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How to Find the Goblin Tinkerer in Terraria (Easy Guide)

How to Find the Goblin Tinkerer in Terraria (Easy Guide)

Terraria houses many unique and awe-inspiring environmental mechanics. However, there are times when such mechanics become a cause of concern among the players. Finding the Goblin Tinkerer is one of them.

The entire aspect of the mechanic is simple and as the name suggests, you just have to find the Goblin Tinkerer. However, this is easier said than done since the NPC un question can be located anywhere in the entire 2D world of Terraria. 

A Goblin Tinkerer will spawn in your world after the Goblin Army has been defeated once. You can look for him in the depth of the cavern biome. Talking to him will end the background quest and will enable him to join your world as an official NPC.

With that said, finding the Goblin Tinkerer is the hard part and you cannot talk to him unless you find him. Terraria doesn’t feature a medium of remote conversation with undiscovered NPCs. 

Who is the Goblin Tinkerer?

The Goblin Tinkerer is a tech-based NPC that sells unique wares including the Reforge functionality. He is present among all versions of Terraria and will spawn in your world once every enemy has been defeated. With that said, his unique reforge option can provide a decent set of capabilities for the player. 

Interesting Tidbit: The Goblin Tinkerer has a crush on the Mechanic. Consequently, she has a crush on him as well. 

What is the Reforge Function?

This option allows the player to randomize the Modifier for a specific weapon or accessory. This can be useful as it can make weaker items strong. However, there is a certain chance that the weaker items will become even weaker.

 Therefore, it is recommended to use this option only if you don’t care about the current stats of the said weapon. Much like Minecraft, the cost of this option is directly modified by the Goblin Tinkerer’s happiness threshold.

How to Keep Goblin Tinkerer Happy

The living conditions and the nearby residents are enough to keep an NPC happy in Terraria. With that said, here are the Goblin Tinkerer’s preferences for the Biomes and his Neighbours:

LikesUndergroundUnderground​CavernCavern​The UnderworldThe UnderworldPrincessPrincess
Dye TraderDye Trader

Finding The Goblin Tinkerer

There is no point in thinking ahead if you can’t even find the NPC first. A bound Goblin will automatically spawn near the player as you venture into the cavern layer. 

Therefore, it is recommended to mold the layer to make it big enough to find the Tinkerer by walking in a straight direction. However, this method can be time-consuming especially since you have probably not unlocked the Hardmode yet. 

With that said, here are some points to note while looking for the NPC:

  • Consume a  Hunter Potion: This potion will cause the bound Goblin to light up thereby making it easier to spot him in the underground darkness. However, it can also bite back as many sources of light can make it confusing to discern the NPC from the rest.
  • Limit Your Search: Spending multiple hours searching every nook and cranny is useless since the Goblin Tinkerer will always spawn near you. Therefore, limit your search to a single area but be sure to search it as thoroughly as possible. 
  • Head to the Dungeon: If you aren’t able to find the Tinkerer, then it’s time to switch locations. Bound NPCs are generally easier to find in the Underground dungeon due to their expansiveness and ease of navigation. 
  • Use a Lifeform Analyzer: This item can be purchased from a Traveling Merchant for 5 gold. A Lifeform Analyzer is the only item in the game that can detect bound NPCs including the Goblin Tinkerer.

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Needless to say, the mentioned methods will only make your job easier. However, finding the NPC is your task and there is no hidden lever to achieve that. Therefore, pay close attention to your surroundings whenever you head into the underground layer. 

How to Summon and Defeat the Goblin Army

The Goblin Tinkerer will not spawn unless the Goblin Army is defeated once. Therefore, if you haven’t already done that, here is your chance! For the goblin army to naturally summon, the following set of requirements need to be met:

  • It should be the start of the day (4:30 AM).
  • The player must be near the World Spawn Point (the 0,0 coordinates).
  • At least one Shadow Orb or Crimson Heart has experienced destruction.

Once the invasion begins, you will have to face around 80 base goblins spawning for as many as 5 at a time. This army will consist of 120 Goblins, but the multiplayer variant will scale for 40 goblins for every player with greater than 200 health. 

Fun Fact: You can have a total of 10,280 goblins in an invasion by having 255 players above 200 health. 

What Happens if the Goblin Tinkerer Dies After Being Freed?

Once the Goblin Tinkerer is freed, his status will change to a normal NPC. This entails that his death does not make him respawn as a captive. Rather, he will respawn just like any other NPC and won’t need to be freed again. 

With that said, you will need to have a suitable house for him to respawn. A suitable housing includes the following:

  • Enclosed space with walls at the back.
  • Table
  • Chair
  • A light source (A torch is commonly used)
  • Door

Interesting Fact: A Goblin Tinkerer along with Party Girl and Santa Clause are the only NPCs that remain in a normal state during blood moons. 

All in all, finding the Goblin Tinkerer should not take you more than 30 minutes. However, the mentioned methods can decrease this tie marginally. Therefore, don’t bother looking at every nook and cranny of your Terraria map. 

Instead, focus on small patches and build your search from there. Place the Goblin Tinkerer near the Mechanic to get the maximum value out of his Reforge function.