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How to Easily Get Garage Doors in Rust

How to Easily Get Garage Doors in Rust

In Rust, players can create multiple structures to protect themselves from enemies and threats. There is a multitude of building types to use, and deploy. However, a building cannot be constructed out of scrap. 

You need to gather resources, add functionalities, and secure your base. To begin building a base, one needs to lay a proper foundation then place walls and accessories. Doors must also be placed inside the frames to grant access inside. 

There are multiple kinds of doors available to deploy in Rust and the Garage Door is one of them. It doesn’t have any wings and is highly resistant against multiple sources of damage. However, it can be hard to get garage doors in Rust due to their rarity. 

You will need to research as much as possible before gambling all your scrap on the workbench. This will save you a decent amount when it comes to getting garage doors. Alternatively, you can also trade for Garage doors in Rust. 

Researching without a proper plan can cost you a lot. Therefore, it is recommended to learn the basics of this mechanic before betting everything on a garage door. 

Garage Doors in Rust

A Garage Door is one of the many deployable structures available in Rust. It can be placed in a wall frame and possesses no wings. Therefore, there are no costs associated with the opening and closing of this structure. 

Furthermore, the door rolls up and down to open and close. It can be crafted from the following:

  • 300 Metal Fragments
  • 2 Gear

How to Obtain a Garage Door

To craft a garage door, one requires a blueprint. It is a one-time purchase that can enable you to craft as many Garage Doors as you want. You will need to use a research table to roll a garage door blueprint.

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Use a Research Table

A research table is a system in Rust that can create blueprints by consuming Scrap. However, you will need to have the desired item. By feeding in a garage door and 75 Scrap, you get the ability to create as many garage doors as you want. 

Research tables can be found in monuments and are extremely useful for your base. Here is the official description:

“You can use this table to learn how to permanently craft items you have found in exchange for scrap.”

How Durable is a Garage Door?

A Garage door has total durability of 600 units and can withstand up to 9 satchel charges. Unlike other doors, there is no weak side in a Garage Door. Therefore, you can aim anywhere since every side will take the same amount of damage.

All in all, a garage door is not as durable as a sheet metal double door but it can be a good bang for your buck. You need doors to go in and out of your buildings. 

Therefore, it is recommended to place a decent door to avoid any weak spots that could be exploited during a breach.