some brief breathing room. Upgrades to the ability include an increase in its duration, the damage it does, the number of enemies it can hit, and the radius it reaches.


Devinder’s second ability has been equated to Blink from the Dishonored series called Translocate. It’s a teleporter pad that can be thrown in a visible arc letting you close large gaps quickly or reach higher locations with ease.

This ability open up some incredible maneuvers for Devinder. Like if you’re trying to sneak behind some enemies or follow up quickly with his ultimate ability to get an early jump on them.

His ultimate Blacklight is a UV light thingy that he thrusts into the ground and “UV ray freezing” enemies in their place enabling you to take them out with ease. Blacklight can be upgraded to improve the reach, distance, width, the duration enemies remain petrified. The most exciting upgrade is the ability to make it explode and end any enemies that are caught in the chaos.


Of course, all the characters in Redfall are great in their own right and do bring something to the table for the entire squad to capitalize upon.

For the overall win, we will have to go for Devinder since his freeform mobility and offensive capabilities are unparalleled in both co-op and solo settings. While Remi is great for those co-op sessions specifically owing to her healing ultimate and her companion’s distracting potential.

Jacob is a great character but his zero mobility skills drop him lower in ranking. Although his ghostly sniper is almost like cheating level good.

Layla is good too but her kit has nothing that stands out. Her only great skill is Lift which the entire team can use to get to higher places.