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How To Get Good Servants In V Rising?

How To Get Good Servants In V Rising?

Being a survival RPG game V Rising has a plethora of game mechanics and features that are very detailed and help further immerse the player to embrace the dark setting of this world. Much of these mechanics are geared and themed towards the vampiric powers of the protagonist and task the players to grow their empire as they progress along.

One of the powers of vampires in the folklore has been their ability to mind control humans to do their bidding and this attribute is present within this game as you can recruit servants to carry out tasks for you.

To get yourself some servants you will have to build Coffins in your castle and Dominate NPCs to put them inside and make them your slaves. The better the NPC’s blood level and gear will be the better they will perform the task you give them. You can equip them with such powerful gear from your collection.

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How to Use Servants in V Rising

Servants are the best thing you can add to your ever-growing kingdom as they do your work for you and takes some pressure off of you. They are useful for gathering resources, fighting nearby monsters, helping with boss battles, and defending your castle from invading players. You can also use them as your personal blood bank to keep the supply of quality blood flowing.

Coffins are required to recruit these minions and depending on the level of the servant you can get a lot of work done without much hassle.

Building Coffins

Transform V Rising Servants in Coffins

You will be tasked to build a coffin as part of the tutorial and later Dominate an NPC to make them your follower. To build a coffin you will need 16 Planks, 8 Copper Ingots, and 1 Greater Blood Essence.

The Greater Blood Essence is acquired either by defeating high-level bosses and enemies or by placing 4 Unsullied Hearts in a Blood Press to craft one. You can also defeat Tristan the Vampire Hunter (level 46) V Blood target to get the option of creating Greater Blood Essence out of 200 Blood Essence, which is far easier to come by.

Once the coffin is built you will be tasked to Dominate a human and bring them back to the castle and put them in the coffin to make them your servant.

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Using Servants

V Rising Throne

The Castle Throne can be interacted with to command the servants to carry out a bunch of tasks like gathering loot which frees you from this menial job. They can also fight on your behalf or you can take them with you when you are out hunting V Blood bosses.

These servants are the best security measure you can employ to defend your castle while you are away on important duties. Use Servant Lock Doors to plan their guarding route within your castle. They can also be used to invade other players’ castles to keep the pressure up.

For them to be effective in battle and carry the task at hand you will have to outfit your servants with high-level gear for them to meet the challenge. These guys are the best defense from invaders so having them in top-notch condition will be most beneficial, especially in PVP servers.

Picking The Best Servants

V Rising Rogue

To have the best of the best at your disposal you will have to look at the servant type and the quality of their blood. Blood quality is essential when picking the best servant as it will dictate their stats and potential along with the perks you get from feeding on them. On top of this, there are unique character perks that are suited to the region they belong to.

An NPC taken from Farbane woods, for example, may have a perk that sees them harvest more materials from that region. Whatever the perk, it’s always better to go with a servant who has higher blood quality. Five percent blood quality isn’t worth the time and equipment and one should focus on getting as close to 100% as possible.

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Servants belong to different types which include bandits, thugs, defenders, and archers. Bandits excel at gathering resources, archers are better at hunting, and so on. When sending a servant on a task do check their perks and the task’s required perks so that you may get the best reward possible.


Before sending them out on a hunt you will be presented with a hunt select screen where it will show you the level of the hunt along with the rewards and the time taken to complete the hunt. You can shorten the duration for a riskier hunt, as they will be done with it early to carry more tasks for you but the chance of getting injured will be higher. Managing when and for how long to send them is crucial.

Imprisoning Servants

V Rising Prisoners Guide How to Build a Prison Cell

If you want to be especially cruel, take one of your high-level servants, and put them in jail. Bring along a glass vial or two, then drain their blood. Drinking it from the glass vial will boost your stats, including speed and critical rate, and depending on the blood and its level, it may even reduce some cooldown timers. You can keep this up indefinitely, so long as you remember to feed your servant and reduce their misery.

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How many servants can you have in V Rising?

V Rising Servant and Servant Types 3

You can have up to nine servants per player with a fully upgraded Castle Heart and with a clan of a maximum of 4 players you can get a total of 36 servants, and while it’s a costly investment to kit them all out, the rewards are well worth your time. You can have a small army of great warriors if you opt for the best blood quality NPCs, this will make most challenges trivial for you.

This feature is remarkable both in terms of gameplay and the theme of the game. These servants can be used to make things easier for the player to focus on more productive tasks and even become a line of defense for your empire. With proper recruiting of higher blood quality units and effective commands, you will soon take over the land the humans have driven you out of.