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3 Easiest Classes to Use in Dark Souls 3

3 Easiest Classes to Use in Dark Souls 3

Dark Souls 3 has no shortage of unique and fun classes. Changing your class won’t give you immunity to death. However, you might be able to make a dent in your soaring death count. Beginners have it tough due to the base difficulty level of the game. 

Choosing a class is all about compatibility. You don’t have to force yourself if a class doesn’t fit your style; the game features enough class options to satisfy everyone. 

While every class has strengths and weaknesses, the Pyromancer, Assassin, and Knight are the easiest classes to use in Dark Souls 3.


The classes mentioned above tend to be sparing to newbies in terms of an easier learning curve. It is better to check out every class to find your perfect match.

1. Pyromancer Class

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The Pyromancer is a flame enthusiast that takes playing with fire quite literally. His official description is as follows:

“ pyromancer from a remote region who manipulates flame. Also, an adept close combat warrior who wields a hand axe.”


The pyromancer has notable offensive and defensive properties and can dish out lasting damage in a period. Their scaling is based on the following attributes:

  • Intelligence
  • Faith

Starting Equipment

A Pyromancer begins his journey with the following:

AH04aeS5fJWY RbZXx7ZEb9I35t9JIILLUeFIlaS91ci6IbqwbMcjwI 3t30YlrYbFm8hboaqZ58l1qEVtcNjn 5flFFHYr6zi4 YRQPI4Dey21kz71pzv4fkwHDoWffz R1oKQFHand AxeLets out a spirited warcry that can boost attack for a temporary period.
oQY0lfHjybTBSiWbLZLjumkhDr1nXSF QNIbOQGCCaduceus Round ShieldRepels an attack at the correct time and follows up with a critical hit. 
Nzxfke2bblqJiqa cUrwwchf 3gT8R5fi7w809JuzkOKC0oHifpT4x2jLkiMuBfrd9cNC21O52Ug3LO9pNwq2VKg7ErRVBUrDcUHfqZfuOATbyiQboExG6m7Le hHN7ehLZ3cQzsPyromancy FlameCombusts a powerful and fierce flame and launches it. 
Ni 7nfO9gGwdhE QIbsM jTATwUTZwUZtQ1s6z8MFjHMDPFuHpu38u pNHq 0y52DGyEMEpxVpEqQphKTkaWqVQDIhCh93lt2G3jmWKTPrz9sRs9fQjibqqOblY3tYpxi1Cij sRGreat Swamp RingBoosts Pyromancies by 12% while equipped.
Rrmh6eWWQl3ZYs1ZvqStHJXEqACisM29Fx8bSoh 9CCENjxwjJ ixH6IS8zoHxjgV146E8m853lvkxS zhrsperbFire BallHurls a fireball at enemies.
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HLRtt5dB43hyr3jhvKp1WQUaEq 6Emww9xiZMTj9znQeUeCZxXAYzq7A5YR2cg6gNou0WGi64IQKQgX5l tuj22Bxl8QwFr9uUSwrqoZRcBcNcVhcvgL 3Gu8Vb8qAglFuq5eulVPyromancer Garb
4zlp gxKCPR3t xZ Vq908fbOKzP5Z3 Kp2yxNFfreHrFW7i7hRHoqJ5zrjH9xJMHVJgVBsVaVOO fDRamXPG99Htj66UlKkuz9kv7IOUToBhrI114G6PfAvaj 08Bo2soNqYZRbPyromancer Wrap
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2. Assassin Class


An Assassin is an adept and slippery fellow that likes to deal burst damage to his target. The official description is as follows:

“An assassin who stalks their prey from the shadows. Favors sorceries in addition to thrusting swords.”


An Assassin can use sorceries along with normal combat. They prevail in difficult and fast-paced situations. An assassin specializes in the following attributes:

  • Intelligence
  • Dexterity

Starting Equipment

The starting equipment of an Assassin is as follows:

xez3 QFhuWuioghRmfOXYkW2h35HPbGQYrTHu9CQL2tgkOUpKtmnWhveY4zrBL Yssh4aoNaq3UmRTujQIiH78BFi8I4jriKb0iIFy jXrJgZ79ewSOcNkz9J6Ek3IOL2Gue4I 5EstocLocks onto the target to hit them with a large forward lunge. This attack can pierce through enemy shields while inflicting staggering damage.
FxnnCsTU98jX6zZXFjeGA54Rw 2VAkvVv U6g3 ZBhmWJz1LhmB OphbN7tQVSzv03qIn RITarget ShieldCan repel an attack to follow up with a critical hit. It also grants longer parry windows and recovery time. 
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zafSYjfA3U wuGXwxEylZEI8E KUQ7xZq7Gc3nzEcoS66eYejM66gSpookMasks the noises of the caster while preventing fall damage.
PuPyzEGzDF 2DY4bt4Jzqi1e 9zcnpe yYll96Tvc7WwBXDmKGyWW0T7zjrcTSABs4mtwk2SiP1pxX4W4yDqJLkGNVVa1c2qHD36YgUd2eavLjMd n5H6Amk7T1R4B9P8zsER5nRAssassin Hood
ndaodPAFFYiJ3rmCfMPebfsMssD5f3qDbb0UqQvp2JBnzIQ5fA lvO9GsOdSeWRvp wECbDiBQ1BCWaUmjoRZoB4irrNqE VrY4hyZ8D8qb8PVy64TtvQ2rTcZt2N5wgasBYTQ86Assassin Armor
h8IEXR8xfOymYLsk3O1dyW6wX3XtiqzV6mTYJNC0A6YJetrdWs2Tljdrqe3Y aVxxJjlKnR muaKyz7uqckVvVVA6pMyPv9n r1HWpA57H LgbZNB9AAY78YMhORkEKeuQkt8Rk6Assassin Gloves
o6PosAMQ27Cgdz7hf9ofWljgONndrl6AyTEtQs39A9d0ulzjke2mYvXSjTMVZMCol Bb1MN jiJ1uSMUAU73tXyxySHgJR6O4c jKYpYSdCHP9D4h5EMeQXymTlC66juiloee2rQAssassin Trousers

3. Knight Class

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A Knight is a headstrong and persistent fellow who refuses to fall. He would make a perfect substitute for a ragdoll, except this one fights back. The official description of a Knight is as follows.

“An obscure knight of poor renown who collapsed roaming the land. Sturdy, owing to high vitality and stout armor.”


A Knight has the highest vitality among all classes, making him a strong starting option. He scales with the following attributes:

  • Attunement
  • Faith
  • Intelligence

Starting Equipment

The Starting Equipment for the Knight is mentioned below:

cVJJvGgHx2Z2h7Zuu7KXqtah5UBk1DeI IKTV3KuMpIONGSDqQOv1kIxgOpWZq 6Ha5CV1po4 DX9HL RPTMnLongswordWhile in stance, breaks an opponent’s guard from below and launches a soft slash with a forward lunge.
3syzqblUacbOudfG22taGijtZaCXRFl8kyD8zzVO lNwFoLAiHjVmx5J8UAB9WpfnkZsmYwchd 2AE4R3wDl9eHRP4IDX 9jPlJmhxxbPFQSMceps5Z3N2fQkV2Q LyHXnr8DshMKnight ShieldRepels an attach at the opportune time and follows up with a critical hit. Can be used in both hands.
8JPoY YDoQ0r4p0bu1S83Knight Helm
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7 l2 MXDyYUfcerYX9CEjRlR96ckV IUlLYmErzkUEtPO58onzja36ynMYUajDS7DtqvZ6B38whpkMUI2I030d825RwTqFVQ MB8HNzXGIY1sKqTHm9W5R1tBZnE9UZYfUKVbWW4Knight Gauntlets
tgebFaHNzI3 TagdngAcmjvTqjdVvNH34J9XBNFJnwgvEot5RI SendvWGg1Wmw4856W98G2wUgb2ypakpRo8olEy CgQqV3qapFKv7fhZdOP2PxKnight Leggings