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Why Does Your Fishing Power Drop in Terraria?

Why Does Your Fishing Power Drop in Terraria?

Terraria features a unique and interactable sandbox where you can choose what you want to do. However, there are times when certain object interactions can feel perplexing. This happens because there are a lot of factors that influence your Terraria world in unique ways.

In Terraria, fishing provides various game resources, such as crafting materials and potions. There are tons of unique fish to catch during your progressions. Different echelons of fish can be caught upon reaching certain fishing power thresholds. 

The fishing power stat is extremely sensitive and can change with minor factors such as luck and seasons. There are ways to calculate your fishing power according to your environment. Alternatively, a drop can occur due to an inadequate fishing pond.


That said, we will cover all the factors that can influence your fishing power in Terraria. There is also a mathematical formula to calculate it if you do not own a fish power sensor. 

Factors that Affect Fishing Power in Terraria

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You are ready to catch your first fish because you have suitable fishing terrain and all the necessary materials. However, there are certain factors that you need to have in mind to find success in the act.

  • Accessories: Certain accessories in Terraria can boost your fishing power upon equipping. 
  • Potions: Similar to accessories, the potions can also increase your fishing power, albeit temporarily upon consumption. These potions can be bought directly from the Angler.
  • Time: A multiplicative percentage is applied to your fishing power depending on the time of the day. 
  • Fishing Equipment: One of the easiest to track influencers is your Fishing poles and Bait. The change is marginal compared to other factors and can be tracked through the fish power sensor.

Hidden Factors 

Here are the elusive factors that affect your dishing power the same way as your equipment and time do:

  • Luck: This is a direct modifier of your fishing chances. Every catch attempt is dependent on this stat. Having low luck can also decrease your fishing power.
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  • Scaling: A diminishing factor is applied past a certain threshold of your fishing power. Not only are there diminishing returns, but the application is also sequential. This means that different reduction equations will be applied to your Fishing power. 
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  • Fishing Spot: Your fishing spot needs to have a minimum area of 300 blocks in order for it to be considered adequate for fishing. If this condition is not met, you will experience reduced fishing power at the very best.
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All in all, you should purchase proper fishing gear from the Angler to track your fishing power. If you are not pursuing fishing as your main job, then this should not concern you much. 

The reason for this is the high investment, high return policy implemented for the art of fishing in Terraria. Different events can have various effects on your fishing power. Therefore, take advantage of them, and you’ll have a much better time fishing away!