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How to Keep Villagers Out of Your House in Minecraft

How to Keep Villagers Out of Your House in Minecraft

Minecraft is one of the most played games of all time and because of that, many people are asking a lot of questions. If you make a house in a Village, you are going to have a bunch of random Villagers coming and going from your house if you don’t know how to keep them out.

There are a bunch of ways to keep Villagers out of your house: place inverted doors, use iron doors or fence gates, wall off your house, or make a unique way in so they can’t get in.

All these ways will be described later on in this article so if you want to know more, make sure to read on to find out.

How to keep Villager out of your house

Here are all the ways you can keep Villagers from coming into your house:

1. Place your Doors inverted

If you place your door so that when it is closed normally, it is open, and when it is open normally, it is closed. The easiest way to do this is to place it at an angle so that the door places down in a weird spot.

You know you did it right if the door is open when you place it down. It is very odd, but the Villagers get confused and don’t want to go through the door.

2. Use an Iron Door

Using an Iron Door is probably one of the easiest ways to lock them out because Villagers can’t open Iron Doors without a pressure plate. If you do place down these doors, make sure to use buttons or levers because Villagers can’t click them.

There have been times during modded Minecraft where they can open Iron Doors so just to be clear, we are talking about Vanilla Minecraft here.

3. Build a Redstone Piston Door

This is the most difficult way to make a door, but it is cool, and it does keep Villagers out. You can build some sort of Redstone Piston Door that can only be opened by a lever or button. You can definitely make it work if it is built with the rest of the structure in mind.

4. Use a Fence Gate as a Door

Using a Fence Gate is an odd way to make a door, but it does work. If you don’t mind having the gaps in between the fence pieces, then it might be a good option for you.

The Villagers can’t open them and they don’t attract zombies. They are a little awkward to open so if you aren’t used to it, then you might want to try another way.

5. Wall off your house

Using Fences or Cobblestone Walls is the best way to stop Villagers from coming in. You don’t even need to put a gate down because you can just place down some wool over the wall and it will allow you to easily jump over it.

6. Make a unique entrance to your house

The most fun way to make a door is the do something different with your entrance. You can make an elevator, or even use a slime block to jump to the entrance. It is entirely up to you and as long as you place the entrance away from the Villagers, they won’t even get close to it.