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How to Get Commendations in Monster Hunter: World

How to Get Commendations in Monster Hunter: World

Commendations are rare materials used for crafting equipment in Monster Hunter: World. Here, we’ll talk about where and how exactly to get these Commendations.

Unlike most other crafting materials, these items cannot be directly obtained from slaying and carving a monster. Instead, Commendations are given as quest rewards for completing specific quests. There are several missions that reward Commendations, but they are most often obtained from Zorah Magdaros quests.

Quests that Reward Commendations

  • A Colossal Task – Assigned Quest, 6*
  • Left Quite The Impression – Optional Quest, 6*
  • Gaze Upon The Dawn – Event Quest, 6*

It’s important to remember that these quests have limited availability. A Colossal Task is unlocked upon reaching HR10, but, as an Assigned Quest, it can only be cleared once for its rewards. Left Quite the Impression is a repeatable Optional Quest, but it won’t always be available.

It has a random chance of being activated after any other quest that you complete, after which you can clear it twice before it’s gone again. Gaze Upon the Dawn, on the other hand, can be repeated indefinitely, but only throughout its duration as an Event Quest.

This will largely depend on the game server, which puts various quests on rotation. The best thing to do here is to really make the most out of these quests whenever they’re available.

Other Sources of Commendations

Besides the Zorah Magdaros quests mentioned earlier, there are a few other notable quests that reward Commendations upon completion:

  • Gone in a Flash – 5* Optional Quest (Slay a Kirin)
  • Redefining the “Power Couple” – 5* Optional Quest (Hunt a Rathalos and a Rathian)

While these quests can be repeated indefinitely, they both have their own conditions to unlock. Gone in a Flash requires HR8, and you’ll need to talk to the Impatient Biologist in Astera to gain access to it.

Meanwhile, Redefining the “Power Couple”  requires you to complete two other quests first, namely, Horned Tyrant Below the Sands (5* Optional Quest, HR8+, Hunt a Diablos) and A Fiery Throne Atop the Forest (5* Optional Quest, HR8+, Hunt a Rathalos). After completing them, you need to talk to The Armory to receive the quest.

It’s worth noting that Commendations can also be obtained as a random reward for finishing some High Rank (6* and above) quests, but the drop rates are low and unreliable. If you’re trying to obtain enough materials for equipment, it’s best to do the quests mentioned above, as they guarantee one Commendation each time.

This item also shouldn’t be confused with High Commendation, which is a similar item obtained as a reward for specific quests, but at higher ranks. Once you have obtained enough Commendations, you can now use these to craft some useful equipment, such as the Brigade armor set, or the Defender series weapons. 

Hopefully, this guide has helped you identify where to get all the Commendations you need. As always, happy hunting!